Saturday, December 31, 2011

Get Freshman Fifteen on smashwords!

I've uploaded Freshman Fifteen onto smashwords. Still for free, still yummy. If you don't believe me, check out the review for it on the Reviews page! Here's the link!

Freshman Fifteen on smashwords

Late Getting Freaky Friday

This was supposed to be yesterday, but life got in the way. No fear though. Here's this installment of Gettin' Freaky Friday!

Toto had enjoyed playing with her as she tried to dress for work. He snatched her clothes, basking in her laughter. The sound, as always, made him aroused as hell. By the time she left he knew he would not possibly be able to survive the day. Feeling that burn before he shifted, he found the tape of Dorothy at her cousin’s wedding in Hawaii.

There she was, the woman he loved, wearing a peach sarong and matching bikini top, while doing a hula dance. It was enough to set him off, his hand gliding down his chest, then his stomach, finally resting around his heavy cock. Giving it a leisurely tug, a drop of pre-cum leaked from the slit. He collected the moisture, then slicked the head and glided down the long shaft, his foreskin pulling back in its wake. A deep groan rumbled from his chest, his hand moving up then down, rotating in a slight circle when he reached the glistening red tip. Closing his eyes, he heard Dorothy laugh in the video, allowing that sound to wrap itself around his heart as his hand was wrapped around his thickness.

His breath turned ragged, while he pumped harder, no longer caring about holding off his impending climax. Unconsciously, his other hand reached down to squeeze the soft sensitive sac, imagining it was Dorothy and he was so close.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Did you get one of these? Then you should add my book!

I'm sure many got the great Kindle or Nook for their holiday present and I believe neither would be complete without my sexy twist to The Wizard of Oz! Now available on Kindle and Nook and still the great price of $3.50. Get it today!

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Gettin' Freaky Fridays

This installment of Freaky Friday is from a WIP titled Diary of a Repairman.

Take off your panties and get on the bed.”

My voice came out huskier than I wanted, but she responded immediately, her eyes glazed over. Barely restrained as it was, I watched hungry for her and once she lay down, spread before me, I dove between her legs. The taste of her pussy engulfed every cell in my body and at that moment, I felt even more powerful than I had ever been. She rivaled the sweetness of ambrosia, the decadence of nectar. Each suck drew more of her sinful liquid into my mouth and my need to drive her body insane overrode my own concentration. My god powers surged around us until they flowed into her.

“Oh! Heph, my body! I think...I feel like I'm going to...Oooooo!”

Vanessa's orgasm shook her entire body, juices gushing to the point that they coated my lips and chin. There is a reason I am also the god of volcanoes. I lapped up what I could, before coming up to stare down into her heavy lidded eyes. When they opened, the coloring had gone from the brown-green they usually had to almost gold and red. Like mine.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

Recently, I went through a period of "I'm not good enough" as an author and it took a few great friends and authors to slap me out of it. But, I wondered, what makes you good enough? Is it how well you write? Yes. Fan base? Of course. I have fans and I'm told I'm a good writer, but I'm a also a very harsh critic of myself. I never think I write well enough and that people hate it. That voice, not my muse, but so much louder, tells me to quit while I'm ahead.

I'm new to this. Only been published since October of this year, so maybe my impatient self should calm down. It's hard though for me. I want to be known by so many more. I want to have the world talk about my stories. I have to wait though. It takes time. Until then, I will keep writing, keep telling people about me, and hope that over time, I become a star!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: A Zombie Hunter's Holiday

 Remember, your nerdy, sexy friend just may be the one person who'll save you from a zombie outbreak. And he can help you with a few other things too! ;-)

A scream and crash down the hallway had Carl grabbing her hand and the
both of them rushing out while he shot the zombies that tried to attack
them. He was like a whole new man, a hero. Dear Lord, her best friend was a
zombie hunting, hero! They got out to the street and Raina saw that he
hadn't lie about the pandemic. People ran screaming while masses of
zombies harassed them. They barely made it to his truck alive with all the
craziness that was happening, but once they did, he wasted no time peeling
out and finding the back roads.

You can purchase my new book A Zombie Hunter's Holiday at New Concepts Publishing. Great holiday price of $2.50.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: Down the Yellow Brick Road: Finding Home

In honor of my book entering the world of this six sentence Sunday will be from there.

Watching Dorothy bend and toss her meal's box into the small trashcan, he licked his lips at her ass and felt his entire body tighten. He felt the heat of his body trying to change and mentally shaking himself, he slowly gained control of his emotions and hormones. The animal of him didn't appreciate it and it took all he had to keep composed as he stared while she moved around. She wasn't a health nut, by any means, and yet her body still looked fit enough to eat. Toto especially admired the way her, would be loose, clothing hugged her voluptuous curves. Unbeknownst to her, he devoured her with his gaze.

Down the Yellow Brick Road: Finding Home on Amazon Kindle!!

Great news for those who have their Kindle aching to have my book on it, in it even. Well you're in luck! It's now available for purchase on Amazon Kindle for the amazing price of $3.50. Can we say exciting?! We sure can! So share the news and go quick to get your copy.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Free read: Prequel to A Zombie Hunter's Holiday

I have a free read ready as a prequel to A Zombie Hunter's Holiday. The title is Freshman Fifteen.
Freshman Fifteen

Friday, December 9, 2011

Up for sale now! A Zombie Hunter's Holiday

Do you like zombies? The holidays? Romance? And seriously hot, sex in the car scenes?
If you've answered 'Yes' to any of these, then you'll love my new short story A Zombie Hunter's Holiday! Only $2.50 at New Concepts Publishing!


With the approaching holidays, people get a present of dangerous proportions. The zombies are loose and creating a pandemic.
Through the chaos of it all, neither Raina nor Carl could have guessed it would take an apocalypse to finally bring them together.


“What are you doing here? I tried calling and just figured you were giving me the 'fuck you, Raina' treatment.”

“I need you, Raina.”

“Um, yeah. Come in and I'll get us something to drink.”

“No, no drink. I need you.”

He stroked her cheek, the rough pad of his finger sending chills through her body and at that moment she knew. Her eyes widened with knowledge of what he meant and she stepped back as he came inside, filling her senses with his presence. He was no longer Carl, her nerdy, gamer friend, he was a man and he was going to prove it to her. Swallowing to wet her throat, she took in his attire, which consisted of his typical camos, yet he looked even bigger than life in them and equally as devastating. Then again, it could have been the hormones talking. Either way, she decided she needed him this night too. He continued stalking toward her until she bumped into her desk that sat against the wall. She was trapped. And she hated to admit it, but she was excited to become his defenseless prisoner. They had never kissed, not until that moment and when his lips crashed down upon hers, she automatically melted into him. Weak? Maybe. Aroused? Hell yeah! They were firm, domineering, and seemed to make love to her before his hands and body got into the mix. Where had Carl learned to kiss like that? 

With a self assuredness, she didn't know he possessed, he easily discarded her tank and pulled down her pants, while she clumsily fumbled with his zipper, just wanting to feel him. She knew her sudden spike in desire would come back to bite her, but decided she'd dwell on it later. Besides, if she was going to marry Brian, she might as well finally find out how Carl was in bed. It had been a fantasy of hers for some time. He removed his shirt, revealing his chiseled body to her view and kicking off pants the rest of the way, she sat up on the table and wrapped herself around him his narrow waist. They were both too far gone, and in one thrust, he slid home. Oh it felt good. He filled her more than any other man she had been with and he moved like a wild animal, lost just as she was. He pounded into her and she held onto him for dear life. It was a ride that she'd never forget. The table banged against the wall with the force he exerted while she screamed out, certain her neighbors heard. Raina didn't care, she couldn't. All she knew was that she was close to coming and it was because of Carl. No other partner had been able to and when it finally happened, her head fell back, nails dug deep into his shoulders and she cried out, riding the waves of pleasure as a boat would the thrashing sea. 

Check out this great new band!

A great friend of mine's husband is in a band called Before The Curtain. Their first single is now on iTunes. I think it's a great song, great band, and should definitely be checked out! Will post links below.

iTunes link
Official website

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: A Zombie Hunter's Holiday

Only five more days until this fun, humorous, and erotic book comes out!

Carl ground his teeth, holding back the urge to punch Brian's smug face. Not because of his insult, but because of how she spoke to her. He knew, however, indulging into his fantasy would only cause her pain and that was the last thing he wanted. Working as quickly as he could, he wanted to get rid of the porn site addresses to save her dignity. The evil in him wanted to keep a few on just to screw up the man's computer more, but she used it as well for work, so he couldn't. He sensed her before he heard her voice but he didn't turn around.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The book is coming!!

My newest release, A Zombie Hunter's Holiday is set to be released December 9th, 2011. While we wait I'll be giving little glimpses into the fun, zombie holiday romance! To read both the excerpt and blurb, check out the book at the New Concepts Publishing website!

Blurb and excerpt here

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holiday Free Giveaway Contest

Contest details:

Look at the cover from Down the Yellow Brick Road: Finding Home and come up with a sexy, but funny caption. The twist? Imagine that YOU are the one Toto is holding and wearing the ruby red, thigh high, stiletto boots instead of Dorothy. 

Best caption wins a free copy of the ebook! Contest ends December 12, 2011.

Have fun and good luck!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Gettin' Freaky Fridays

Down the Yellow Brick Road: Finding Home. This is a very, very naughty excerpt. Rated R.

Perhaps later she would get the secret he was hiding from her out. For now, she was filled with him, his cock so deep she felt it pressing against her cervix in a pain/pleasure kind of way. She felt wanton, asking him, no telling him to move and seeing the urgency in his eyes, she knew she was about to experience the ride of a lifetime. Dorothy gasped as he pulled back, feeling just the head still lodged inside her, then screamed out when he powerfully thrust to the hilt. She tightened her legs around him, while she dug her nails into his back and held on as he continued the brutal onslaught into her pussy.
More juice leaked from her core when he growled, the sound fierce and sexy and mixing with the slick sound of his member slipping in and out of her, it began to build that intense pressure deep in her womb.

 The pungent aroma of sex clung to the air and it made her feel drunk with passion. He growled once more and looking into his eyes, the dominance that showed earlier in the forest could be seen blatantly and she wanted more of it. Her head fell back, showing her submission to him and he gave her a small bite before pulling out of her and flipping her on her stomach. The movement was so fast, she squealed, then whimpered in anticipation as he spread her wide and then cried out when he rammed back into her softness without a moment's pause.

This book is still for sale! Only $3.50!
Note: Click post title to get to purchase website. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: Down the Yellow Brick Road: Finding Home

He lied about going to search for something! Was he plotting her death and figuring out where to hide her body? Not if she got him first, she thought, gripping the rock tightly. She snuck up behind him, pausing briefly to take one last look at his butt. He truly did have the finest ass she had ever seen on a man. Pity she was going to probably have to go mobster on him. With her voice strong, Dorothy lifted the rock, courage in her eyes.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Gettin' Freaky Fridays

A sexy snippet from Down the Yellow Brick Road: Finding Home


Even if he could never have her ever again, he had her at that moment and he was going to make damn sure he showed her all the pleasures and love he had dreamed of each time he laid his eyes upon her. Gliding his hand over his length several times, he fell to his knees and began softly kissing his way up from her stomach to her lips. He caressed her thighs, whispering soothing words and nibbling her earlobe between intervals until she began to melt and open herself up to him.

Like a flower, the petals of her soft flesh expanded, revealing the swollen jewel and juices that gave her labia a sensual shimmer. While he continued to run his fingers up, then down, he measured her wetness, nodding with satisfaction before moving to settle between her legs. Resting on his elbows so not to crush her with his weight, he stared into her green eyes, hoping that his own eyes conveyed the overwhelming emotions that he was feeling. Some of the fear had lessened as she looked up at him, and all he had to do was shift his hips to enter her because she was so wet.

He wanted to, so badly, he could almost taste it. However, all the patience he had, he thrust back and forth against her cleft. She tightened her legs around him, raising her hips to get him to go inside. Shushing her, he continued rocking, her wetness allowing him to glide smoothly along her folds. With each stroke, the tip of his shaft would brush against her sensitive clit, the electric sensation leaving them both gasping with pleasure. Toto knew that he couldn’t wait any longer, taking possession of her lips once more in a brutal kiss as he took his hand and grasped his cock, poising it into position.

Check out this interview I did!

I recently did an interview with Jenn Nixon. Enjoy!

My Q & A

Friday, November 11, 2011

Gettin' Freaky Fridays

A new installment for Fridays! Gettin' Freaky Friday and today's taste is from a WIP titled The Dating Game: Contestant Angela.

Bidding his brother a goodnight, Jadin headed up to his room, the largest in the compound, and stripped down then stepped in the shower. Seraphim saw to it that they had the bare necessities on the island and working plumbing was one of them. As he washed away the sweat, dirt, and stress of the day, he imagined that it was the soft hands belonging to Angela that cleaned him and grew hard at the fantasy that he had played out many times before.
She would pour the gel into her hands, then rub along his chest, the slippery bubbles easing her massage as her hands went lower, and lower still. He would stop her just before she reached his cock, staring into her brown eyes, her lips parted and kiss her, then push her to her knees. Without a word, he'd guide his shaft into the warmth of her mouth, allowing her to clean him in the most intimate of ways. Her tongue would expertly rotate around him as she created a suction so sweet his balls had no choice but to tighten, readying for release. She would grate her teeth from the base to the tip and nip, the sensation causing him to grip the back of her head, ready to burst. Then willingly, as he crested, she would open her throat in acceptance, and drink him until he could come no more.

New book coming soon!

I'm very excited to announce that my Christmas short story A Zombie Hunter's Holiday, has been contracted! I can't wait to see how well it does, the cover, etc. So to my fans, keep the look out for a great book with a sexy nerd hero, the woman he loves, and killer zombies out to ruin the mood just in time for Christmas.

"Who says you can't find love, during a zombie apocalyptic holiday?"

Where are the good men and what kind of world can you find them in? Raina was the typical pretty and popular girl, living in her rich, superficial circle. It was dull and shallow, which was why having her best friend, Carl in her life made it all the better. There were just two problems: he's hella sexy and believes that he's a bona fide zombie hunter.
Carl knew Raina was out of his league,considering he was a nerd and not a rich guy, but that didn't stop him from loving her. How does he help her let go and love him the way he knows she does? Especially when he's protecting everyone from the walking dead that secretly hid among them?
Now the holidays were here and in the rush to find the perfect gift, people get a present of dangerous proportions. The zombies are loose and creating a pandemic. And through the chaos of it all, neither of them could have guessed it would take an apocalypse to bring them together in both fighting for survival and heated passion.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: Down the Yellow Brick Road: A Little Piece of Rainbow

Licking her lips, she grabbed him in her hands, looking him straight in the eyes, then took him into her mouth until her lips rested against the nest of black hair at the base.  Opening her throat, she accepted him fully as he arched his hips, then easing her way back up to the tip, she twirled her tongue around the engorged head, causing him to catch his breath before devouring him once more.  Within moments, she picked up a steady rhythm, and she felt a sense of power with each outcry of pleasure that escaped his lips.  She lost herself in the scent of him, the feel of his hardness between her lips and she wished she could have him that way forever.  So gone in her mind, she barely heard him calling out to her.

“Stieri!  Glinda, stop before I come!”

***NOTE: This is a free read on New Concepts Publishing website***

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: Down the Yellow Brick Road: Finding Home

He wanted her to use that lush mouth for other things. In a cool bedroom or on a breezy tropical beach! And he couldn't understand why she chose the current outfit. While he wore his hot fur, she sat clad in tiny denim shorts and a white tank top, her full, round breasts stretching the cotton fabric. He itched to shift, grab her up and take her someplace where he could ravish her to his heart’s content. Reluctantly turning his head away, Toto closed his eyes, and thought of Auntie Em's gigantic panties he saw hanging on a clothesline earlier.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Two quote Tuesday

Down the Yellow Brick Road: Finding Home

“What the hell?! Are you trying to kill me?”
“No, Dorothy. Seduce you, yes. Kill you no.”

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Great deal for a sexy story!

Down the Yellow Brick Road: Finding Home is for sale for $3.50! Great deal to accompany a sexy story.


Imagine having someone so devoted to you and you don't even know it. What if that person, that perfect one was right under your nose? What if that person was not only the hero of your heart, but a savior to many?

Dorothy Gale found herself growing older and was stuck in neutral. She wanted adventure and love. Yet her love life was non-existent, with only fantasies of hot sex and being dominated keeping her company. Lacking in human companionship, she felt blessed to have her devoted dog, Toto. He was her solace. Little did she know, her dog had a big secret and an even greater destiny. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Six Sentence Saturday

Chapter One from Down the Yellow Brick Road: Finding Home

Watching Dorothy bend and toss her meal's box into the small trashcan, he licked his lips at her ass and felt his entire body tighten. He felt the heat of his body trying to change and mentally shaking himself, he slowly gained control of his emotions and hormones. The animal of him didn't appreciate it and it took all he had to keep composed as he stared while she moved around. She wasn't a health nut, by any means, and yet her body still looked fit enough to eat. Toto especially admired the way her, would be loose, clothing hugged her voluptuous curves. Unbeknownst to her, he devoured her with his gaze.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Release day today!!

My book is now up for sale at New Concepts Publishing. I'm very happy and excited. I hope you all enjoy it. So get on down to the site.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My first book trailer

Now, this was hard. Okay not that hard, but it was time consuming. I made my first book trailer using my windows movie maker. I had help thankfully. I have to admit, it turned out pretty good for my first attempt. Maybe when I'm a super famous author, I'll be able to get real actors ;-). Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it!

Tomorrow's the day!

Tomorrow my book debuts. I'm very excited! I hope all of you enjoy the beginning of Toto's and Dorothy's journey into Oz.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Free read up at New Concepts Publishing

Hi everyone! My book is coming and I have a free read up to get the countdown started. It's a side story that happens within a story. Kind of behind the scenes. It's about Glinda and why she's became the way she is now. So click the link below and enjoy Down the Yellow Brick Road: A Little Piece of Rainbow.

Free Read at New Concepts Publishing

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oh so exciting! Debut and WIP

Happy Foreplay Day! That's my new term for Tuesdays since they come before Wednesday, or Hump Day. I'm getting very excited about my first book debuting Friday October 7th. I really hope you all enjoy it as well. I've been told that tomorrow, I'll have my free read up to kick off the countdown. Very exciting! I'll post links here and on my other pages, so stayed tuned tomorrow.

I'm also working on several WIP (works in progress) but one has been on my focus. It's a Christmas story that features a sexy nerd as our hero. I say nerds can be heroes too and Carl is definitely that. Another great feature of this story, that I've not seen much are that there are zombies in this book as well. I love zombies, I love zombie tales and why not have romance in with it. So look out for that. I'm almost done *wicked grin*.

So lets get ready to celebrate. I know I will be!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'm. In. HELL.

No, not really. I'm still here, at the island, but I'm tucked away in my hut. Why? I'm editing my upcoming book that's why! I am making it just perfect and don't have much time to get it done. I will complete it, as I love a good challenge. But don't worry, my cabana boys know what to do for you.

So while I'm away, busy smoothing things out, I have an interview I did for Tracy St. John. She asked me a couple questions about my book Down the Yellow Brick Road: Finding Home. So relax all and read up. You'll get to know a bit more about me.


Friday, September 23, 2011

My interview with author Gail Wolfe

Hello Delicious Divas. I had the honor of getting an interview with author Gail Wolfe.

Q: Tell us the name of your book?
 A: Cottage by the Stream

Q: Why did you write this book?
A:  I was playing an on line game with some friends of mine, kind of a role playing game, and all of a sudden, the whole story came to me...there was no way I could not write it! The urge was that strong, It took a long time but I finally finished it. 

Q: What is one your favorite scenes in the book?
A: I think one of my favorite scenes is when Sarah calls her uncle and begs to come home because things are getting just to weird for her. She babbles on and on about what is going on and barely takes a breath. I found that amusing as I wrote it. 

Q: What part did you like most about writing the book?
A: I liked being able to shape my characters into strong people. I made Sarah as strong as I could, able to stand on her own two feet and willing to take a swing at someone if she needed to, but still be able to be feminine.

Q: What part did you not like most about writing the book?
A: It took too long! It took me six years to write this and I could have gone further but I knew I had to cut it off somewhere so...

Q: Do you have any other books that you are working on?
A: Oh yes! I have the sequel to Cottage and  like many other writers I have about 1000 others wanting to be written. After I finish my sequel I have two others I want to write, one is a traditional(sort of) love story and the other is an erotica.

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
A: Believe in yourself and do NOT give up! If you aren't sure about your story get test readers. I had my book printed (4 copies) and bound at Office Max and handed them out to friends I knew. I also included a questionnaire with it so they could give me feed back. So do NOT give up on yourself! If I can do it, so can you!

Thank you, Gail for the great insight. I know many will take your advice to heart! Cottage by the Stream can be found on the New Concepts Publishing website as well as Available in ebook format and print.

What would you do if you were forced to flee to another country because you were being pursued by a psychopath? How would you handle a situation where you were told you were from a long line of Celtic avengers called Star-Children and with the help of a two-hundred fifty year old druid who was a Watcher/Protector, had to kill a being from another realm called a Repeater to get your life back to normal?

Buy my book!
Facebook Fan page!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Updating blog a bit.

Hello Darlings!

I'm in the midst of adding links to my other pages. I also got my edits back yesterday for my book which I am diligently lazily working on. I'm so busy and getting easily distracted with pictures of hot men. It's all Gerard Butler's fault. It really is. After I'm done here, I will probably finally get back to work out smoothing the wrinkles and fixing the edits given for my readers' delight. I can't believe how quickly my release date is approaching. It seems like only yesterday I submitted my manuscript for Down the Yellow Brick Road: Finding Home.

I'm already working on the second installment of this sinfully sexy journey. Anyway, I'm finishing up here and then back to the grind. I do it all for you, my fans. And maybe a little for Gerard Butler. You know, in case he happens to read my book and want to come and show me how much he loved it!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

You THINK that way?

I've got a naughty mind. This is something I know. In fact, it's something a lot of people know about me. Some like that I'm this way, while others, not so much. But either way, I am always thinking of ways for my characters to get it on. Recently, I let some close members of my family read my lovely, steamy, exciting sex scene and the response, though  not negative, was definitely not favorable. According to them, I shouldn't write that way. I shouldn't even THINK that way. And I asked, why not? Why shouldn't I? Lots of people do. Their response? You're a lady and ladies do not think that way.

Well I'll be! I didn't know this, but now that I do, it's good to know I'm no lady. I'm just a woman who loves to have a good time. I want all ladies to have a good time. Maybe before I came to adore sexuality and the pleasure that can be had with good sex, I would have felt ashamed of myself and listened to their old fashioned testaments. But not this time. It's time for a new generation of women. A group that is proud of their bodies, be them big or small, round or not. It 's time for acceptance that women are the superior sexual creatures and deserve to get the pleasure that was once thought to just be for men. I'm not a lady by any means. I'm a woman who is ready to have a fine time and write what women like me find sexy and exciting!

Friday, September 2, 2011

My book gets you laid


My book and my naughty sex scenes are geared to get you laid. If a man reads it, he's hard and rearing to go. If a woman reads my book, her engines start and she wants a bit of man love. So remember folks, in October, when my book comes out, you should get it. It'll get you laid and get you off!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Promoting and Marketing

I'm working hard now that the release for my book grows closer. It seems like yesterday, I received my acceptance letter and now I'm a little over forty days before people will finally read it and either like it or hate it. Can we say scary and exciting all at the same time? Anyway, let me give you some insight to my characters beauties that you will find in the land of Oz. The first book introduces us to Toto and Dorothy Gale. Time has passed since she was a little girl, and yet her life is going to get a whole lot stranger. Toto is a shapeshifter, desperately in love with Dorothy, but he dares not tell her his secret for fear of how she'll react.

I attached the link to my book and author page. Also, check out my new section: Character profiles here on the blog to learn more about the characters.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Welcome to my world

Well hello there. I'm D. X. Luc, but please, call me D. This is my island where my mind unravels into a dark and twisted realm of sexy. I'm an erotic romance author and I love nothing more than a hot guy making a woman feel even hotter. Maybe it's his voice or the way he stares into her very soul. Which ever it is, it's guaranteed spicy with a capital S. So, my Delightful Darlings, sit back and take a drink. My cabana boys will be at your constant service. Whatever you want, you get.

Now onto business, I have my first book in the wonderful saga known as Down the Yellow Brick Road. The first installment is Finding Home. It should (fingers crossed) come out in early October. There is also an event link counting down the days. So exciting! I have also done my first of, hopefully many, interviews(Interview here) in my writing career.

So again, welcome to my island, please tell your friends and have them join us. I'm certain they will never want to leave. Isn't that right Kevin?

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