Saturday, September 17, 2011

Updating blog a bit.

Hello Darlings!

I'm in the midst of adding links to my other pages. I also got my edits back yesterday for my book which I am diligently lazily working on. I'm so busy and getting easily distracted with pictures of hot men. It's all Gerard Butler's fault. It really is. After I'm done here, I will probably finally get back to work out smoothing the wrinkles and fixing the edits given for my readers' delight. I can't believe how quickly my release date is approaching. It seems like only yesterday I submitted my manuscript for Down the Yellow Brick Road: Finding Home.

I'm already working on the second installment of this sinfully sexy journey. Anyway, I'm finishing up here and then back to the grind. I do it all for you, my fans. And maybe a little for Gerard Butler. You know, in case he happens to read my book and want to come and show me how much he loved it!


Steph said...

Oh yeah, love this guy! Thanks for sharing!

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