Friday, November 11, 2011

Gettin' Freaky Fridays

A new installment for Fridays! Gettin' Freaky Friday and today's taste is from a WIP titled The Dating Game: Contestant Angela.

Bidding his brother a goodnight, Jadin headed up to his room, the largest in the compound, and stripped down then stepped in the shower. Seraphim saw to it that they had the bare necessities on the island and working plumbing was one of them. As he washed away the sweat, dirt, and stress of the day, he imagined that it was the soft hands belonging to Angela that cleaned him and grew hard at the fantasy that he had played out many times before.
She would pour the gel into her hands, then rub along his chest, the slippery bubbles easing her massage as her hands went lower, and lower still. He would stop her just before she reached his cock, staring into her brown eyes, her lips parted and kiss her, then push her to her knees. Without a word, he'd guide his shaft into the warmth of her mouth, allowing her to clean him in the most intimate of ways. Her tongue would expertly rotate around him as she created a suction so sweet his balls had no choice but to tighten, readying for release. She would grate her teeth from the base to the tip and nip, the sensation causing him to grip the back of her head, ready to burst. Then willingly, as he crested, she would open her throat in acceptance, and drink him until he could come no more.


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