Friday, November 18, 2011

Gettin' Freaky Fridays

A sexy snippet from Down the Yellow Brick Road: Finding Home


Even if he could never have her ever again, he had her at that moment and he was going to make damn sure he showed her all the pleasures and love he had dreamed of each time he laid his eyes upon her. Gliding his hand over his length several times, he fell to his knees and began softly kissing his way up from her stomach to her lips. He caressed her thighs, whispering soothing words and nibbling her earlobe between intervals until she began to melt and open herself up to him.

Like a flower, the petals of her soft flesh expanded, revealing the swollen jewel and juices that gave her labia a sensual shimmer. While he continued to run his fingers up, then down, he measured her wetness, nodding with satisfaction before moving to settle between her legs. Resting on his elbows so not to crush her with his weight, he stared into her green eyes, hoping that his own eyes conveyed the overwhelming emotions that he was feeling. Some of the fear had lessened as she looked up at him, and all he had to do was shift his hips to enter her because she was so wet.

He wanted to, so badly, he could almost taste it. However, all the patience he had, he thrust back and forth against her cleft. She tightened her legs around him, raising her hips to get him to go inside. Shushing her, he continued rocking, her wetness allowing him to glide smoothly along her folds. With each stroke, the tip of his shaft would brush against her sensitive clit, the electric sensation leaving them both gasping with pleasure. Toto knew that he couldn’t wait any longer, taking possession of her lips once more in a brutal kiss as he took his hand and grasped his cock, poising it into position.


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