Friday, November 11, 2011

New book coming soon!

I'm very excited to announce that my Christmas short story A Zombie Hunter's Holiday, has been contracted! I can't wait to see how well it does, the cover, etc. So to my fans, keep the look out for a great book with a sexy nerd hero, the woman he loves, and killer zombies out to ruin the mood just in time for Christmas.

"Who says you can't find love, during a zombie apocalyptic holiday?"

Where are the good men and what kind of world can you find them in? Raina was the typical pretty and popular girl, living in her rich, superficial circle. It was dull and shallow, which was why having her best friend, Carl in her life made it all the better. There were just two problems: he's hella sexy and believes that he's a bona fide zombie hunter.
Carl knew Raina was out of his league,considering he was a nerd and not a rich guy, but that didn't stop him from loving her. How does he help her let go and love him the way he knows she does? Especially when he's protecting everyone from the walking dead that secretly hid among them?
Now the holidays were here and in the rush to find the perfect gift, people get a present of dangerous proportions. The zombies are loose and creating a pandemic. And through the chaos of it all, neither of them could have guessed it would take an apocalypse to bring them together in both fighting for survival and heated passion.


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