Friday, December 23, 2011

Gettin' Freaky Fridays

This installment of Freaky Friday is from a WIP titled Diary of a Repairman.

Take off your panties and get on the bed.”

My voice came out huskier than I wanted, but she responded immediately, her eyes glazed over. Barely restrained as it was, I watched hungry for her and once she lay down, spread before me, I dove between her legs. The taste of her pussy engulfed every cell in my body and at that moment, I felt even more powerful than I had ever been. She rivaled the sweetness of ambrosia, the decadence of nectar. Each suck drew more of her sinful liquid into my mouth and my need to drive her body insane overrode my own concentration. My god powers surged around us until they flowed into her.

“Oh! Heph, my body! I think...I feel like I'm going to...Oooooo!”

Vanessa's orgasm shook her entire body, juices gushing to the point that they coated my lips and chin. There is a reason I am also the god of volcanoes. I lapped up what I could, before coming up to stare down into her heavy lidded eyes. When they opened, the coloring had gone from the brown-green they usually had to almost gold and red. Like mine.


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