Saturday, December 31, 2011

Late Getting Freaky Friday

This was supposed to be yesterday, but life got in the way. No fear though. Here's this installment of Gettin' Freaky Friday!

Toto had enjoyed playing with her as she tried to dress for work. He snatched her clothes, basking in her laughter. The sound, as always, made him aroused as hell. By the time she left he knew he would not possibly be able to survive the day. Feeling that burn before he shifted, he found the tape of Dorothy at her cousin’s wedding in Hawaii.

There she was, the woman he loved, wearing a peach sarong and matching bikini top, while doing a hula dance. It was enough to set him off, his hand gliding down his chest, then his stomach, finally resting around his heavy cock. Giving it a leisurely tug, a drop of pre-cum leaked from the slit. He collected the moisture, then slicked the head and glided down the long shaft, his foreskin pulling back in its wake. A deep groan rumbled from his chest, his hand moving up then down, rotating in a slight circle when he reached the glistening red tip. Closing his eyes, he heard Dorothy laugh in the video, allowing that sound to wrap itself around his heart as his hand was wrapped around his thickness.

His breath turned ragged, while he pumped harder, no longer caring about holding off his impending climax. Unconsciously, his other hand reached down to squeeze the soft sensitive sac, imagining it was Dorothy and he was so close.


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