Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

Recently, I went through a period of "I'm not good enough" as an author and it took a few great friends and authors to slap me out of it. But, I wondered, what makes you good enough? Is it how well you write? Yes. Fan base? Of course. I have fans and I'm told I'm a good writer, but I'm a also a very harsh critic of myself. I never think I write well enough and that people hate it. That voice, not my muse, but so much louder, tells me to quit while I'm ahead.

I'm new to this. Only been published since October of this year, so maybe my impatient self should calm down. It's hard though for me. I want to be known by so many more. I want to have the world talk about my stories. I have to wait though. It takes time. Until then, I will keep writing, keep telling people about me, and hope that over time, I become a star!


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