Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Promoting and Marketing

I'm working hard now that the release for my book grows closer. It seems like yesterday, I received my acceptance letter and now I'm a little over forty days before people will finally read it and either like it or hate it. Can we say scary and exciting all at the same time? Anyway, let me give you some insight to my characters beauties that you will find in the land of Oz. The first book introduces us to Toto and Dorothy Gale. Time has passed since she was a little girl, and yet her life is going to get a whole lot stranger. Toto is a shapeshifter, desperately in love with Dorothy, but he dares not tell her his secret for fear of how she'll react.

I attached the link to my book and author page. Also, check out my new section: Character profiles here on the blog to learn more about the characters.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Welcome to my world

Well hello there. I'm D. X. Luc, but please, call me D. This is my island where my mind unravels into a dark and twisted realm of sexy. I'm an erotic romance author and I love nothing more than a hot guy making a woman feel even hotter. Maybe it's his voice or the way he stares into her very soul. Which ever it is, it's guaranteed spicy with a capital S. So, my Delightful Darlings, sit back and take a drink. My cabana boys will be at your constant service. Whatever you want, you get.

Now onto business, I have my first book in the wonderful saga known as Down the Yellow Brick Road. The first installment is Finding Home. It should (fingers crossed) come out in early October. There is also an event link counting down the days. So exciting! I have also done my first of, hopefully many, interviews(Interview here) in my writing career.

So again, welcome to my island, please tell your friends and have them join us. I'm certain they will never want to leave. Isn't that right Kevin?

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