Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The book is coming!!

My newest release, A Zombie Hunter's Holiday is set to be released December 9th, 2011. While we wait I'll be giving little glimpses into the fun, zombie holiday romance! To read both the excerpt and blurb, check out the book at the New Concepts Publishing website!

Blurb and excerpt here

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holiday Free Giveaway Contest

Contest details:

Look at the cover from Down the Yellow Brick Road: Finding Home and come up with a sexy, but funny caption. The twist? Imagine that YOU are the one Toto is holding and wearing the ruby red, thigh high, stiletto boots instead of Dorothy. 

Best caption wins a free copy of the ebook! Contest ends December 12, 2011.

Have fun and good luck!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Gettin' Freaky Fridays

Down the Yellow Brick Road: Finding Home. This is a very, very naughty excerpt. Rated R.

Perhaps later she would get the secret he was hiding from her out. For now, she was filled with him, his cock so deep she felt it pressing against her cervix in a pain/pleasure kind of way. She felt wanton, asking him, no telling him to move and seeing the urgency in his eyes, she knew she was about to experience the ride of a lifetime. Dorothy gasped as he pulled back, feeling just the head still lodged inside her, then screamed out when he powerfully thrust to the hilt. She tightened her legs around him, while she dug her nails into his back and held on as he continued the brutal onslaught into her pussy.
More juice leaked from her core when he growled, the sound fierce and sexy and mixing with the slick sound of his member slipping in and out of her, it began to build that intense pressure deep in her womb.

 The pungent aroma of sex clung to the air and it made her feel drunk with passion. He growled once more and looking into his eyes, the dominance that showed earlier in the forest could be seen blatantly and she wanted more of it. Her head fell back, showing her submission to him and he gave her a small bite before pulling out of her and flipping her on her stomach. The movement was so fast, she squealed, then whimpered in anticipation as he spread her wide and then cried out when he rammed back into her softness without a moment's pause.

This book is still for sale! Only $3.50!
Note: Click post title to get to purchase website. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: Down the Yellow Brick Road: Finding Home

He lied about going to search for something! Was he plotting her death and figuring out where to hide her body? Not if she got him first, she thought, gripping the rock tightly. She snuck up behind him, pausing briefly to take one last look at his butt. He truly did have the finest ass she had ever seen on a man. Pity she was going to probably have to go mobster on him. With her voice strong, Dorothy lifted the rock, courage in her eyes.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Gettin' Freaky Fridays

A sexy snippet from Down the Yellow Brick Road: Finding Home


Even if he could never have her ever again, he had her at that moment and he was going to make damn sure he showed her all the pleasures and love he had dreamed of each time he laid his eyes upon her. Gliding his hand over his length several times, he fell to his knees and began softly kissing his way up from her stomach to her lips. He caressed her thighs, whispering soothing words and nibbling her earlobe between intervals until she began to melt and open herself up to him.

Like a flower, the petals of her soft flesh expanded, revealing the swollen jewel and juices that gave her labia a sensual shimmer. While he continued to run his fingers up, then down, he measured her wetness, nodding with satisfaction before moving to settle between her legs. Resting on his elbows so not to crush her with his weight, he stared into her green eyes, hoping that his own eyes conveyed the overwhelming emotions that he was feeling. Some of the fear had lessened as she looked up at him, and all he had to do was shift his hips to enter her because she was so wet.

He wanted to, so badly, he could almost taste it. However, all the patience he had, he thrust back and forth against her cleft. She tightened her legs around him, raising her hips to get him to go inside. Shushing her, he continued rocking, her wetness allowing him to glide smoothly along her folds. With each stroke, the tip of his shaft would brush against her sensitive clit, the electric sensation leaving them both gasping with pleasure. Toto knew that he couldn’t wait any longer, taking possession of her lips once more in a brutal kiss as he took his hand and grasped his cock, poising it into position.

Check out this interview I did!

I recently did an interview with Jenn Nixon. Enjoy!

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Gettin' Freaky Fridays

A new installment for Fridays! Gettin' Freaky Friday and today's taste is from a WIP titled The Dating Game: Contestant Angela.

Bidding his brother a goodnight, Jadin headed up to his room, the largest in the compound, and stripped down then stepped in the shower. Seraphim saw to it that they had the bare necessities on the island and working plumbing was one of them. As he washed away the sweat, dirt, and stress of the day, he imagined that it was the soft hands belonging to Angela that cleaned him and grew hard at the fantasy that he had played out many times before.
She would pour the gel into her hands, then rub along his chest, the slippery bubbles easing her massage as her hands went lower, and lower still. He would stop her just before she reached his cock, staring into her brown eyes, her lips parted and kiss her, then push her to her knees. Without a word, he'd guide his shaft into the warmth of her mouth, allowing her to clean him in the most intimate of ways. Her tongue would expertly rotate around him as she created a suction so sweet his balls had no choice but to tighten, readying for release. She would grate her teeth from the base to the tip and nip, the sensation causing him to grip the back of her head, ready to burst. Then willingly, as he crested, she would open her throat in acceptance, and drink him until he could come no more.

New book coming soon!

I'm very excited to announce that my Christmas short story A Zombie Hunter's Holiday, has been contracted! I can't wait to see how well it does, the cover, etc. So to my fans, keep the look out for a great book with a sexy nerd hero, the woman he loves, and killer zombies out to ruin the mood just in time for Christmas.

"Who says you can't find love, during a zombie apocalyptic holiday?"

Where are the good men and what kind of world can you find them in? Raina was the typical pretty and popular girl, living in her rich, superficial circle. It was dull and shallow, which was why having her best friend, Carl in her life made it all the better. There were just two problems: he's hella sexy and believes that he's a bona fide zombie hunter.
Carl knew Raina was out of his league,considering he was a nerd and not a rich guy, but that didn't stop him from loving her. How does he help her let go and love him the way he knows she does? Especially when he's protecting everyone from the walking dead that secretly hid among them?
Now the holidays were here and in the rush to find the perfect gift, people get a present of dangerous proportions. The zombies are loose and creating a pandemic. And through the chaos of it all, neither of them could have guessed it would take an apocalypse to bring them together in both fighting for survival and heated passion.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: Down the Yellow Brick Road: A Little Piece of Rainbow

Licking her lips, she grabbed him in her hands, looking him straight in the eyes, then took him into her mouth until her lips rested against the nest of black hair at the base.  Opening her throat, she accepted him fully as he arched his hips, then easing her way back up to the tip, she twirled her tongue around the engorged head, causing him to catch his breath before devouring him once more.  Within moments, she picked up a steady rhythm, and she felt a sense of power with each outcry of pleasure that escaped his lips.  She lost herself in the scent of him, the feel of his hardness between her lips and she wished she could have him that way forever.  So gone in her mind, she barely heard him calling out to her.

“Stieri!  Glinda, stop before I come!”

***NOTE: This is a free read on New Concepts Publishing website***

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