Friday, December 21, 2012

Getting Freaky Friday: Heating things up with John

John is awesome. I just want to let that out. He has been so generous for helping me out here on the Island.

I got to ask him a few more questions tonight and then he helped put out my fire.

Me: Are you enjoying the Island so far? What has been the most fun?

John: Love it! How could I not with you as my beautiful host, so many ladies and me being the only guy. I can’t really name just one thing as being the most fun but right at the top of the list would have to be all the massages I have given out as well as received. It is so hot here on your Island that I wore my fireman gear just in case I had to put out a fire!

Me: If you could pick any place to travel, where would it be? Why?

John: It would have to be a tropical place because they all just define heaven on Earth. These places are always sunny and 80 degrees with no stress. Aruba is a place I have never been so I would have to say that.

Me:  Boobs or Butt?

John: Both are nice but I have to go with the butt myself

Me: Red, Brunette, or Blonde?

John: I don’t discriminate believe me but something about a red head is super sexy so there you have it my sexy host!

Me:  Do you sleep with or without clothing?

John: It all depends on the situation, if I am all alone back in Boston in the middle of Winter I would have at least a dozen layers on BUT here on the Island where it is always hot the only thing this guy has on while he sleeps are his tattoos. Besides, if one of the ladies wonders into my grass hut and wakes me out of a sound sleep I have to act quick and sleeping like this has been doing the trick! LOL, that rhymes, ha ha ha!

Me:  Can I rub you down with any sunblock or anything? :D

John: Absolutely! The last time you did such a great job with that oil I had to return the favor. I have to be honest, I loved giving you that massage my Caribbean queen! You, like all the ladies here on the Island are awesome, thanks for having me this fine Friday and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Sexy Picture of the Week: There's a party up in here so take off all John's clothes!

Oh man,

The weekend is over and it's Monday. But you all know I'm good for starting your week off right! John has finished unpacking and is officially moved into the main house on the Island. To celebrate, we decided to have a beach party where the cabana boys and Island girls served cocktails and lovely meals for the guests.

As usual, things got a little crazy and somehow John lost his clothes. Silly John! Anyway, being the good sport that he is, I got to get a couple of pictures to show off of all the fun we had.

Coming to the party


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Getting Freaky Friday: Wendy Ely Confesses her naughty new book Confessions


Can Chelsea and Jordan find their child, and rediscover each other?

When Chelsea Montgomery vanished eleven years ago, her hometown thought she’d been abducted. In truth, she'd given up the daughter she'd secretly had with Jordan Case.

Now he confronts her to help find the child. With a little girl's fate hanging in the balance, will the uneasy partnership -- stained by the past -- transform into something else?


“Oh, cut the crap. I know you better than that, Chels.”
Okay, here we go again with the radar. “Yeah, right. You haven’t been around me for ten years.”
“But I still know you. Nothing you say can change that, so quit your lying and tell me what’s on your mind.”
She had to lie or she would end up upstairs naked underneath his bulky tanned body. “Nothing. I’m reading.”
“Put the book down.”
“Hold on. This is an interesting part,” she said. As if she had comprehended a single word she had read. She couldn’t even think straight with his hands kneading her flesh. She could feel them working their way up to the edge of her bikini bottoms.
“Come on,” he urged.
His fingers play with the hem of the bottoms. The more his hands explored her body, the more distracted she became. “Nope,” she replied with a shake of her head. Her eyes continued to stay on the page even though her mind was totally on him. If she looked up, she would turn to putty in his hands.
“I want you to swim with me.”
“You do not,” she said. “You want to make love.”
His laugh sounded smooth like satin against her ears. “And you don’t?”
She held the book up higher, hoping to block the view of his face. “I’d rather read.”
“I don’t believe you. Tell me the last sentence you read?”
“What reason have I given you to not believe me?” She flipped the page in her book.
“ Your nipples are hard.” He ran his finger over one.
Heat rose to her cheeks. “It’s cold.”
“There’s nothing wrong with hard nipples, Chels. The problem is, you’re denying me being the cause of those hard nipples.” He reached up and took the book out of her hand. It landed with a thump on the cement next to the pool.
She opened her mouth to protest, but closed it before any sound escaped. A magnetic force drew her to him. Before she knew it, her arms were wrapped around his shoulders and she leaned forward until her lips met his. The pain from the cut shot through her face.
She flinched back. “I forgot about my lip.”
Blurb: Can Chelsea and Jordan find their child, and rediscover each other?
When Chelsea Montgomery vanished eleven years ago, her hometown thought she’d been abducted. In truth, she'd given up the daughter she'd secretly had with Jordan Case.
Now he confronts her to help find the child. With a little girl's fate hanging in the balance, will the uneasy partnership -- stained by the past -- transform into something else?

Buy link:

Monday, December 10, 2012

Sexy Picture of the Week: John doesn't know I am watching him

Seriously, I'm loving our guest here on the Island. John has been the perfect eye candy for the visitors here. Though, I'm beginning to also think that I'm not the only one with camera anymore.

Hey, John! Know we're watching you. Especially me :D

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Getting Freaky Friday: I get under the sheets with John Quinlan

I got to join John Quinlan in his lodge here on the Island and we shared a lovely brunch as I asked him a few questions. Enjoy!!

D: So tell me? How does it feel to know you're considered a decadent kind of man?

J: I am honored and humbled to be loved by so many wonderful people, especially by beautiful women like you.

D: *giggles* Uh okay. What makes you so sinfully delicious?

J: I'm a sweet, kind and gentle guy inside but a tattooed bad guy on the outside, ha ha ha!

D: Tattoos are fun! I have five myself. Tell me, John? Boxers, briefs, boxer briefs or commando? Can I help you check?

J: I have experienced them all at one time or another but boxer briefs seem to be the best. Next time I choose to go commando I will “check in” with you a physical.

D: *fans self* You are wicked! Now, if chocolate was “accidentally” drizzled on you, would you want to immediately wipe it off or use that to create a sexy photo?

J: I would want you to massage it off me and see where that takes us. 

D: I think I need another Long Island ice tea. It's getting a little hot. Two can play at this game for sure! What's your favorite position?

J: I love them all don’t get me wrong BUT being top is the best…I get to be the boss!

D: *gulps* Well, yes then. Um...Anything else you'd like to offer up to my guests on The Island?

J: I would love you and all your lovely guests to have me back every week on a regular basis for more adult fun in the sun. I promise things will heat up very soon!

D: Oh yes!! That's a certain given and I know my guests will love that as well, John. Thank you so very much again for joining me. Or should I say, letting me join you. And not to forget to mention, taking such a tasty photo of you for my *ahem* personal collection!

Thank you all for joining us as well.

I really want to be room service right now.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Sexy Man Monday: John Quinlan is in post!!!

So, I do love sexy mens. Who doesn't right? Well, I invited the wonderful and most decadent male model John Quinlan to the island and we've been having some serious fun the past few days.

Lots of pictures taken indeed and for my guests, I'm going to be posting a picture or maybe two sometimes of the lovely, sexy man. EVERY MONDAY!!! Isn't that just awesome?

Anyway, big thanks to John for being such a good sport and hope he stays on my island for more fun. We have a naked limbo contest coming up in the afternoon!

I caught him jogging down our nature trail and snapped this one!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Getting Freaky Friday: Hotness after a mistaken call? Why yes please! Sorry...Wrong Numbrer by Jamallah Bargman


All good things have a beginning and with this story, it all begins with a call. Marcie Reynolds thought nothing of grabbing the phone that evening but she never thought that once she answered and heard the amazing voice on the other end that anything would happen, since the fact that the man had the wrong number.

Jonathan Sutton thought he had the right number and after the second time he calls, he couldn't help but be enthralled after listening to the sweet voice on the other end. Soon he strikes up a conversation with the girl who calls herself 'Joan' and quickly sparks fly.

Watch as Marcie and Jonathan make what seems like something as innocent as a phone call into something that neither one of them will never forget.


What in the world was she getting herself into? Marcie wondered as she obeyed him. “Now, I want you to slowly run that dildo down between your breasts, tell me, Joan, how big are your breasts?”

Smiling Marcie said, “42 C.” She heard him moan smiling at his response knowing she probably hit a nerve with him. “Are you a boob man, Jonathan?”

Very much so, darling, I love touching and tasting a woman’s breasts, nibbling on their nipples. I bet your nipples are dark and perky. I would so love to suck on them until I got tired, although I must say, I probably won’t.”

It was the sound his voice made when he said the word ‘suck’ that hit a nerve in her. Marcie could imagine him lying between her legs with his huge hands grabbing hold of her breasts, squeezing them tightly while he nibbled and sucked on them. Looking into those amazing eyes of his while he did just what she was imaging. My God, the thoughts that were running through her head as her nipples grew erect were driving her crazy at that moment.

Softly rub down your stomach with my cock, Joan, feel how hot I am. I so want to be inside of you right now, filling you deep. When you get it along that sweet pussy of yours, baby, let me know.” Marcie heard him say as she was already at her belly button as the dildo rested next to her mound. Marcie could feel herself getting wetter as she prayed for a bit of release. It had been so long since she had actually been with a man and this experience was very new to her.

Rub my cock on that hard nub of yours, baby, can you feel me against you? I know you are very wet right now. I can imagine how wet and tight your pussy probably is, so sweet. Now, baby, I want you to quickly slide that cock inside your pussy. I want to hear you while you do it so I can imagine feeling you moan in my ear while I plunge into you deeply,” Jonathan whispered seductively in her ear. Her eyes were half-closed and her breathing grew more rapid while Marcie anticipated what was going to happen next. Marcie could feel it go slowly inside of her, the girth was almost too much for her to even bear. She hadn’t realized how tight she really was and let out a cry that ended up being a sigh as she kept slowly putting it inside of her. Marcie could hear him moan with contentment as she softly whispered, “Yes, baby” while sliding as much of it as she could inside. This dildo felt so good and she relished the feeling so much that she found herself opening her legs wider to push it in further.

God, baby, you feel so good and tight.” His voice shook as if he was actually sliding himself deep into Marcie, needing every bit of his strength to keep from moving too quickly. “I don’t want to rush this Joan, I want you to enjoy it just as much as I am going to enjoy listening to you say my name when you come. Now, baby, I want you to start off slow, start feeling me pumping into that pussy of yours.”

Marcie honestly didn’t know why she was doing all of this, why she felt she had to obey him no matter how crazy this whole experience was. There was something inside her that wanted all of this. Marcie even felt that she craved his attention at that moment. She closed her eyes at the thought of him lying between her legs, his chest chiseled and ripped with muscles, eyes flashing at her with such passion and heat that her whole body seemed to radiate from it. With every thrust the dildo made, Marcie imagined seeing the muscles in his arms and chest contract. She wanted so badly to run her hands all over him, just to feel him, but Marcie knew that this moment was just in her head and she had to dream he was there while listening to his voice.

Hearing him grunt softly while she continued with a pace she figured he would use if he was there at that moment, Marcie raised herself up a little, something she’d never thought she would do, as she continued pumping that dildo into her. Feeling every vein and the girth sliding deep into her caused her to moan even more, making him growl and gasp in return.

Oh God, Jonathan, you feel so good, baby,” Marcie moaned.

Oh, so do you, baby, I want you to feel me going faster into that sweet pussy of yours.” And with that Marcie’s hand went faster while the dildo was pumping into her with such speed and friction that they both moaned at the same time. It was as if he was there right in front of her, hiking her legs up from underneath her knees as his hips went into her with deep thrusts. Deep within Marcie, the sensation she had long thought gone, slowly returned. She couldn’t contain herself, letting out a deep moan that soon became a cacophony of sounds she had never thought her vocal chords could produce. Her body shook while her legs clamped together like a clam in its shell, and her body and soul did whatever it wanted while Marcie heard him on the other end, moaning and grunting. He sounded amazing while her heart raced so hard in her chest, she thought she was going to have a heart attack from this mind-blowing orgasm.

Joan, Joan baby, is you there, baby?” Marcie heard him say as she tried her best to unlock her knees and thighs. When Marcie was able to let go, she grabbed the phone and said, “I’m here, Jonathan. My God! I’ve never done anything like that before.”


Monday, November 19, 2012

It's a Manic Monday and Sunday wasn't as much of a fun day

You remember that song right? Manic Monday? Well, since starting my new job as a manager for a popular children's restaurant/play place Sundays and Mondays have been absolutely AWFUL. It's all my fault really as it was my bright idea to close on Sundays and open early on Mondays. That gives me about 3 hours of sleep in between a 10 hour shift and an 8 hour shift. After that, I take my middle child to his cello lessons and spend the rest of the night putting everyone to bed until my husband gets home at 10pm.

So usually, by Tuesday, I look like this:

I hate being so tired and with such a busy full time work and home schedule, I no longer have  enough time to get any promoting, writing, or anything else for that matter done. It's frustrating me completely. I am however working on edits when I can just to feel like I'm being somewhat productive. But I will make sure to get more books out. Eventually. That's better than nothing right?

So please bear with me else I may pull out the rest of my hair and look a lot scarier than what this picture shows. 

photo credit: jamelah via photopin cc

Friday, November 2, 2012

Getting Freaky Friday: Sandwiches can be totally sexy too! The Trigon Rituals III: Dominance Fury by Angelia Whiting

Yay! It's been a bit since I've gotten to do a "Getting Freaky Friday" segment. With my new job and blog hops, I've been a bit on the busy side. But now, I'm ready to show you all another great book to sink your teeth into. And this one is a menage! Yummy!


Lieutenant Sydney Laurens rookie star pilot was protecting a childhood secret. She’d been keeping company with two imaginary friends who didn’t seem to want to go away. In fact they’d become quite the pests, popping into her head at inopportune moments, disrupting her life. Worse than that, they were constantly fighting with each other. After years of attempts she’d finally succeeded in banishing them from her life--well sort of, but the feat leaves her less than joyful, less than relieved. Her heart has become entwined with theirs and their absence has done nothing but left her feeling lonely and with an empty yearning to have them back again. She misses them.


You love me?

We love you sweet Sydney, with all the life within us, with the spirit of our souls that transcends eternity.

Arjim's answer rendered Sydney speechless. Still she reached for them, pushing aside the years of denial that they existed, years of sexual frustration over wanting only them and no one else, the anger--anger over their uninvited intrusion into her mind. None of that seemed to matter at all anymore.

And what do you intend to do? Sydney asked, her heart beginning to race, her body aching with need. She knew perfectly well what they intended to do, but wanted to answer them properly.

Mate with you, woman. We intend to mate with you.

She wanted them, yes, she had always wanted them. Her mind, her body, her heart had yearned for them from the very first time they'd stepped into her life so, so many years ago--when she was just two--two years of age. She was eating dessert in her highchair and fell asleep with her face in the bowl…

We were just tods ourselves, Tina, four phases old. Arjim told her, catching her thoughts.

I thought you were going to steal my chocolate pudding. Sydney chuckled at the memory. How could she still recall something that was so far in the past?

The first time we touched your mind is as clear to me as if it happened on this dawning. Calem's mouth grazed her cheek as he whispered. Your pudding as you call it was the last thing our appetites were seeking.

Sydney tipped back her head. Her lips parted and she gasped out in breathless desperation to be made love to. He kissed her neck. The soft yet passionate sensation caused shivers of delightful arousal to flicker along her flesh. Pudding is more important to a child than the unknown hungers of lust.

Not lust She'ami. Arjim pressed his palm between her breasts, over the area of her heart. It is the passion for love that all Tertani men seek.

True love knows no age or boundaries, sweet Sydney. Calem whispered in her ear as he nuzzled against her temple. She could feel his warm breath on her flesh. Our devotion to you has been infinite and undying.

She understood. When they were children their love was naïve and undefined yet the yearning had been there from the beginning. It had continued to be there as time went on, always, and nothing had fully erased it from her mind, erased them from her mind.

Knowing you, loving you, Sydney began, her body trembling as they their hands began roaming her body, caressing her skin, touching her lightly all over.

Sh-h-h, Calem soothed. Speak no more, Tina. This eve we make you ours, this eve we mate.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Who's gonna be gettin' kinky?! I'll tell you who below!....

First off,

I want to thank every single person who came to comment and join the Alpha blog hop. It's been awhile since I've participated in one so this was a lot of fun. I am glad to have so many new fans to join my naughty little island and look forward to getting more sexy books out to you. Check out my blog to see all the books I have available!

Now for the fun part. Announcing the winner of the Kinky Prize Pack!

-Neon vibe
-autographed paddle
-variety warming lubes
-fuzzy handcuffs....keychain! ;-D

Someone's going to have a lot of fun!

And the winner is........


She wrote, "Would so love to win the kinky prize pack! I love Alpha males in all their domineering and take charge attitude *swoon* :) Thanks for the great giveaway and chance to win"

Congrats to you Jolene and thanks all again to those who joined me and so many others. 

Spanks a lot and happy reading!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Blog Hoppity Time from D. X. Luc!! Alpha males are so sexy to me, I make my hero wear it as a birthmark! #AlphaHop

Alpha Male Blog Hop has come!!! Thanks for joining me!

As mentioned on Wednesday's blog post, there will be over 200 authors participating! That's a whole buttload of prizes to win. Not to forget to mention the three HUGE prizes.

I, myself, will be giving away a kinky prize pack to one lucky winner who comments on my blog as well as join my facebook fan page @ D. X. Luc's Facebook Fan Page

Question: What do you love about Alpha Males in books? (Good or Bad)

*What will be in my Kinky Swag Pack?
-Personal Massager (We really know what that is *wink wink*)
-Warming Lubricant (It's getting cold outside)
-Fuzzy Handcuffs

*Note-Kinky Swag Pack is not international

Hop starts at Oct. 19th 10am EST and will end Oct. 22nd 11:59pm EST. So make sure to comment!! 

Now, let's get this party started!!!

Alpha males are so sexy to me, I make my hero wear it as a birthmark! 

I love Alphas. No, not the television show (though that's an awesome show!). I mean alpha men. The kind that can take a woman and show her what she's been missing. You know that man.

Photo courtesy of
 Isn't he something so...mmmmm? He has that look of a man who know exactly what to do for a woman and that makes him an alpha. That strength, the confidence, but also there's a softer side. A vulnerability that I believe makes a man truly powerful to the heart of the female gender.

When I write all of my heroes, they are definite alphas, but so are my villians. I want my reader to love both. Of course, I add a dash of douche baggery to my bad guys to show the difference lol. And when it comes to the all out alpha males, Toto, my hero in the Down The Yellow Brick Road saga is so on top, he has an alpha birthmark over his heart.

Many love Toto because well, he's got that innocence about him, that loyal devotion that makes any girl's heart melt (did I mention he's a shapeshifter?).  I love writing for him and watching him grow in every sense of the word.

Photo courtesy of
Those sweet, innocent eyes? Well, let me say Toto knows how to break out the dominant for sure! I can't wait to write more about his story with Dorothy!

Thanks for joining me for this lovely blog hop! I hope during your stop you all get lots of goodies along the way. Don't forget to comment below about what you love most about alpha males. Good or bad (I know I love me some baddies).  Good luck to who wins my sweet Kinky Pack!

Where to get some Toto and all his yumminess.

Down the Yellow Brick Road: Finding Home


Imagine having someone so devoted to you and you don't even know it. What if that person, that perfect one was right under your nose? What if that person was not only the hero of your heart, but a savior to many?

Dorothy Gale found herself growing older and was stuck in neutral. She wanted adventure and love. Yet her love life was non-existent, with only fantasies of hot sex and being dominated keeping her company. Lacking in human companionship, she felt blessed to have her devoted dog, Toto. He was her solace. Little did she know, her dog had a big secret and an even greater destiny.


“Dorothy, come here.”
He watched her throat convulse as she swallowed, but she obeyed and moved next to him. She kept her gaze on her lap, her nervousness and innocence endearing. This was going to be her first time and he didn't want to mess it up.
“Look at me.”
Slowly, she did, her green eyes filled with need and uncertainty. He kissed her slowly, tenderly. Brushing her lips as though they were butterfly wings. When he pulled back, he smiled though it was hard. His next request, however, damn near killed him.
“Touch me.”
The first touch was barely noticeable, and he watched as she traced his birthmark. Even still, Toto was aching in a way he had never imagined. His erection was painfully confined in the tight leather and between her tentative contact, and obvious curiosity, he was done. She knew that his eyes showed his need and when hers mirrored that, the fire and passion her silent testament that she wanted this as much as he did, it was all he needed. Grabbing her hand, he pressed it against his heart, then leaned close to kiss her, branding her with it. He continued the assault on her lips, coaxing her to relax and trust him, becoming bolder when he started to feel her nervous shivers cease. Releasing her hand, he allowed her to explore his body, while he took a leisure tour of her own curves. Her hands roamed from his chest down to his stomach, so soft in their touch that he thought he was imagining it, but then she moved back up to grip his shoulders, her head falling back and exposing her neck to him.
She didn't know it, but her simple gesture caused something inside him to break. The man fought with the beast, only it was he that was the true animal. He wanted bite down on her slender neck and mark her as his own. Warring with himself, the canine won and pulling her closer, he tangled his fingers in her hair. Not wasting another moment, Toto licked up, then down the slim column before taking a pinch of skin into his mouth and biting. He heard her gasp, then moan, and pressed her body into his, begging him without speaking. Somewhere in the back of Toto’s mind, he wondered if she had any idea of what she was doing and hoped that if she didn’t, she wouldn’t regret it in the morning. Those negative thoughts, however, were shut away when he felt one of her hands reach down to squeeze him through the pants.
Growling low, he pulled back to admire the small red mark on her neck, then went to work on getting her out of her clothing. He made quick on the removal but was stalled when he tried to remove the boots. Each time his hands tugged, he received an unpleasant shock that had gooseflesh stand up on his forearms. Resting back on his haunches, Toto was at a loss about the boots. He knew that they possessed magic, but he had no idea that he was going to be unable to separate them from her body.
“Do not worry about the boots, T. Please, just take me, I feel like I’m burning!”
His eyes moved from the shoes, to roam her nude form. Long silky legs met at her gently rounded hips and continued up her tiny waist and full breasts. Toto decided to start from the top and work his way down, leaning back in to capture her already kiss-swollen lips. He groaned when she automatically wrapped her arms around his neck, his tongue sweeping deep inside her sweet mouth not moving until he felt her body trembling with barely contained passion. Moving down to her neck he paused briefly to lick the mark then traveled to her bosom, his mouth just above a peach colored nipple that stood out proudly, begging to be tortured and teased. The wickedness inside him told him to torment her a little longer, his mouth staying poised just inches above the perky nub until he heard her quiet voice begging and her back arching to bring it closer to his lips.

Buy link:

Down the Yellow Brick Road: Mind Games


 After learning the truth of Toto and their love getting them through the first trial of Oz, Dorothy is now faced with a greater test. Her mate is changing and he wants more from her than she thinks she can give. She fears the unknown while equally craving the hedonistic life he wishes to show her.

Toto fought too long to control his urges to dominate, but now he has his Dorothy and he wants nothing more that to see her kneel at his feet. The problem is getting her to trust him enough to try. Unfortunately, there is trouble in paradise as she fights against what he knows she wants and he works to keep them safe.

New enemies come to destroy their chances while friends guide them along the way. Toto and Dorothy's journey is far from over as they continue their search for the emblems that will free the world of Oz. In acceptance they can take their relationship to a higher level of erotic delight.

 But will they rise to the challenge?

Dorothy didn't have to see his face to know she got to him, a smile playing along her lips as she headed to the bathroom. If he wanted to play, she give him the game of a lifetime.

She showered quickly and used the scented oil to moisturize her skin, rubbing until it tingled. Once she zippered up the boots, Dorothy gave her reflection a once over and smiled at how provocative she felt in just her skin, boots, and collar. There was a sparkle in her eyes that hadn't been there before. With a toss of her still damp hair, she exited the room and found Oestar waiting by the doorway.

His eyes caressed her body making her warm under their scrutiny. Finally, he looked back at her face, raising his brow. Dorothy blushed before remembering to look down. She followed behind his long braid into the kitchen where Freeska had already set the table and knelt on her pillow.

Dorothy's was placed on the right side of his chair and she immediately took her spot. T was nowhere to be found and she wanted to know where he and the woman were, but dared not ask. Somehow she knew Oestar wouldn't tell her anyway until he was good and ready. She bided her time, taking the bites of food he offered while he read the paper.

It wasn't until several minutes passed in silence that she noticed Freeska signaling her with her eyes. Glancing over, the woman gave a subtle nod toward T's bedroom, which was closed at the moment. Then she looked at Dorothy with pity which told her he was in his room with Nytari. Alone.

No! She refused to believe they were doing anything more than just talking. Toto was loyal to her. He said it himself. Swallowing past the lump that formed in her throat, Dorothy accepted a crumble of cheese which felt like cement as it went down. Once Oestar finished, she helped his slave clear away the plates and then waited for his next order of business.

Standing quietly while he folded the paper, the stillness of the room grew thick and uncomfortable. So, it was understandable why Dorothy jumped when he finally spoke.

Little flame, come and bend over my lap. Time to start your own lessons.” Oestar's voice was laced with both power and lust. A heady mixture to say the least.

Dorothy looked to Freeska but got no reaction to his command. She had come to respect the woman and didn't want to upset her.

Dorothy! Here. Now.”

She sucked in air hoping that it would give her courage before obeying his order. Oestar had pushed out his chair enough for Dorothy to lay her torso and stomach over his legs. Her hand rested on the floor while her knees bent slightly, the angle raising her buttocks. The weight of her full breasts dangling and the anticipation of what he had planned made the nipples tighten.

Placing his hand flat on her back, he trailed it from the top of her spine down between her legs where he cupped her pussy. Instinctively, she arched for more and was greeted with a stinging slap that had her yelp in surprise.

You are to lay still, little flame. And no coming without my say so. Understood?” His words flowed over her like satin.

Slowly she nodded and relaxed her hips. She had to bite her lip when his fingers began sliding along her wet folds, each swipe increasing the pressure upon her clit. Dorothy's nails dug into her kneeling pillow and just when she thought he couldn't torture her any further, she realized she truly underestimated Oestar's sadistic nature. The moan she fought to control rolled out as he trailed his heavy braid over the seam of her bottom.

Feels good, little flame?” He rasped.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What is it about those Alpha Males and why do they make us so hot in the nether region?

What is your favorite thing about Alpha Heroes? Well, we authors are ready to share our favorite Alpha Males, our favorite things about them, and everything sexy and heated about those Alpha Males you can think of. *wink* Starting on Friday and ending on Oct 22nd, over 200 Authors and Bloggers will share their favorite things about those sexy men we know and love.

And while we do that, we are EACH doing a giveaway. Yep. There will be over 200 giveaways on each blog hosted by that Author or Blogger.

But that's not all....

We have THREE grand prizes. You as a reader can go to EACH blog and comment with your email address and be entered to win. Yep, you can enter over 200 times!

Now what are those prizes?

1st Grand Prize: A Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet
2nd Grand Prize: A $130 Amazon or B&N Gift Card
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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gettin' Freaky Friday: Nowhere and everywhere in between the sheets with Author Leanore Elliot


Oooh, so happy to be here at Freaky Friday with the deliciously talented D.X. Luc! Leanore knows freaky and she sure knows how to get her FREAK on! ( chuckling in the background)

Fans have said that one of the sexiest series that Leanore has penned is the Award Winning Nowhere, Arizona. Why? Well, you get two hot men in one man!

Here’s The List Of Scintillating Freaky Events:

1) A Dip Into The Lightning Pool.

The pool is for lovers.”

A throb pulsed through her lower body. “How can that be?”

It just is.” His voice made her tremble. “Do you feel a need?” he asked in a purring voice.

Madeline stubbornly refused to answer.

Tell me,” he prompted in a low voice.

Stop talking to me like that.” She hugged herself and sat facing away from him.

Devon leaned closer. “You mean like I want you, like I want to touch you?” Tensing, her senses accelerated to the point of insanity. She tilted her head back and breathed through her nose. A scent like sweet pine from a fresh rain in the forest drifted over her. A fragrance of pleasant days and soothing summer nights remembered from her childhood.

Like I want to use my mouth and devour your delicious-looking skin from head to toe?” An inviting vibration filled his voice, and Madeline experienced a lustful spasm. His searing-hot mouth descended on her neck, like a fiery brand on her skin. Her body pulsed. “I want to taste you. What do you taste like? I will bet your juices are both sweet and salty.” Devon's lips caressed the words along her skin, “I would like to take those rosy nipples into my mouth and suck on them until you scream for me.”

She shuddered. “Oh, God.”

Devon leaned in a little closer. “Explore every part of you. Have you wet and wide open.”

2) A Trip To The Taming Cave

A flicker of some emotion passed through his eyes, as he applied his hot tongue to her tender skin. Her whole body shivered as he opened her folds with his fingers, placing his warm lips over her exposed clit.

Mmm,” she moaned from behind the gag.

Sliding his hot, moist tongue over her with a rapid motion, he tilted her hips and spread her pussy open wider, his rigid, searing tongue plunging inside of her.

I want him to do it more! I need it! Her body shook terribly. No! Madeline fought her own body’s reaction, tossing her head back and forth while his tongue propulsion grew more rapid and the throbbing became a living bliss. Her leg muscles stiffened as she fought her body’s compelling need to give in to the heated, erotic assault. She inevitably lost the battle to resist as her body spasmed and her thigh muscles tightened. The heady orgasm rippled through her body and the room spun around her.

3) Horse Riding Along The River:

He tugged her hips down onto his lap and entered her, leaning close to her ear again. “What? You’ve never ridden before?” His wicked voice taunted her.

Madeline shuddered and felt herself go instantly wet around his cock as it slid high inside of her. The motion of the horse’s gait caused her body to bounce up and down on him as she grasped the horse’s mane. “Oh,” The rhythmic sliding helped by Devon's hold on her hips. His hand came around under her sundress, pinching her nipples with his warm fingers.

Never before had Madeline envisioned anything as erotic as this! This rhythmic riding of his cock in such a penetrating way jolted her insides, and a climax overwhelmed her almost immediately. “Oh, no,” she exclaimed frantically as her orgasm peaked.

Ride, Madeline, ride,” he breathed into her ear with a throaty growl.

Her body writhed ferociously with a sensual spasm, and she let go of the mane. “Ahh!” Her shout echoed through the canyon, and in embarrassment, she bit down on her lip to quiet herself.



Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Book Trailer Tuesday: Something More by Ella Jade

Today's featured blog is Something More by Ella Jade.

I really do find this to be another spectacular trailer that makes me want to get this book. I hope you enjoy it as well.  Can't wait for it to come out!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Getting Freaky Friday: Especially sexy with author Jamallah Bergman


Collin Noonan has the world in his hands, being the youngest top executive at his firm, the envy of all men as well as the lover of many women. Collin along with some of the other executives takes part in a game, a game in which they must date a woman who is basically ‘shy, homely and undesirable’. Collin has won this game every year and this year will be no exception that is until he meets Regina Talbot

Regina Talbot is your average ‘Plain Jane’, she’s never been part of the ‘in crowd’ always keeping to herself and is extremely painfully shy towards men. She never would think that any man would be interested in her, especially that of handsome Collin Noonan.

Watch as Collin and Regina began on a road of self-discovery of themselves as well as the obstacles that will eventually causes problems for their future.


God it felt so good, she thought, while his mouth captured her nipple. She never even considered in her wildest dreams spending her day being finger fucked by this man but it was actually coming true. She clasped her hands around the back of his neck for support while continuing to ride his fingers.

Imagine those fingers as my cock, think of you riding me just as hard and deep as you are right now. God, I love how your pussy is just sopping wet with my fingers inside of you. I can only imagine what you will feel like when I get my cock inside of you.” His fingers matched the rhythm of her hips while his teeth softly bit her breast.

Regina rested her head on top of his while he suckled on her nipple, which made her feel like she was going crazy. Her throat was getting dry from all the moans and gasps she made while riding his fingers. The emotion that stirred up from within along with sensations that was running through her body was something she had never experienced. She relished his touch from the first time he had held her hand in the park. They had gone one step further last night when he kissed her. Only to come to this point, where he was almost making love to her. The pace may seem fast, but she was ready to take the steps needed to trust this man. He wouldn’t be spending so much time with her if he didn’t think she was special.

Oh my God Collin, I’m coming!” She didn’t realize that her orgasm was going to be so intense especially when his fingers thrust deeper. Her body seized up against his while he held her close, looking into her eyes. He grabbed the back of her head crushing her lips with his own while she held his head. The couple smothered each other while her moans filled his mouth and her fingers raked the back of his head. When Collin slowly pulled his fingers out of her, Regina moaned in disappointment which made him chuckle against her chest.

I see my Gina doesn’t like me leaving her.” Looking at his fingers soaked with her juices, she watched him suck on them.


Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sexy Pictures of the Week: WE'S BACK!! Let's get it on!

I am glad to announce that the sexy pictures of the week are....





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Six Sentence Sunday: Down the Yellow Brick Road: Mind Games

First I want to share the news that my new book Down the Yellow Brick Road: Mind Games has released!! So grab your copy and enjoy these six sentences from the sexy book!

Buy link:

Little flame, come and bend over my lap. Time to start your own lessons.” Oestar's voice was laced with both power and lust. A heady mixture to say the least.

Dorothy looked to Freeska but got no reaction to his command. She had come to respect the woman and didn't want to upset her.

“Dorothy! Here. Now.”

She sucked in air hoping that it would give her courage before obeying his order. Oestar had pushed out his chair enough for Dorothy to lay her torso and stomach over his legs.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Getting Freaky Friday: Sheri Fredricks gives us sexual healing with her book The Remedy Maker


Man by day, Centaur by night, Rhycious is a remedy maker who needs his own healing.

He's the royal physician, famous for his cures. War and posttraumatic stress disorder has broken his spirit, preventing him from finding true happiness. Then a direct order from the queen to investigate an uprising forces him out of his secluded cabin at the edge of the forest.

Patience is an optimistic, good-natured Wood Nymph who works as a mediator to ensure harmony within the Nymph sector.

Environmental pollution in the aquifer stream that feeds the taproot tree of her heart is slowly killing her. Resigned to the fact she will not live long, she sets out to discover the mysterious disappearance of her sister. Experience has taught her to deny herself the love of a male, but the gruff Centaur is different. He doesn't push his expectations on her, only his healing nature.

When Rhycious loses his grip on reality, he believes his inability to control his disorder will drive Patience away. Nevertheless, desire flares, and Patience draws him close. Kidnapping and betrayal turn their mythic joint venture into a deadly bout.

Will their love endure when survival hinges on trusting each other?


Pennelope ran her wet tongue over her lips in preparation. Her hand pumped his swollen shaft, his hips rocking with the motion. She licked his cock’s spongy head, indulging on a salty drop of precum. His big fists in her hair, he held her to him. Smiling to herself, she adjusted her double-fisted grip on his cock.

Opening wide, her lips slid down his hard length. A good half-fist of length left to go, he bottomed out at the back of her throat.

“That’s right. Take it all.” Held immobile by his gripping hands, he pumped a slow tempo into her mouth. Turned on by his aggression, she mewled at the erotic taste of him. Aroused by her vocal need, his thrusts grew faster. She tried not to move, tried to stay still so he wouldn’t pull her hair under his onslaught of thrusts, but it was impossible. He was losing control, and his hips pumped helplessly as her mouth tightened and withdrew, then tightened again, drawing him closer to the edge.

The force of his assault tipped her back on her heels. Off balance, she grabbed his ass to keep from toppling over. Pain sprang up where his hands seized fistfuls of her hair. Powerful muscles beneath her palms flexed in rhythmic motion.

The growl he let loose in his frenzied movement assured Pennelope that her plan was nearly complete.

Her exaltation was cut short with an abrupt withdrawal from her drooling mouth. Startled, she wiped her lips with the back of her hand.

“Get up.” He pulled her hair tangled in his fist. Breath ragged, his gravelly voice demanded more. “Turn around.”

Completely ruined, her once carefully pinned upsweep fell about her face. Minor forfeit for premium gain. Even the sound of ripping silk didn’t reduce her elation. The man wanted her bad, his control spinning away. He shoved the skirt above her waist and ripped off her impeding thong with a vicious yank.

Pennelope braced her hands in front of her, fingernails breaking on the rocks. She held herself poised and ready for him, legs parted. He spit, located her opening with the engorged head of his penis, and drove his lubricated cock inside her to the hilt.

Fright mixed with pain, and quickly turned into raw pounding need that only bouts of hardcore sex would relieve.

The male’s fingers dug into the soft flesh on one side of her hips. He pulled back, almost completely out, and shoved in hard. The hostile action repeated itself in a succession of teeth jarring strikes to her bottom. Only more of the same would slate her mindless desire. Anxious he’d take the pleasure away, she pushed against his ramming, arching her back to take him deeper inside.

“You sure you want to work with me?” His voice weighed heavier than the darkness surrounding them, the question pushed through gritted jaw and thrusting hips. “Do you realize what you’re getting yourself into?”

“I can handle—” An iron hand gripped her neck and pushed her head down, bending her nearly in half in total submission. Unseen in the inkiness, a jutting wall rock grazed her face. Pain flared in her cheekbone. She brushed the sting away, resolved and committed to see this mating through. I rather enjoy his style of personal interview.

She braced her legs wider, bending at the knees. Parallel to the floor, her back arched to raise her hips. His muscular thighs molded to hers and he thrust at an upward angle. Slowly, his hands grew sweaty on her hips.

Due to the force of her impalement, Pennelope held her face away from the sharp rocks. Meant to scare her with his rough treatment, his inner energy tipped her off. However, everyone has a tender side—and she’d find his.

Heavy pressure built inside her. “I want . . . oh, oh, oh . . . to be partners with you. I can handle . . . oh gods . . . the job.” Her thighs quivered. The explosion of release was nearly upon her.

The male’s cock grew larger, hitting her cervix with every stab forward. His width increased to such a size, it tore at her vaginal walls. Short, hard, uneven thrusts. Their mingled breaths were harsh and fast in the warm night air.

The building spiral to end her interrogation peaked. He was deep within her.

He switched his hold so his hands grasped her breasts, the fingers of one pinching her nipple, all the while his cock pistoned in and out of her. Moaning her pleasure, Pennelope let go of the wall with one hand and used it to cover his, where his palm held her breast.

Oh my gods!

Her mind screaming, Pennelope skimmed the top of his hand again to be sure. Sheer black horror swept through her. Looking down at the hand gripping her breast, relentlessly pounded from behind, the truth unveiled.

She braced her legs wider, bending at the knees. Parallel to the floor, her back arched to raise her hips. His muscular thighs molded to hers and he thrust at an upward angle. Slowly, his hands grew sweaty on her hips.

Due to the force of her impalement, Pennelope held her face away from the sharp rocks. Meant to scare her with his rough treatment, his inner energy tipped her off. However, everyone has a tender side—and she’d find his.

Heavy pressure built inside her. “I want . . . oh, oh, oh . . . to be partners with you. I can handle . . . oh gods . . . the job.” Her thighs quivered. The explosion of release was nearly upon her.

The male’s cock grew larger, hitting her cervix with every stab forward. His width increased to such a size, it tore at her vaginal walls. Short, hard, uneven thrusts. Their mingled breaths were harsh and fast in the warm night air.

The building spiral to end her interrogation peaked. He was deep within her.

He switched his hold so his hands grasped her breasts, the fingers of one pinching her nipple, all the while his cock pistoned in and out of her. Moaning her pleasure, Pennelope let go of the wall with one hand and used it to cover his, where his palm held her breast.

Oh my gods!

Her mind screaming, Pennelope skimmed the top of his hand again to be sure. Sheer black horror swept through her. Looking down at the hand gripping her breast, relentlessly pounded from behind, the truth unveiled.

Ebook Amazon:


Friday, September 21, 2012

Getting Freaky Friday: Calling a little love and lots of sexiness with Author Jennifer Lynne

Aphrodite Calling (Gods of Love #2) by Jennifer Lynne


A woman with a secret past Gina Deveraux is forced to confront her painful past when she attends a high school reunion. Born into a male body, she spent her childhood and teen years living as a boy, and has only now returned in an effort to put the past behind her so she can begin to live life without the continuing fear of loneliness and rejection.

A god of sexual desire on the edge of burnout Himeros is one of the erotes, an aspect of Eros, and as such it is his duty to answer the call of sexual desire whenever a human needs him. But he has been living among mortals too long and his interest has waned. When he decides to accept one last call he finds a woman who is unique. A woman who encapsulates the whole human experience in her body, and her soul. Has he finally found the one with whom even a god of desire could find fulfilment?

Excerpt (Hot! ADULT-rated):

She lifted her hips as he centered himself at her vaginal entrance. The flinch was instinctive; she couldn’t help it, and he paused. “I have enough cum in my balls to sink a ship. I have been wanting to try your body ever since I saw you, and the wait has had me leaking juice all evening. It will be a well-lubricated joining, I assure you.”

Her laugh was throaty. “Enough to sink a ship? That actually sounds a little scary.” She let out a squeak as he thrust with his groin and at the same time tightened his grip on her hips, compelling her downward.

The head of his cock was now inside her, and she panted with a mixture of aching pleasure and apprehension. It felt hot, and hard, yet slick at the same time. She wanted him deeper inside, and took a breath before sinking down without any further urging.

Full. Wet. Everything inside stretched so tight she was afraid to move more than a millimeter or two. But felt so good to have a real live man inside her, shifting now, slight movements
that she could feel deep within her body. The ache was so deep and all consuming that she couldn’t even compare it to the clit orgasm she’d had earlier. This was real, and she was about to fuck as she’d always wanted to, as a woman, with a man who saw her. Really saw her. And it felt so right.

A moan made its way out from deep within her gut, and he shuddered in response beneath her. She began to move, slowly at first as she sought to learn the feel of Him inside her, then more urgently, giving in to what she felt and riding harder. She saw her own need reflected in his face as he began to thrust back and heard his groans mingle with her own sobs as the momentum built.

Then he was reaching up to pull her forward onto his chest, her long torso a distinct advantage as it allowed his mouth to reach her breast easily. He sucked and licked first one nipple, then the other. She could almost imagine a fountain of milk spraying out over them both, he sucked so damn hard. When their mouths met, tongues mimicking what their bodies were doing, thrust for thrust, the sweet taste of him mixed with her own pussy flavor on his lips tipped her over the edge.

Pressure. Unbearable pressure.

A primeval keening sound tore its way out of her throat as she exploded around him. In, and around, and everywhere at once, then nowhere at all, until the reverberating echoes of her scream brought her drifting back to reality. It shocked her, that high-pitched scream at the moment of her release. She had never screamed when having an orgasm before, and the instinctive and uncontrolled nature of it was new and rather unnerving. As she lay atop him trying to recover her equilibrium, a little part of her wondered if she had actually been loud enough for those downstairs to hear her. Just as Himeros had predicted. Wouldn’t that be something?

“I made sure of it,” Himeros said, and her heart skipped a beat. She didn’t question how he could read her thoughts, nor whether he was telling the truth. Somehow, she knew he had done it. He had ensured they all heard and made them regret what they were missing. Her face was tucked into the curve between his neck and shoulder, and she didn’t even attempt to control her grin at the thought of Maris and the shocked look she would be sporting right about now.

Then she realized that Himeros had not released his mother lode. She struggled to a sitting position. “You—you never came—”

“Shh. We are not done.” He flipped her until he lay on top, took his weight on his elbows, and looked down at her. His hair was a wild mess, and it matched the look in his eyes. It made her shiver, that look. “Now dig those heels in, my darling Gina. The ride has only just begun.”

A wave of tenderness washed over him at the startled expression in her eyes. Then he sucked in a breath when she suddenly did as he requested and jabbed those spiked heels into his butt. One into each cheek. Hard. Tenderness was replaced by a pleasure so intense he shuddered.

“Good,” he said in a low voice he hardly recognized as his own. “Again.”

She did, a mischievous grin erasing the surprise in her features, and he began to thrust, trying to remember to keep it gentle for her this first evening. It was so hard to maintain control, especially when she kept jabbing over and over in perfect rhythm with his hot, plunging cock. She moved one
of her feet and began to stroke his ass crack with the stilletto heel, from the top of his cheeks down to that sensitive spot just behind his balls and back up again. Down and up, over and over. He couldn’t help the groan that rasped out of his throat.


“Yes, Himeros?” Her slow question held all the innocence in the world, and he groaned again.
“I can’t hold on if you keep doing that, especially if you...yes. Just there.” His breath hissed out between his teeth as she found his asshole and teased the entrance with the tip of her shoe heel.

“I don’t want you to hold on,” she said. “It’s two for none already, in my favor. Your turn to come, Himeros.”

She hesitated then, and he ascertained her intent. Excitement flooded his system, banishing the last traces of ennui. He nodded his head. “Do it,” he demanded, and she rammed home the shoe.

Author Bio:

Jennifer Lynne writes sensual and erotic romance from her home in Melbourne, Australia. She is the author of paranormal erotic romance Pandora's Gift, contemporary romance Seducing Serena in Secrets Volume 28 Sensual Cravings, both published by Red Sage, and Educating Ethan from Breathless Press. The first novella in her Gods of Love series, Platinum Passion, (released December 2011) was a Best Book of 2011 nominee in GLBT Fantasy Romance at The Romance Reviews.
Jen loves her family, good coffee, red wine, and sitting by a cozy log fire watching the misty rain outside turn everything fresh and green. She hopes her tales of love and lust continue to excite readers, and her dream is to one day be able to write full-time.

Buy Links:

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Where to find me:

Jennifer's Website

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Book Trailer Tuesday (a day late): Mine!! Touch of the Gods: The Wager

The Wicked Muse was lovely enough to create a beautiful book trailer for my book, Touch of the Gods: The Wager.


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