Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gettin' Freaky Friday on Saturday

I know, I know. I forgot to add my post for Gettin' Freaky Friday. I didn't really forget, I was merely lost in the world of writing. Sadly, I don't have a freaky excerpt to share really at the moment. Especially since I'm revamping all my WIPs. So, for this day late freaky post, I'm going to give some pointers in how to sexy it up in the bedroom. I did major in human sexuality for a reason you know. I love helping folks get it on, and do it right.

Toys and Lube. The best things ever! I'm going to break down toys and lube based on what you wish to experience, feel, and level.


Lube: A basic lubricant such as KY or other OTC water based gels are best. If you fear having an allergic reaction or you're TTC, do not use store bought lubes. Instead, use olive oil. It is the first lube ever and the best IMO.

Toys: Personal massagers. You can get these at drug stores in the "massage" area. Trojan makes a nice vibrating ring that goes around the man's penis. You want to get a toy for external stimulation which is the most important in achieving orgasm. You want something small enough that it can be used during sexual intercourse and powerful enough for you to handle.

Bondage for the Beginner: Use feathers, heated flavored lotions (Motion Lotion is a good one). Silk scarves for blindfolding and tying hands and feet.

Note: Practice on yourself. You will know what you need. Never put direct pulsations on clitoris, but the side of the hood. Your other most sensitive spot to stimulate is the vulva that is your outer labia.


Lube: Thicker lube, such as astroglide. This is for if you know you're going in for some heavy petting. This is also good if you're very dry often as it will last longer than traditional lubricant.

Toys: This is where couple vibrators come in. These are usually rings that go around the penis and have vibrating components on the front for clitoral stimulation. Some also come with textured bumps around the area that rubs against the vulva. Pleasure balls are weighted balls you insert into the vagina and the shifting weight not only strengthens the wall muscles, but creates a sensual pull that can lead to orgasm while walking. These are great to use when with your partner or on your own. Also for alone use, I HIGHLY recommend the rabbit.

Bondage for the daring: Handcuffs, fuzzy or not are a good start. Blindfolds, soft crops and paddles for playful spankings. Costumes for role playing.

So there you have it. A small list of big tips to help with making the bedroom, kitchen, shower, garage, or even front lawn a bit more spicy. Get out there or in there, whichever, and have fun for me!


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