Sunday, January 22, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: But I lied, because it's more than six and it's sexy!!

Yeah I know. I was supposed to pick six sentences from my story, but dang it, I just loved the whole paragraph so much that I decided to cheat and show all ten lines instead. Oops! I'm such a bad girl, maybe I need a spanking ;-)

Anyway, until I get one, here is another snippet from Diary of A Repairman and it's sexy words. Yeah, you know, I may love my hero Hephaestus, but damn, the god of war really knows how to start heating things up too. Mmmm bad boys.

"Maybe it was the electric sexuality that was his voice or my need to suddenly get revenge on my sister and neighbor, but I believe him. I felt rage, so much anger that I wanted blood. I also experienced a higher awareness of my beginning arousal as his glided his hands over my curves. Already he was hard, precum sliding down my ass crack. In fact, I felt him prodding my rear entry with his fingers and when I tried to move away, he held me firm. My heart increased speed, and while I felt panic rising in my throat, I also savored the idea of what he had in mind. Tentatively, I looked over my shoulder at him, and I swear I felt the bit of little teeth nip my back. I quickly glanced down at his dragon tattoo, but it sat in the same place. Though perhaps the middle head was twisted differently than before. Nah, probably not. "


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