Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday: Popping your erotica cherry? Let me help.

This is a real conversation I had with a complete stranger once. Yes, looking at sexy pictures is the very reason it came back to me. I will call the other person Franny because I don't remember her name.

Franny: Wow, that looks like a steamy book there!
Me: It is, it is. I enjoy this author very much.
Franny: I could NEVER read that kind of book. Oh me, oh my! Why, is that TWO men with that woman? Oh dear.
Me: Uh, yeah.

By this point, the woman was handling the book. Staring in awe as she ran her fingers over the cover several times and licked her lips. Now, most people would just think, "This chick is crazy!" but I knew what was happening to her. She was in the state of pure, aroused bliss. And it was all from seeing a cover with two, hot, buff men, embracing a scantily, clad female. What will they do to her? Why won't they do that to me? All those questions flashed on her face and as I gingerly removed my book from her, I swear I heard a whimper of protest. She quickly composed herself, of course and here's why:

1. We were at Starbucks
2. She was probably in her mid-to-late 50s and that kind of reaction to naughty books is a "no no"
3. She didn't know me or I her and I just watched her have a mini mind-gasm in front of me

Now, I don't mind that she had this happen. I'm certain, if she's like me and many others I know, she went home to change her panties. Happens to the best of us. But what she didn't understand, was that she experienced the popping of her erotica cherry. I remember my first time I picked up an erotic book. I read saw the cover and felt my breath catch in my chest, my mouth went dry and odd little tingle warmed my body. And by the time I read the book, I felt like I had a whole new awakening of what sex, fantasy, and kinkiness truly were. Honestly, I'm a pretty wicked woman, but I always felt that my thoughts were not shared with others. Reading my first erotica showed me there were kindered spirits out there. And they understood the needs to feed my incessant hungers for the dark and twisted.

I did see this woman later, maybe a few months or so, and she was sitting in a booth, reading a book that displayed a woman bound by her wrists, her head down by the leather clad crotch of some sexy stud and he was pulling her hair. Her cheeks were flushed while she flipped the pages with fervor and when she happened to glance up at me, we nodded, a smile on our lips, the bonding of two souls who knew....

That when we saw pictures like this on a book, online, or on the blog of an erotic romance author, we imagined that we were the woman they were looking at. Ready with their lean, chiseled bodies to please our willing ones to everyone's hearts content. Once you break free that decadent virginity that had kept you sheltered, kept you from even trying to go near that aisle of books with the handcuffs on the cover, you'll find yourself making beelines every chance you get. Sex toy talk will be a staple in the conversations with girlfiends and even partners and a new love for the sinful will no longer seem so taboo. In fact, you'll ask yourself, why didn't I do this sooner?

And don't worry, if you see me around, with a book in my hand, my eyes fixed to the pages or device, come over. Don't be shy. I like it when I help others take that leap down into my little hole. I crave bringing others to my dark side and watching them experience new heights of sexual awareness. What can I say, popping a cherry is a favorite of mine. Will it be one of yours as well?


Tracey H. Kitts said...

Wow. I feel so jaded. I can't remember when my erotica cherry was popped. LOL

I do, however, remember the first romance novel to really turn me on. I also remember the first to make me cry like someone had died. :)

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