Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday: Where did that sweet young lady go? (contains naughty pics)

The other day I was on the phone with my mother and we were discussing this whole bill that is being brought up to rid our television airways of sex and violence. You know, to protect the children. I have small children, three in fact, and they've not seen such things on tv. Why? Because I know that if it says rated tv-pg13 or MA then I make an informed choice to keep my younglings away from the show. Simple. So, what did my mother say to me when I mentioned this logical explanation?

"Why, D? Who are you? Where did my sweet young lady go? Of course you wouldn't mind. You write smut."

Well, excuse me! I honestly didn't realize writing romance, that is also erotic in nature, was the dreaded 'S' word. And this is hardly an uncommon statement in regard to writers that use words that pertain to male and female naughty bits. In fact, I've been thought of as somewhat of a dirty minded woman and probably have no trouble coming up with the words I use in my books. Truthfully, when out with girlfriends and talking, I'm the most vulgar and twisted chick around. But when it came to writing it, well that was different.

Think about it, when you're with your homegirls, saying words like 'dick' and what you'd like to do with them stays between you all. But when you write those sexy, hot fantasies in a book, that means hundreds or even thousands (I'd like that number lol) get to become your close lady pals. The idea of that can be daunting to say the least. When I wrote my first book, Down the Yellow Brick Road: Finding Home, I remember when I finally came to a masturbation scene with my hero and I was stumped. I giggled when the different terms for penis entered my mind and couldn't bring myself to write them.

It took my friend, a bottle of red wine (yum), and a week, to finally get it out without too much blushing and laughter. Don't know the words I speak of? Think I'm pulling crap out my butt? Well, I'm not. How I do it now, is I pretend I'm speaking with my friends, without thinking about my mother or her moral buds are checking out my work.

The crazy thing now, is that I absolutely LOVE writing these words. I get a bit of shiver down my spine when that sentence comes along and I get to use pussy or juicy, lickable cunt. If I can write that my hero's thick, meaty cock pulsated with anticipation. Mmm, I'm getting excited. Anyway, so where did the sweet young lady that I used to be go? Well, she's still sweet, just sweet in a, put your mouth down there and enjoy your dessert kind of sweet!

Below, just because I wanted to, there are some pictures of yummy cocks. Enjoy!


DeAnna Felthauser said...

-thud- That was me, hitting the floor when I scrolled down to the pic. ;-)

Great post girl! We are still sweet ladies, we just have vivid imaginations and say what everyone else wishes they could. Boldness rocks!

Lady in Red said...

Loved the post - I can relate! Nice pictures too by the way ;-)

Morticia Knight said...

We are writing what actually happens between people all the time. As my favorite line goes from E.T. "This is reality Greg." People watch and read things that "hint" at romance and sexuality, or use euphemisms, or go so far - and then stop. Now who's being real?

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