Sunday, February 19, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: WIP Touch of the Gods by D.X. Luc

I am still working very hard on trying to get this book done and submitted so I can start on the sequel to Down the Yellow Brick Road. So here are my six to Touch of the Gods.

"Though I secretly wished he'd lose the shirt, I scolded myself thoroughly and headed over for the rescue. My steps got slower as I approached him, his frame towering more than I could imagine. He had to be over seven feet tall and he filled it out just right. His arms were as thick as a tree, veined and bulging with muscles I didn't know existed in the human body. I wasn't small by any means, but with his large hands, working man hands my dad would say, he could grab hold of me with room to spare. Licking my lips, I let my gaze roam over him, like he was a big slice of apple pie, from his powerful jean encased thighs, to the heavy mountain that was his groin. I'm not ashamed to say I lingered there."


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