Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday: Put the Purr in Pervert!

What's going through your mind when you see this picture? I'll tell you what is going through mine....I want to be squished between that rock and hard place. And many other scenarios, but does that make me a pervert? A naughty girl? Yes. It. Does. Recently, I've heard from several people, husband included, that the pictures I look at, the subjects I talk about, and the books I write are not fit for a mother of three. But I have to say, I love the dirty I bring to the table, and I'm not alone. So hey, welcome to the pervert club and don't be ashamed to let your freak flag fly!

How to know you're in the presence of a freaky deek.

  1. The conversation starts with "Hi" then the mentioning of a hot stud's ass.
  2. While on the phone with your perverted friend, you hear her giggle and find out she's looking at half dressed men on google.
  3. Sex is a staple in her life, even when it's just by herself!
  4. She actually tells you, straight up, that she is a bona fide perverted freak of a gal.
So there you have it, as a certified professional in the world of perversion, I say hello to you all and join me in the sinfulness. It's sexy and a whole lot more fun than the vanilla place we presently all reside in.


Jo Cattell said...

I am a PLATUM member and so proud of it, lol. YOu also forgot when your friends daughter comes home and says "OMG the Pervs are at it again!!!!" When your on the phone. :)

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