Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thoughful Thursday: Does it make you horny, baby? Yeah!

I recently wrote a HELL of a sex scene in my book, and I was very aroused by the end of it. I had to wonder, when you read a steamy part of a book, do you imagine yourself as the lady in question? I also wondered if there were some times when it was just too much of a hot thing. In the beginning, I had a hard time with writing a really good love scene because I couldn't get passed the giggling that came with using naughty words. Of course, over time, I've gotten used to it, and in fact, have seen my vocabulary and imagery blossom into the wicked world of sex. However, I sometimes fear that I go too far, make it too dirty, gritty even, and then I'm left debating if I should rework the whole thing. Then common sense takes over and I leave it as it is. I wrote it for a reason right?

But you know, as an author of the erotic arts, I find it hard to keep from being original. Sex has been done, in many places, positions, and times of the day in almost every book. What else can we do that keeps the line of eroticism from being crossed into pornography. This thought came to me after the whole Paypal fiasco, where my own book was removed due to "forced submission". And being how that was my first book, I can say that the sex was tame compared to what I write now. Yet, my book was too much for the world and the big, bad censors had their way with it. Thankfully, that is over, and soon my book will be back on the market once more. So, I had to ponder, what is sexy? What makes us horny? Because truth is, depending on the person, that answer varies, and as a writer, I have to try to cater to all of the above.

Like everything else, sex, and sex writing, is a process. It can't just fall out onto paper and call itself a story. No, it must be thought out, jotted down, then combed over for good measure, before it can go to the masses. And maybe this is because I'm a woman, so there needs to be more mental stimulation, rather than physical for me to get aroused, I don't know, but when I get ready to take on the "big scene" I have to create an atmosphere for it.  I schedule it into my evening, grab a bottle of wine, and lock myself into my room with no one to disturb me. My belief is that, if I don't start feeling a heavy coil of desire, I am not doing my  job and need to start over again. I'm just a perfectionist that way, I guess. As I mentioned before, I don't have as much trouble now as I had in the past, and I can see the difference in my work. The places I pick, though, they've probably been done elsewhere, are still as hot. I am a firm believer that if you make it hot, it doesn't matter if it's in missionary position.

So, I'm going to post a prologue from a WIP that's, at the moment, on the shelf until I get to it. I do hope you enjoy it. It will be known as The Huntsman's Daughter. A sweetly dark, twisted fairy tale. It's definitely rated NC-17, so try to read at your own risk. Enjoy this sneak peek into my sexy, dark, mind.

She knew her predicament was her fault, but there she was, bent over and vulnerable to the man behind her.

“Mmm, little red, I have plans for you. And please, keep squirming, it makes me hard.”

Sydni tried to protest, but the man had placed a ring gag into her mouth, keeping it in the perfect 'O' for what he wanted. The room would have been dark, if not for the red light, which cast it in a sexy glow. Her senses were in heightened awareness, and behind her, the humming of a generator vibrated along with her awaiting pussy, which too was spread with a circular device, held with strings. She was open and ready for him and what he may have in store for her. Syndi didn't want to wriggle, didn't want to fight, yet the idea of him hard and doing what he desired made her do so. He had her in a sinful position, bent over a stool, her wrists tethered to her ankles, which were spread wide. There was no chance for escape and she knew, if she could, she wouldn't want her freedom. From the way his hand stroked down her spine and cupped her ass, told her he knew her feelings as well. He pulled his palm away, and she shook her bottom in desperation, then suddenly felt a cold, thick gel being slathered around her anus. A trail slid down until his coated finger sank into her exposed cunt. A moan rolled out.

“Like that don't you, little red? I can tell you play with yourself often. Nice and ready for the fucking machine, aren't we?”

Her body trembled, and she strained to hear what he was doing behind her. The creaking of wheels came closer until she felt a thick and veined cock press into her until buried to the very root. A smaller, but still sinful shaft was inserted deep into her ass and he moved away, letting her know she was double stuffed with dildos. Sydni became aware that he fumbled with a machine that was connected to the generator and after awhile, the cocks inside her pumped at a fierce but pleasurable tempo. Little mewing sounds came out of her each time the dicks pounded into her. From her position, she watched as he untied her wrists, kept her ankles secured, then moved her until she was level with his hard need.

“That feel good? You take cock so well. But those are fake. Now it's time you take mine.”

Sydni didn't have time to think on that before her captor, with the velvety voice, that resembled a wolf's growl, thrust his monster deep into her mouth, the bulbous head grazing the back of her throat. He tilted her head until she was looking into his glowing, lavender eyes and smirked.

“Welcome to The Woods, little red. This big, bad, wolf has made you his slave this time.”

So, I have to ask, does that make you horny? Yeah, baby!


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