Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday: It's fun and games until someone gets tied up. Then it's awesome!

How much do you think authors put into making sure what they write is correct? Me? I think after last night, I put far too much LOL. You see, I was writing a steamy sex scene, and by the time I got the heroine (Vanessa) tied up, I realized I needed to stop and figure out if the position I had her in would work properly. Did things "line up" so to speak. As much as I could envision it, I felt it was more complex than what I've ever written, therefore, I had to actually act out the way I had her. Which meant, my husband got to be involved in yet, "another crazy author moment by D. X. Luc".

Yes, that's right, I went into the same pose that she was in, just to make sure it would work out well for everyone involved. After confirming I was going in the right direction, I dismissed my confused spouse, and went back to work. Once the chapter was complete, I sat back and thought about how much I LOVE a good tie up scene. Heck, I enjoy it every now and again (yeah, I said it), and sometimes, it's necessary to up the anty when gentle caresses no longer apply. Which leads me to what I really want to talk about, other than how insane I am.


The beauty of such is that it's not as taboo as many think it is. The three main thoughts to it is to be safe, sane, and consensual. This is a lifestyle that is exciting, while being freeing at the same time. Sex and pleasure in often contingent on one's ability to allow themselves to be vulnerable. If there is one thing this lifestyle makes a person be, it's vulnerable. To let go and give someone power over you, dominate you. Mmmm, sounds thrilling huh? As my books continue to expand with my growth as an author, I fall deeper into the limits of what I have in my brain. I love exploring the various ways to bind up my characters, hoping that when my readers get to what I have written, they too are overcome with the need to try a bit of rope action.

Submitting can be invigorating. Give it a try. And when you are reading a scene where things go from vanilla to rocky road, drizzled with hot chocolate, whipped cream, and a cherry on top, mimic the positions and find what awakens your sexy psyche.

See? He's enjoying it!


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