Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gettin' Freaky Friday guest post from my friend Lorren! Delicious Recipes with a side of sex!

A good friend of mine, Lorren, was kind enough to right up a great post of some meals she's prepared. Not only are they delish, but they're also made with components that are known aphrodisiacs! Yummy and sexy. Can't go wrong there right?! So here they are. Try them out.


In the mood for something good?

But you want something that not only fills your mouth with so much satisfying taste and texture, but also has the ability to get you off.
Yet you're not the best at cooking?

Introducing an Aphrodisiac dinner!

In case you don't know.

Aphrodisiac - adj - arousing sexual desire.
According to ( and ( most everything included in this meal is considered an aphrodisiac.
And even though the FDA has said there is no such thing as a true aphrodisiac, and I can't guarantee it will get you off, I'll let you decide.

So looking for a food to get you in the mood?
Look no further, this meal is it.

Summer salad with a honey vinaigrette, and garlic basil pasta with shrimp and asparagus.

What you'll need.

Summer Salad:
1 Head of lettuce
1 cup of toasted almonds chopped
1 avocado cut into chunks
1/2 cup dried apriocots sliced

Honey Vinaigrette:
2tbsp apple cider vinigar
2tbsp Olive oil
2tbsp Honey

How To

Mix all wet ingredients to make dressing
Put everything dry on top of lettuce
Drizzle with dressing
This salad is fantastic.
Light, crisp, sweet, creamy, fresh.
A perfect mixture of flavors and textures to make your taste buds wake up. 
Also everything but the lettuce is considered an aphrodisiac too, so if this salad doesn't get your blood flowing well, you must be a crypt keeper.

Next on the menu

Basil and Garlic past with Shrimp and Asparagus.
What you'll need:
1 lb aspargus
1 lb shrimp
1 bag/box of your favorite noodles
1 fresh garlic bulb
4 fresh basil leaves
4 tbsp butter
1 tbsp of that pre-chopped Garlic that you find in jars.

Lets get cooking!
Turn the oven on at 350*
Wrap whole garlic bulb and 1 tbsp of butter in tin foil
Place in oven cook for about 20 minutes.
Mmm roasted garlic!

Boil enough water according to the directions on the noodle package
In a metal colander put your washed asparagus and stack it on top of the boiling noodle water.
Steam your asparagus at the same time you boil your noodles. Genius!

In fry pan melt 2 tbsp butter
Add your shrimp, chopped garlic and 3 basil leaves torn.
about 5 min if precooked, about 10 if raw and it will be all sauteed and buttery and oh so good.

Toss all together with your last tbsp of butter to increase the creamy-ness

Top with more basil and some of your roasted garlic.

Dig in and please enjoy!
I enjoyed making, eating, and then what came after ;)
Hope you do too!            

Wow, that was some seriously great suggestions and food. Now I'm hungry and a bit excited. Shall we get started on this sexy meal? I think so. Hope you enjoyed the great post. Eat, Love, Sex. That's what that movie should have been! ;-)


Wowowolfie said...

Thank you for letting me have a guest post on your blog. I love reading it and seeing all the sexy pictures you post. I hope you and your readers can enjoy my aphrodisiac meal.

momma said...

yum and hmmmmm sounds like a stay at home date night needs to be planned in my future.

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