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Gettin' Freaky Friday: Have women become sexually aggressive? XXX

Remember the days when men knew everything about sex, and the woman was that naive, innocent, who barely understood her menstrual cycle? Or the times when it was too embarrassing for mom to have "the talk" with her daughter, while dad gave his son a nudey mag and called it a day? Well, I've noticed a strange, and somewhat disturbing trend.

Men are not the sexual aggressor anymore. The roles are shifting, and many marriages or relationships are suffering from sexless tragedy. And it's not because the woman has a headache anymore. I've heard from many women, read just as many articles, where they are begging their men to make love to them, but are met with excuses, which then leads to frustration, blame, and anger.

What is happening? Well, there are several explanations, such as the hormones in food, women taking on more in life and becoming the ones who "wear the pants", obesity. It's hard to really say. I know for me, I'm more sexually aggressive than my shy, introverted husband, and while I do wish he'd be a lot more crazy, I've grown accustomed to the fact that he is not. He once said to me, "Honey, do you know why men aren't the dominant race anymore? It's because women took all the fight out of us."

Is that true? Did we do that? I've heard men state that chivalry died because women killed it, but is that really a valid reason to what's happening in our society? I can't believe that's it at all. According to an article, Reasons Why A Husband Does Not Want To Have Sex With His Wife  on,

"The day where the man brought home the money and the women watched the children, is not the average. The male dependence by the female for protection and providing is no longer an issue. Men and women can equally take care of themselves and in some homes women have taken over the financial responsibly or are making more money than their spouse. The line of male/ female roles have become blurred directly impacting on the sexuality of men."
They list the top six reasons what could be making a relationship/marriage a sexless one. If you or anyone you know is suffering through this, maybe these suggestions will shed some light. NOTE: I'm going to just list the reasons, but post the link below for more detailed information.

Reason 6: Weight gain and unhealthy eating
Reason 5: Undiagnosed medical condition
Reason 4: He may be gay
Reason 3: He may be having an affair
Reason 2: He is no longer attracted to his you
Reason 1: He is depressed

Reasons Why A Husband Does Not Want To Have Sex With His Wife
Anpther article done by MSNBC
I know there are plenty more not on the list, such as addiction to porn, over masturbation (yes, that can happen), and low testosterone, but those are just a few to list. It's just turning into a strange coincidence to me, that this is turning into such a massive problem in a lot of partnerships. But don't give up hope! There are plenty of toys, and sometimes, aggression means throwing him down and making him take it! You know, the way those alpha males do in those books we love.

Quiet you! I promise you'll love it.


momma said...

here's my en-educated theories. #1. men(talking sole bread winners here) have to work so much harder now adays to keep up with the world. They work longer hours for less pay and little time off. #1 reason...they are just plain tired. many men are unemployed or working low pay jobs to make ends meet. The feeling of "taking care of their woman or family" is being stripped from them due to the economy. (I'm not saying that this a woman's fault for wanting things or anything like that)but most men need to feel they can provide a certain lifestyle, it makes them feel manly, etc so my number 2 is A loss of identity(for lack of a better word)
Those are my two main theories on the subject. I'm sure that the others come in to play just as much. But note, if your SO(male of female) is feeling depressed or like their role is being jeopardized in anyway, that can take a toll as well.

momma said...


Jo Cattell said...

No, he is just gay lol

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