Sunday, April 15, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: Down the Yellow Brick Road: Mind Games

Her body tightened at his words, yet she wondered if they were fueled by Freeska, considering how much they spoke on their way to her Master's home. She wasn't jealous, not by any means, as she knew Toto loved her, but she did fear he wanted more from her in the ways of submission than she was willing to give. She loved the light bondage they'd experienced together, and she often fantasized about being completely dominated, but seeing the young, shapeshifter woman gagged, and knelt before her, Dorothy wasn't sure she could let herself go to that level. To be open in such a way, allowing her body to be controlled in both pleasure and pain, while that enticed her, the very idea also scared the hell out of her. Anger replaced the heat in her body, and she moved away from T's erection, crossing her arms, then frowned down at Freeska.

“No need to feel upset for the slave. She very much enjoys her position.”


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