Sunday, April 8, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: Sneak Peek of Down the Yellow Brick Road sequel

Sneak Peek of the second installment of Down the Yellow Brick Road: Mind Games

Her smile melted him, as it always did, and he squeezed her tightly before finally letting go to get their food. Their conversation was mostly small talk, as they were tired, and still recovering from the earlier events. Once finished, they cleaned together, then snuggled under the warmth of the sleeping bag, where he immediately pulled her body close, hardening the moment her full ass wiggled against him. The moment was probably not the most appropriate, and Toto would never put Dorothy into an uncomfortable position, but he needed to touch her, feel her body tremble when she came for him. The mark on his chest, his alpha symbol, glowed, and warmed his blood with desire. Moving his right hand up from her waist, he flicked his thumb over her nipple, smiling into her hair when he was rewarded with both the tightening of her nipple, and a throaty moan.


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