Sunday, April 1, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: A Zombie Hunter's Holiday~Everyone's got a bitch at the office

It's bad enough Raina has to tell Carl news that would break his heart. Now she has to deal with the bitch of the office place too!

Fuck, her day couldn't get any worse when Whitney 'I'm a Diva' Esquire was
concerned. Unfortunately, the scaredy-cat that she was only made her plaster  

on a friendly face.

“Oh, thanks Whitney. I really can't believe it!”

“I know! You of all people for Brian to chose. I mean, like, wow. He usually

likes women with bigger boobs. But yours are, well, they're nice.”

“Right then. Um, okay, look, I have to go out and make a phone call. Tell Ed

I'll be back.”

“Sure thing, girl. You're such a lucky bitch! Oh, how I hope you get rain on

your day. Ha ha, just kidding! Talk to you later!”

This book can be found at
A Zombie Hunter's Holiday at NCP
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Veronica Scott said...

Wow, those office bitches always know just what to say and what day to say it! I have a feeling the heroine will deal with it all and surprise everyone! Fun excerpt!

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