Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday: Theory of the Muse.

Muses. They are what guides us to be our most creative. Many of my author friends rely on theirs to help them through a story, but what outsiders don't the Muse is the most evil, devious, little imaginary imp to ever exist in our world. My muse, for example, argues with me to write, but only when it's past midnight, so my exhaustion is not allowed. You know what we authors all wish for? We want these ladies as our Muses.

Don't they look SOOOO sweet? Well, I'm going to break down the real muses that live in our heads. And trust me when I say, they aren't pretty. For those that understand, see if you can find yours.

The Writer's Block Muse
You have to write. You're on a deadline for crying out loud! But there she is, messing with your head, and keeping you from getting anything down. She is known as Writer's Block. We've all been there with that muse. Her arms are stubbornly crossed, and no amount of bribery seems to make her budge. All you can do is wait her out until she's ready to let you have peace again.

Lazy Muse
Your to-do list is complete, giving you all the time in the world to sit back and lay down some lines! But, oh no, what's this? Your muse is napping? The stuff you're getting is just lazy slop of nothing crap? This can't be! But sadly, it is. Not only is your muse a lazy butt, you now feel no motivation at all either. Is there a such thing as a java injection? I do hope so.

The Night Owl Muse
This is the one that haunts me almost every time. Throughout the day, I'm pretty busy, but there have been times, when I had nothing to do. Was my muse anywhere to be found? Nope. But then midnight rolls around, and suddenly my muse has every idea in the book! Who cares if it's dark as sin, my eyes burn, and I just want to comforts of my mattress. I have a book to write, and he's rearing to go. Sleep's overrated anyway right?

The Rare Muse
I'm going to point out that my muse, whom I've named Sam, is very much like this. He's wicked and pushes me to write some of my best stuff. However, his drill sargeant ways can be killer when I really want to have a moment's rest. But I love him, that muse of mine, and his rarity is wanted more than anything. These muses are the rarest to have, for the very reason they are desired. Obviously, the demand is not matched the by the supply!

So, now, my lovelies, you know how and what drives us authors batty at night, or day, or whenever the muses decide to grace us with their presence. Hope you enjoyed my post today, and I do pray you get that rare muse when the time comes to let your creative juices flow.


Jo Cattell said...

Soo true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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