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Riverina Romantics: BOOK SPOTLIGHT: The Wager (Touch of the Gods) by D...

Riverina Romantics: BOOK SPOTLIGHT: The Wager (Touch of the Gods) by D...: Today I am spotlighting a book I haven't had a chance to read yet, but it sounds scorching hot. I hope you enjoy. Jodie xoxo Th...

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Six Sentence Sunday Down the Yellow Brick Road: Mind Games

In the land of Oz Toto will show Dorothy why she's all he needs. His only desire.
He massaged them building up on the pressure until he was practically squeezing them. The dull pain didn't bother her as she would have thought and by the time T moved to tug at the nipples Dorothy nearly came on the spot. He resumed to massaging them the shifts from rough to soft playing havoc on her sensory system before stopping to cup her breasts like a bustier would.

“Reason one why you're my perfection. These stunning breasts and how they fit my hands just right. I could play with them day and night without ever growing tired.” To drive the point home, Toto pinched the nipples between his fingers and twisted them until she groaned.

He dropped his hands down her body outlining her curves and dips. “Reason number two. You aren't a starving girl but a real woman with real meat. I could nibble on you forever and never crave another.”

T's words were making her hotter than a witch's tit and when he went lower to mold her lush globes Dorothy thought she would die from the desire he awoken in her.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sharing some great news on the new book front Touch of the Gods: The Wager

Touch of the Gods: The Wager has been out for a little over two weeks now and so far it has received six 5 star reviews. That's right. SIX!!

I'm beyond thrilled. Proud and stunned at the same time.

Another thing to get excited about is my upcoming Touch of the Gods virtual tour. I got the schedule and as the dates get closer I'll post them. The banner is super sexy.

If you want, add this banner to your own blog so that others can join in with the fun. I'll be giving away some great prizes during these stops.

And hey, get your copy of Touch of the Gods: The Wager. Sexy Greek gods, erotic scenes, and chocolate pizza. Not to mention humor, action, love, lust and revenge. It's a story of the ages!

Get your copy of Touch of the Gods: The Wager here!

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Six Sentence Sunday: Touch of the Gods: The Wager

Wouldn't you like him to be your new neighbor?

He had to be over seven feet tall and he filled it out just right. His arms were as thick as a tree, veined and bulging with muscles that I didn't know existed in the human body.

I wasn't small by any means, but with his large hands, working man hands my Dad would say, he could grab hold of me with room to spare. Licking my lips, I let my gaze roam over him, like he was a big slice of apple pie, from his powerful jean encased thighs, to the heavy mountain that was his groin. I'm not ashamed to say, my gaze I lingered there.

After several seconds of ogling, I moved back up and noticed his breathing had changed.


Purchase Touch of the Gods: The Wager today on Amazon.

Only $1.99

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Gettin' Freaky Friday: I think, therefore I...uh...mmm sex.

Just because I write sex, doesn't mean I always have it on the brain, right?

Okay, that's a lie, but I want to say that before I considered writing erotic romance, I still had sex on the brain. What can I say?  I'm a warm blooded woman.

I'm not lady, not in the least, and I love the idea of hanging out with my friends and ogling some hotness that may walk by my table. At the mall, last week, I saw the cutest guy at a kiosk and felt my body catch on fire. All I wanted to see was him naked. My friend had to talk for me because I went 'dumb' with lust.

Yesterday, I saw The Avengers and again, all I imagined was each hero doing wicked things to me. I'm sure I lost half of the plot because the blood in my brain dropped to my girly bits. It happens folks!

Yet, am I truly alone in this? I sometimes think I am, because the way males approach the subject is with shock and a need to run far from me. I can't truly be that much of an abnormality for always thinking, wanting, and craving the yummy sex. Girls like porn too, reading it, writing it, seeing it. Mmm.

That's why, every Monday, I post sexy goodness on my blog. Because we deserve it.

So yes, I think, therefore I I guess that's why my nickname used to be walking sex. And I'm totally not ashamed to be as such.

I'm sexy and I know it!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Welcoming Author Rosanna Leo to the Isand for her book For the Love of a God!

I have the pleasure of having a great author on my blog today! I can tell you now, she and I have a lot in common. I love mythology, she loves mythology. And she's got a sexy new book out that I think readers will truly enjoy.

So, lets welcome to the island and give a warm round of applauds to our guest Author Rosanna Leo! I'm sure the Cabana boys will get her a drink.


Hello friends of romance! I’m so excited to be here!

My debut novel, For the Love of a God, is now available! You can find it at:

If you love a sexy paranormal, full of love-starved Greek gods, then this is for you! My story was inspired by a trip to the local museum where I fell in love with a statue of one of the Greek gods. It was so beautiful, so manly, and I couldn’t help wondering what might happen if Greek gods were real.

I live near Toronto, Canada and am passionate about mythology (although I’m also partial to vamps!) I just love it when the geeky, awkward girl gets the hot guy, and I’ve made it my mission to see this happen in my books as much as possible. Please check out my blog at


Conservator Maia Douglas is an expert on ancient Greece and its mythology. She would never tell anyone at the museum where she works, but she's always had a secret crush on the mythical Eryx, Greek god of love. There is nothing she loves more than to tend to her favorite statue of him, and her nighttime dreams are filled with luscious images of Eryx making love to her.

One day, the peace at Maia's beloved museum is shattered when a new director arrives. A man who looks exactly like her image of Eryx. As Maia watches, he manages to upset her ordered museum world, at the same time he inflames her with unwanted desire.

Maia does not know that her new boss is actually the god Eryx, disguised as a mortal so he may work in antiquities. Although he is the god of love, he has forsaken his sexual nature because of a curse that has killed any woman he's dared to love. Though he fights it, Eryx is drawn to Maia with a force he's never experienced in a thousand years. But can he convince her of his true identity? And can he protect her from a vengeful goddess who seeks her destruction?


Toronto, Present Day

Maia Douglas woke with a start. She looked around, disoriented. Then she remembered. She’d only put her head down on her desk for a minute. Her brown eyes bleary, she peered toward the clock on her office wall. Seven o’clock. “Dammit. Naps at work. Bad idea.”

It may have been after hours and the last tourist may have already been long gone, but she knew she was playing a dangerous game. One of these nights, she’d sleep right through and wouldn’t get her work done.

It was her fault for insisting on working late. She could work during the day like a normal person, but she loved the tranquility of the museum at night. Besides, she hadn’t been sleeping well lately anyway. Might as well work through the night.

She rubbed her eyes and gathered her wits. She took a sip of her cold coffee and stared at the wet spot on her blotter where she’d dribbled a little. “Ugh. Real dainty, Douglas.”

She pushed away from her desk. As foggy as she was, she knew it was the perfect time to do her preliminary inspection. She hated doing her work when people were milling about anyway. She gathered up her collapsible stool, a notebook, and her Holly Hobby satchel, the one containing her pencils and various tools of the trade. Thus armed, she stumbled out of her office.

Maia looked around the conservation office. All the other conservators were already gone for the day. No surprise there. She was the only one who kept such ungodly hours.

Taking the stairs up to the fifth floor, she made her way to the new Gallery of Greece. This part of the museum wasn’t open to the public yet, and the entrance was still shrouded by opaque drop cloths. She knew it wouldn’t open officially until it passed muster with the new director.

His Lordship was due any minute, and everyone at the Toronto Museum was nervous. There was a reason for it. Eric Lord’s reputation preceded him. He was from a family of museum experts, although she’d never met him in her travels. She’d read articles by his grandfather--—another Eric Lord--—when she was a student, and had been impressed with his keen insight into the ways of ancient Greece. But the current Eric Lord was known the world over for his slash-and-burn style of museum administration. She’d heard he was a downsizer, a ruthless one. Why, last year he’d eliminated a whole department at one museum in New York for their so-called inefficiencies.

Maia sniffed. “Well, Eric Lord’s not the only museum royalty around here. And no one knows this place like I do.”

Maia’s father, Dr. Jim Douglas, was the famed archaeologist whose work formed the basis of the Toronto Museum’s Greek collection. Maia had basically grown up within its walls. So if Eric Lord was planning a cull in Toronto, he’d be a fool to get rid of her.

Pushing aside the cloths at the entrance, she entered the Gallery of Greece. One of the cleaners was just finishing up in the gallery. She made sure to sashay around the trail from his wet mop. “Hey, Wally. How’s business?”

The older man looked up. “Miss Douglas, what are you still doing here? It’s Saturday night! How come a pretty girl like you doesn’t have a date?”

Tonight, I have a date with Poseidon’s testicles.”

Wally pulled a face.

They’re about to fall off,” she explained. “The statue, I mean. Poor guy has some nasty cracks on him. I’ve got to fix him up for the big opening.”

Wally just waved her away with a smile. “I’ll leave the fun stuff to you conservators. I’ll stick to my mopping.”

Maia made her way through the empty gallery, wondering why every word out of her mouth always seemed so awkward. But as she pulled out her collapsible stool and placed it in front of Poseidon and his cracked gonads, she didn’t worry. Staff at the museum had long ago ceased their speculation about Maia’s quirks. After all, she was Jim Douglas’s daughter. She was excellent at her job, which rendered her many quirks negligible.

She knew the collection of Greek antiquities so intimately they could have been siblings to her. Quiet, somber siblings. Certainly there was nothing she valued more. She was an expert conservator, specializing in marble sculpture. After she’d completed her studies, the Toronto Museum administrators had been falling over themselves to offer Maia the job. Sure, there had been enticing job offers from as far away as the Hermitage and the British Museum. But she knew she’d never leave her beloved museum. It was her second home.

It was her life.

Before she began her inspection of Poseidon, she walked over to one of the other sculptures. It was the statue of Eryx, the Greek god of love. She stood before him and sighed, letting her appreciative eyes rake over his nude body. Absorbing the warmth he created in her. Feeding off his beauty.

This was her ritual and had been ever since she was a little girl. Ever since her father discovered the perfect statue in a long-hidden cove in Greece.

She remembered her dad’s excitement after the find. He’d led her through the museum after hours. She could still hear the sound of her Mary Janes clicking on the marble floors. The museum had been shrouded in darkness, but Maia didn’t mind. Even at five years old, she already knew every square inch of the place.

Come, sweet pea,” Dr. Douglas had said as he walked with her. “I have something new to show you.”

Green lollipop in mouth, she’d scrambled after him. She’d always loved these night-time walks. As a curator, her dad often brought her to the museum at night when the tourists had all gone home. He showed her all the ancient gold jewelry and terracotta pieces and told her wonderful stories full of myth and magic. To the little girl, being with her father was the greatest adventure on earth.

Especially since mother had left them.

Is it a big statue, Daddy?”

Life-sized. And in amazing condition. It’s as if he was just waiting in the cave, hoping to be found.” He motioned toward the entrance of the Greek gallery. “And he’s right through there.”

Little Maia had spotted him right away. The sculpture was the new centerpiece of the gallery and had been given a prominent spot. Her jaw had dropped open and her lollipop had tumbled to the floor. Jim had grinned and picked it up, glad his little girl shared his passion.

She’d stared up at the statue of the man. He was so handsome. The way the sculptor had angled his head made it feel as if he were gently smiling down at her. Maia had smiled back, immediately smitten.

Jim walked up to her and placed a hand on her back. He spoke in hushed tones. “He is the god Eryx, son of Aphrodite. He was in love with the mortal priestess of his temple. And she was…?”

Chloe, silly. I know that,” she’d replied. After countless bedtime stories, she knew all the myths.

Good girl,” he’d smiled. “And do you remember the story of Eryx and Chloe?”

The bad goddess Nemesis killed Chloe because she was jealous.”

And Eryx?”

He was sad. Forever.” She’d rubbed her little tummy. “Daddy, I’m hungry.”

He’d laughed. “Of course you are. It’s late, sweet pea. Let’s get you some dinner. We’ll come back and see Eryx again.”

Maia’s face had fallen. As much as her belly was rumbling, she didn’t want to go. She liked the statue of the beautiful, smiling god. Even though, all of a sudden, he looked a little sad.

What happened next, Maia had never told her father. Never told anyone.

As she had followed her dad out of the gallery, she’d turned to look at Eryx one more time. Because she was five, and because it had seemed like a fun idea, she’d poked out her green-stained tongue and wagged it at him.

The statue had winked at her.

Now, as an adult, she knew the wink was probably just the overactive imagination of a precocious, little girl. Perhaps the fleeting shadow of one of the pigeons haunting the window ledges of the museum. But it had felt so real at the time. And now, every time she came to work in the gallery, she made a pit stop before the statue of Eryx.

Just in case…

You’re such a spazz,” she told herself as she pulled her long brown hair into a messy ponytail on top of her head, affixing it with two crisscrossed pencils. “Get to work.”

She turned and seated herself before Poseidon and let out a sigh. With a gentle hand, she cupped the water god’s balls and inspected the extent of the cracks. She’d have to fill them in a little, as well as beginning a general cleaning of the statue. He was starting to show his age.

Soon, between conducting her inspection and making notes, she was lost in her work, oblivious to everything else around her. Once again, she gingerly touched Poseidon’s testes.

How about inspecting mine?”

Maia jumped when the deep voice whispered in her ear. She snapped her head around, almost wrenching off the statue’s balls in the process. “Who’s there?”

There was no one. Beyond the entrance, Wally was still mopping, but had headphones on now and was mopping to the music on his iPod. He hadn’t heard her cry. The gallery was empty, peopled only by the many statues.

And right in front of her stood the statue of the god Eryx, still bearing the same grin as when she first saw him years ago. The grin which now appeared decidedly randy from her perspective.

You,” she breathed, feeling her heartbeat regulate after her scare. “If any of you old rocks could find a way to talk, I should have guessed it would be you.” Dismissing the voice as a symptom of overwork and stress over the incoming director, Maia turned back to Poseidon.

Even with her back to Eryx, she felt a warm sensation along her spine. As if she was being watched.

Doing her best to ignore it, Maia continued her work.

Within minutes, she knew it wasn’t working. Her back was burning.

She should have expected it. She felt the same way each time she was in the presence of the Eryx statue. It wasn’t just her love of antiquities making her heart palpitate each time she saw him. Ever since she’d thought he’d winked at her all those years ago, she’d developed a ridiculous crush on the gorgeous statue. In a way, she thought of him as her own.

Of course, he’d always been her favorite of all the Greek gods. She loved the stories about him and couldn’t help falling a little in love with him from an early age.

The statue merely enforced the feeling. She loved the perfection of it. The way his curls fell about his strong face. The clean lines of his muscled abdomen and legs. Even the enticing length of his marble erection, as if the sculptor had wanted him captured in a state of eternal arousal.

He was the sexiest goddamn statue she’d ever seen. Michelangelo’s David was an effeminate pansy by comparison.

She shook her head. It was pathetic, how she mooned over him.

Over it.

She could never tell anyone Eryx was one of the reasons she’d chosen to remain with the Toronto Museum, rather than working for another. Since the first time her father showed her the sculpture, she’d felt oddly connected to it. It had been her inspiration as she planned her education and career. She looked forward to seeing him every day, even took extra shifts whenever she could. Just to keep an eye on him and make sure no other conservators got their mitts on him.

Let administration think she was just a devoted worker. She’d keep her strange infatuation a secret.

Frowning, she turned back to face Eryx. He looked so proud on his pedestal, so vibrant. As if he might simply walk off it. His shoulders were squared, and his face angled down toward the viewer. Although he was made of white marble, Maia had no trouble picturing what he might look like in color. Somehow, she just knew those thick curls would be honey blond. Those flashing eyes would be green and his nude body would be tanned. His generous penis could fill her, stretch her … a velvety pillar of lustful strength.

Oh, man, I need to get out more.” She ran a hand over her hot forehead. “This place is playing tricks on my mind.”

She heard a deep, manly laugh.

Automatically, her eyes shot back to Eryx’s statue. Why was it the laugh seemed to come from his direction?

Okay, I’ve had enough. I’m outta here.” She folded up her stool and walked right up to Eryx. “You don’t fool me, buster. I know you winked at me all those years ago. Now you’re talking to me? Maybe I am losing my mind, but if you have something you need to say to me, just get off your perch and say it. Stop messing with me.”

Then, feeling foolish for admonishing a piece of marble, she turned on her heel, and left.

For the Love of a God, available through Liquid Silver Books at


Bravo!!! That was great Rosanna! Thank you so much for joining us here on the island and giving up some yums to enjoy. Better than the refreshments! So folks, please go out and get Rosanna Leo's book. I promise you won't be disappointed.

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I seriously told you I was EVERYWHERE!! More places to find me talking about my book Touch of the Gods

I'm still stopping by places giving away copies of Touch of the Gods: The Wager. I'm on several places today AND my book is up for FREE at Amazon from today through Sunday. Get your copy and please click the like button and the tags if you can. Also mark the review as helpful and after reading my book, leave a review!

Gettin' Freaky Friday: Touch of the Gods: The Wager. Sexy Excerpt from book.

Lying flat, knees bent and open, I ran the vibrator along my labia, the blood that had begun flowing to my pussy already sensitizing them. Each time I reached my clit, a moan seeped from my mouth and in no time, I had created enough juice to put artificial lubrication to shame. Closing my eyes, I glided it in, imagining that it was hard satin over satin and arched my back. Images of him collaged in my mind, his eyes shifting from ocean blue to sinful flames. I moved my hand, about to pull back but I couldn't seem to do so. It was as though a force was holding it in place, letting the pulsations flow through me.
“Ise omorfi.” You are beautiful.
My eyes flew open, where they saw him, the mammoth of man who had somehow come alive and was in my room. I didn't think I had such a strong imagination!

He shifted the toy, twirling it around until I quivered and yet, he wouldn't stop. Braced on his elbow, the grin on his lips was playful with a hint of mischief. I gasped, my breath catching in my throat after he pushed in deeper and used his thumb to press down onto the swelled clit. A shot of electricity traveled from the vibrations inside my cunt to the roots of my hair. My head thrashed from side to side on the pillow as my nerves came alive with heat that only he seemed to ignite in me.
“Thélete perissóteres?” You want more?
Why I understood him made no sense, so I chalked it up to my horny head making it that I could. I guess I didn't answer him fast enough, because he practically ripped the toy from me, and replaced my empty hole with three, thick fingers. The breath I held, whooshed out from the force of his thrust and if my eyes weren't crossed before, they certainly had at that point. His energy is strong, my sister had said, and it became apparent that my brain took her words literally, because through my desire-fogged eyes, he glowed with a red outline. He was my secret, love demon this night.
Want to see more? Get your copy today on Amazon Kindle!

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Thoughtful Thursday: I'm EVERYWHERE!!! Check out the links and stop by to see me!

Hello all. As many of you know, I have a new release that came out on Sunday. My sexy hot novel Touch of the Gods: The Wager. It's receving good reception that makes my heart sing. I've been going everywhere I can to get more people to it, so they can see what the buzz is all about!

This weekend 5/11/12 through 5/13/12, my book will be free on Amazon Kindle for Mother's Day. After that, it'll be once again the great price of $1.99! That's a full novel for half the price. 

Below I'm going to list the places you can find me.

Ella Jade's Thursday Teaser segment

Kevin Rau's Author spotlight

The Romance Studio (TRS) Release Party

Skhye Moncrief's blog spot!

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Ares gets down with Jo (Character interview from Touch of the Gods: The Wager)

So, my character Ares got interviewed the other day and I have to say, he was very well behaved. For him. I'm very glad to see how well my book is being received. For a book that is my first self published work, I am so happy that so many people are excited about reading it, reviewing it, and interviewing it as well.

So without further ado, please check out this great interview for Ares and don't forget, Touch of the Gods: The Wager is at for only $1.99!

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Six Sentence Sunday: Touch of the Gods: The Wager is here! (XXX six sentences)

It's up for sale now at for only $1.99. Get your copy today.

What I was certain of, was the searing heat of his cock as it rammed into me with such ferocity that my headboard left a crack in the wall. I clawed at his back, knowing I drew blood, but as the scent of the tangy liquid and the hard sex assailed me, my mind shattered. He growled, pulling back until he nearly exited and slammed himself into my pussy, a jolt of pain and pleasure shocking my core. But it wasn’t enough for either of us and he ripped from me, leaving me empty and cold. He flipped my body over quickly, a stinging slap to my ass making it rise in submission. Three fingers darted into my hole, which was wet and sticky, my walls sucking on the digits like a desert man at an oasis.

Touch of the Gods: The Wager ~Have you been touched?~

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Thoughtful Thursday: author's nightmare

You know, I once believed, in my days of first starting out as an author, that writer's block was my worse enemy. Granted, there have been times when I just couldn't get single sentence out onto paper and I wanted to cut my head off. Probably kick it across the street or something. But then, I realized it wasn't the blocks that got me, it was the reasons behind them.  Look below.....

Very true of how I often feel

I won't lie. I'm very anxious. All the time. It's just natural for me as I am a very Type A personality. You know, I must have everything done at the right time, the right way, or I turn into a puddle of angry confused mush! I'm always pushing myself to the limit and once I've reached that, I push harder beyond. Is that sane or healthy? Probably not, but what can I say? I feel more accomplished living as such, that I can't begin to change myself. My high stress level is both a blessing and a curse.

Maybe this is why I try to surround myself with zen folks. I go to them when I feel overwhelmed and cramped inside my head. A few hours of good conversation and I'm usually back on track. But lately, more than not, even my go to cure isn't helping. It's only soothing the symptoms, not attacking the disease. I am working on my second installment to my first novel and I'm having a problem getting there.

What's the issue, you're wondering? It's fear. And that fear is making me stressed out. Not normal, 'Yikes, I forgot to pick up milk' kind of stressed. More like, 'I seriously just left my wallet and all my identification on the public transportation' kind of freaked out. I'm worried that I can't make the sequel better than the first. Isn't that a thing? Yet, I won't quit. My personality won't let me. So, most nights I'm up at all odd hours, while my entire family sleeps just trying to perfect something that is probably already sounding pretty good.

It's getting a point that I'm experiencing headaches almost every night. Sleep deprivation isn't a joke (and that's not a good thing to have when you've got three kids and one is 16 months). Plus, I'm having trouble remembering basic things. I keep losing stuff, which is norm for me, but has gotten pretty bad. I lost my Kindle three times. And it was right under my thigh each freakin' time!!!

So, I've decided, though I was going to have Down the Yellow Brick Road: Mind Games done by the third week of this month, I refuse to push myself. I need a vacation. A break, even if it's just for a few hours. We all do you know? So my mother is coming next week. I'm going to drag my husband out for a few hours to eat and see The Avengers. She'll have the kids. I will relax...I have to. Because I know if I don't do something to decompress soon, I may go beyond the crazy that I already am. And trust one wants that. No one..

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It's coming! And a video too!

As mentioned yesterday, I have a new book coming out sometime this week. It's the first of the Touch of the Gods trilogy. I made a pretty sweet book trailer teaser. I'm looking so forward to this book getting out to my fans, both old and new!

Touch of the Gods: The Wager book trailer

Feel free to share both the video and book cover!

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