Friday, May 11, 2012

Gettin' Freaky Friday: Touch of the Gods: The Wager. Sexy Excerpt from book.

Lying flat, knees bent and open, I ran the vibrator along my labia, the blood that had begun flowing to my pussy already sensitizing them. Each time I reached my clit, a moan seeped from my mouth and in no time, I had created enough juice to put artificial lubrication to shame. Closing my eyes, I glided it in, imagining that it was hard satin over satin and arched my back. Images of him collaged in my mind, his eyes shifting from ocean blue to sinful flames. I moved my hand, about to pull back but I couldn't seem to do so. It was as though a force was holding it in place, letting the pulsations flow through me.
“Ise omorfi.” You are beautiful.
My eyes flew open, where they saw him, the mammoth of man who had somehow come alive and was in my room. I didn't think I had such a strong imagination!

He shifted the toy, twirling it around until I quivered and yet, he wouldn't stop. Braced on his elbow, the grin on his lips was playful with a hint of mischief. I gasped, my breath catching in my throat after he pushed in deeper and used his thumb to press down onto the swelled clit. A shot of electricity traveled from the vibrations inside my cunt to the roots of my hair. My head thrashed from side to side on the pillow as my nerves came alive with heat that only he seemed to ignite in me.
“Thélete perissóteres?” You want more?
Why I understood him made no sense, so I chalked it up to my horny head making it that I could. I guess I didn't answer him fast enough, because he practically ripped the toy from me, and replaced my empty hole with three, thick fingers. The breath I held, whooshed out from the force of his thrust and if my eyes weren't crossed before, they certainly had at that point. His energy is strong, my sister had said, and it became apparent that my brain took her words literally, because through my desire-fogged eyes, he glowed with a red outline. He was my secret, love demon this night.
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