Sunday, May 27, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday Down the Yellow Brick Road: Mind Games

In the land of Oz Toto will show Dorothy why she's all he needs. His only desire.
He massaged them building up on the pressure until he was practically squeezing them. The dull pain didn't bother her as she would have thought and by the time T moved to tug at the nipples Dorothy nearly came on the spot. He resumed to massaging them the shifts from rough to soft playing havoc on her sensory system before stopping to cup her breasts like a bustier would.

“Reason one why you're my perfection. These stunning breasts and how they fit my hands just right. I could play with them day and night without ever growing tired.” To drive the point home, Toto pinched the nipples between his fingers and twisted them until she groaned.

He dropped his hands down her body outlining her curves and dips. “Reason number two. You aren't a starving girl but a real woman with real meat. I could nibble on you forever and never crave another.”

T's words were making her hotter than a witch's tit and when he went lower to mold her lush globes Dorothy thought she would die from the desire he awoken in her.


S. J. Maylee said...

Nice! I could feel the scene building.

Eden Connor said...

Lovely six, D.X. I feel the heat. ;-)

Veronica Scott said...

HOT. Certainly a different take on OZ LOL. Great six!

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