Sunday, May 6, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: Touch of the Gods: The Wager is here! (XXX six sentences)

It's up for sale now at for only $1.99. Get your copy today.

What I was certain of, was the searing heat of his cock as it rammed into me with such ferocity that my headboard left a crack in the wall. I clawed at his back, knowing I drew blood, but as the scent of the tangy liquid and the hard sex assailed me, my mind shattered. He growled, pulling back until he nearly exited and slammed himself into my pussy, a jolt of pain and pleasure shocking my core. But it wasn’t enough for either of us and he ripped from me, leaving me empty and cold. He flipped my body over quickly, a stinging slap to my ass making it rise in submission. Three fingers darted into my hole, which was wet and sticky, my walls sucking on the digits like a desert man at an oasis.

Touch of the Gods: The Wager ~Have you been touched?~


S. J. Maylee said...

Hot damn, DX, that was a fantastic 6!
totally worth the wait ;)

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