Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Another sneak peek of my WIP Spring Cleaning

If looks could kill, the one Sam blessed her with at that moment was destined to end her. “The Juicer, eh? This looks promising.” His accent was enough to set anyone on fire. Rough and low.

Resting one knee on her bed, Sam pushed her back until she was once more reclined against her pillows. His eyes never leaving her face, he put the box beside her and taking her hand, guided it down her plushness until he reached her thighs. The hunger etched in his face made her tremble. He released her to grab the container, opened it, and retrieved the most deliciously scary toy she'd ever seen. Made all of Pyrex glass, the rainbow swirled thing resembled that of a hand cranked orange juicer.

He held it out to her. “Put it in and crank it. I'll tell you what to do so you can get wet for me. Do it. Now.”

Blinking slowly she hesitantly did as he asked and as the first inch of ribbed decadence entered her hole, she groaned and spread her legs wider. The widest section of the head was sucked in by her greedy cunt, seating the stubby shaft and wide base nicely within her. Leanore was already slick from his words. How much more wet could she get? With trembling fingers she pinched the ball like knob and cranked a full three hundred and sixty degrees. Her breath came out in a shaky gust, the intensity being almost too much. She rotated again, finally circling the toy inside her at a steady pace.

“Faster and move it in and out while you do.” He ordered.

Mindlessly she obeyed and moaned as a coil of desire tightened in her belly.

“Feels good doesn't it?”

“Oh god, yes!” She arched her back.

“Good beautiful. Now stop turning and just ride it until you're about to come.” Sam's husky voice reverberated from the place where the juicer was embedded to her tight nipples.

Giving them both what Sam wanted, Leanore's hips pumped in unison with the toy's movements and she found herself at that point between heaven and hell. The one she only heard whispers about. Her thighs, fingers, and the mattress were coated in her juices as her musky scent saturated the room. It was a heady combination. Stiffening her body, the ribbed head brushed her sweet spot, making her toes curl in anticipation of her approaching climax. She was right there...almost...

“Stop.” Sam grabbed her hand, freezing her motions as he popped The Juicer out of her drenched pussy.

What? Why? Dammit to hell!

“It's obvious this is a good one. Let's put it into the keep pile and move on.”

He was fucking out his mind! Leanore wanted to scream as her taut body relaxed back into rest mode.


Wicked Leanore said...

Did you have the camera running? LOL WHOA! Wait till I track this Sam down, is he EVER in for it!

Rosanna Leo said...

Good job DX! I need a shower!

Sheri Fredricks said...

I, um. Yeah - if I could string a sentence...I, uh...
Holy Hotness!!!

D. X. Luc said...

LOL Oh yes, Sam know just what he wants and how to get it, eh? Wonder what other tortures he has planned for Leanore.

momma said...

Damn that Sam. Niiiiiiice.

Natasha Storm said...

You grab us at the fist sentence and don't let go!

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