Friday, June 29, 2012

Gettin' Freaky Friday: Welcome Author Leanore Elliot to the Island!!

Another wonderful visitor has come to the island to show off her latest sexy book of sexiness. Lets welcome Author Leanore Elliot and hear about her newest release More Sex!

MORE SEX~Erotique Content

By Leanore Elliott


He took a deep breath. “I watched you too, all the time, Pearl. But you never seemed to notice.”

Shocked, she laughed outright.

It was his turn to look stunned by her laughter.

She giggled and spluttered. “I was too busy.”

His expression grew puzzled.

I was too busy trying to keep my panties dry. I went in to that dead end job, just so I could be near you. I was busy trying to hide it and keep my mind clean as all I wanted was you—your cock in my mouth, my pussy, my ass.” She knelt at his feet.

At her subservient kneeling, he stared down at her. “My, God…” He seemed to hold his breath as he visibly grew hard again and looked pained.

She lifted her tits up and licked her lips. “Let me be your total slave. I will please you in so many ways, because I have done you already in every way imaginable. It is all that I have longed to do and it’s all that I want for my whole life and you will never even need anyone else. I will be your release, your sex toy or whatever your mood wants. Please use me for your pleasure?”

His eyes were riveted to her as she pledged her body and heart to him. He drew in a breath and visibly flinched while he gripped his cock as though he were in pain.

Stilling, she could see him spurt a drop of cum from the tip and she hopped up, her mouth latching onto him, she took his entire length in and desperately sucked on him.

Leaning his head back, he groaned loudly as he grabbed her head and stroked her over his coming cock.

Pearl was in heaven, she’d made him come by just offering herself to him. She felt so powerful to have affected him like that. She’d always known that she could turn him on, like no one else could, if she were given the chance. Here was her debut and he was exploding in her mouth, as he stood helpless in a climax she had brought. Her pussy clenched and moisture squeezed out until she felt completely wet between her thighs. He was smooth and deliciously warm in her mouth and she almost came when she tasted him.

His body seemed to spasm with her rapid mouth stroking and sucking as he let out a deep groan and held her hair with an almost violent grasping.

The sting from his hands clenching her hair felt glorious, as she tasted the salty sweetness of his cum while it caressed her tongue, she drank of him as he spurted.

Oh!” he shouted with ecstasy in his voice his powerful body quivering with his climax.

She sucked him dry and kept drawing until he had no cum left.

He wrapped his fingers in her hair and raised her up. His hard body still shook. “You did that without permission.” He seethed at her. “I never saw it coming.”

With a delectable thrill, she trembled at his intense voice and the flashing anger in his eyes. He does feel intensely for me. Moisture slipped from her pussy again.

Oh, and the glorious punishment that you are going to receive for that…” With the sexy threat, that gorgeous smile showed on his lips again.

Pearl shook all over at his promising wicked smile. It always got to her, but now standing chest to chest naked with him, while the yummy taste of him was still in her mouth? Her joy was almost to the point of pain as she released a helpless needy whimper.

He held the back of her head with his fingers in her hair, reaching slowly down with his other hand to stroke her clit while staring into her eyes.

Pearl grew rigid with the realization that he was actually touching her with his fingers and looking into her eyes. Oh, God. My nightly dreams have come true.

He caressed her and tugged fiercely on her labia with his fingers and all the while, he locked gazes with her.

Spellbound, she winced with the fierce tugging, but it felt so exquisite. The sensation was better than any dream or any fantasy. His strong fingers took over and her world was reduced to him, his eyes and his magnificent fingers.

He kept a hold of her entire clit as he sat her down on the bed. “Just for that…?”

Speechless, she gazed up at him while helplessly panting.

I’m going to make you come and I will be watching every part of it. You are not allowed to look away from me either.” He let go of her folds.

Fighting for air, Pearl’s eyes stayed glued to him.

He knelt in front of her and stuck two fingers into her wet pussy.

She gasped with an ecstatic delight.

You would like it to be my cock, wouldn’t you?”

She nodded her head with a keen desperation. “Oh, yes…”

He fucked her with three fingers and thumbed her clit button. “You will have to earn that.”

Ohh…” She squirmed.

You can’t come till I say.”

Her throat closed up as the heat in her built. She squirmed helplessly with his grip on her entire vulva and pussy.

He smiled again, and her body spasmed with pure overwhelming waves of an almost mindless euphoria.

Stroking her clit button, he kept the smile on his face while he finger fucked her simultaneously. “I’m going to pull back your folds and watch you squirt.”

Her body jerked with the nasty promise. “Unh…”

You can speak, as matter of fact I wanna hear all that you are thinking and feeling.”

Oh, please?” She breathed the words out.

Tell me all of it.” He stroked her harder. “All that you remember of the last months.”

I never—not even when I dreamed of you, thought it would be like this—oh!”

With a heated look in his eyes, he shoved four fingers in and pushed them deep. He sped up the thumbing of her clit button.

Pearl was gushing wet, as his fingers slid in and out of her. “I’ve loved you so much for so long and just the fact that you are touching me, makes me want to come hard. I love your body and your smile. The way you tasted? I would sleep with you in my mouth every night and suck on you for hours. Oh—Oh God!” Her body jerked and she shuddered with pain from holding her orgasm back.

His dark eyes were intense and fierce as he used his fingers to pull her folds back until her clit was fully exposed.

I’ve waited breathlessly every morning for you to appear in the office with my thighs clenched whenever you walked by. My pussy would weep at the sound of your voice. You’ve fucked me in my mind so many times—every position imaginable. Oh!” she yelled with a crazed ecstasy. “And yes, I’ve envisioned you pulling my head down, forcing my mouth onto your luscious cock. I’ve stuck my fingers in every hole I have, pretending it was you, begging you in my dreams to just—?” Her voice broke. “—just fuck me until I died!” Overcome by it all, she threw her head back and screamed.

Oh yeah!! That was totally hot that I think the island fan boys will need to double up for each of us! Thank you Ms. Elliot for joining us and sharing such a hot peek into your wicked world. Get Leanore Elliot's book More Sex and check out her others!


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