Tuesday, June 26, 2012

If you though Spring Cleaning was hot...the next story Summer's Break will bring you to your knees (Rated R excerpt and kinky picture)

The boss's wife is going to put him to work...for her pleasure.

Summer closed the door and lingered in the foyer while listening as she checked her messages. Mrs. Dickerman sauntered back into view tossing the opened mail on the table beside him and trailed her steely gaze over his body. Everywhere her eyes touched awoken his flaming desire until he was left panting in need. Fighting to not give away his emotional turmoil, he kept his hazel eyes trained on her face, finally releasing the breath he held when she turned to ascend the spiral staircase.

Her sway was fluid, poetry in motion. Summer wasn't sure what he was supposed to do next so he stood dumb and curious, watching his boss's wife's backside. So caught up in his admiration of her derriere, he didn't see she had paused and watched him from over her shoulder.

“It's not nice to stare without permission, Mr. Summer.” She whispered.

His cheeks flushed as he forced his eyes up to her face. She was smiling and it was heaven.

“Bring my bags up to the room please. Do hurry, I have work for you to do.” And like that, she reverted back to the aggressive Ice Queen.

Again, Summer found himself rushing after this woman which was made a lot more difficult by his erection pressed against the zipper of his jeans. Lugging the pink suitcases up the winding stairs, he thanked his lucky stars he kept in shape or he would have died on the way. The doors to the left were ajar and he went inside the expansive Master suite. Mrs. Dickerman was nowhere to seen.

He pushed the handles down and left the bags by the door. “Hello, Mrs. Dickerman? Ma'am are you in here?” Summer frowned, taking several more steps deeper into the room.

Perhaps he came into the wrong door. He spun to head back out into the hallway, when he heard a throat clear at his back and slowly he circled around. The sight he beheld stopped all brain function as the blood dropped to settle into his cock.

Mrs. Dickerman stood in nothing but black fishnet thigh highs and gem encrusted pumps. Long legs led to a hairless pussy, full hips and a body ready to be screwed into the bed. In her hand was an item that gave him pause. Wide and spiked, she held a collar. Like the cougar that she was, she approached with predatory purpose and placed the leather strap around his neck with a wicked gleam in her eyes.

Summer couldn't move, couldn't breathe.

She sashayed back into the large walk in closet she had appeared from only to return dragging an unlocked chest and setting it in front front of the bed. Popping open the lid, she pulled out a sinfully long riding crop and slapped it against her palm. The echoing sound caused his pulse to jump in anticipation. Mrs. Dickerman pointed the device at him. “Take off your clothes and wait for my next orders.”


Savannah Chase said...

This is going to be one hot book..More more more..

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