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Gettin' Freaky Friday: Get warmed up by author Michel Prince's new book!!

Phew! It's been sooooo hot these days lately. You know, temps in the triple digits and all that. So Michel Prince has decided to give a peek into her newest book The Frozen. Let's cool off and enjoy!


You close your eyes and finally make the decision to end your life only to have him show up. Gabriel, here to give you a second chance for salvation. They say he’s an angel, but then again, they don’t have to serve under him. He offers you a chance to be a member of the Frozen, a group of demon hunters. Serve your sentence and you can ascend to heaven. Refuse, well the punishment has been clearly laid out in the scriptures. It’s a last chance. But when your body is frozen in time can your heart still beat?

Nye, a former slave who lost his love and was tired of being under the control of another ended his life in 1859. His stubborn ways kept him under Gabriel’s thumb and from ascending to Heaven. Feeling that a woman was the cause of his downfall he hasn’t had an urge for a woman for over a hundred and fifty years. Knowing that he has less than seven years left until he earns salvation he is staying on the straight and narrow – until a woman gets caught in the crossfire during a demon hunt.

Receiving devastating news, Kiriana moves across the country only to get caught up in the world of our protectors The Frozen. With each passing moment Nye and Kiriana are pulled into an attraction that could be their ultimate demise or their greatest salvation…

All the while Damarion, is leading a group of female demons as they try to protect the demons sent from Hell to obtain the souls of humans around the world. Being assigned to Earth as a punishment for crimes against the royal family, Damarion learns that there are dangers within his coven trying to take him down and stop him from returning to his love still trapped in Hell and threaten the love that he was so sure was true.
I looked at Keir, who was passed out on the floor, and groaned. My hands pressed against the cracked foundation of the basement and I walked away in disgust. Lumbering up the unfinished wooden stairs, I shoved the door open and wandered down the taupe colored hall.
How the hell had the Frozen pulled this shit off? It was bad enough they'd gotten the last three midnight risers, but to get a noon one. I knew I was going to be paying for this one.
Crossing into the kitchen, I looked for something, anything that could serve as food. Ramen. Fuck. One of these days I was going to get a thick, juicy steak. I missed those.
The punishment could have been worse. Being caught in bed with a member of the royal family wasn’t the best way to get ahead. Luckily I was saved, if being stuck in the formulaic kitchen of another suburban home in this shithole town could be called salvation. But now I was going to have to answer for the Prince’s latest losses.
A light glowed from the white microwave and inside, a Styrofoam cup spun slowly. The humming from the molecules being bombarded allowed me to zone out. It was as if my brain was rotating in the small box.
“Is there another?” Pivane asked as he came into the kitchen.
“Did you call them back in?”
“Done. Zuma saw the Dark One cut off the head.”
“The back road off 34. Zuma almost had the bantling when the Dark One killed him.”
“Why the hell didn’t she attack?” I raged.
“A normal was on the road. The Big Female shot her.”
Involving a normal wasn't allowed. Having one involved could cause the Prince to arrive prematurely, which could bring in the Frozen’s leaders, too. A triple beep brought me back from my anger.
Yanking the door for the microwave almost completely off, I gulped the salty juice. I hated my dependence on the overly MSGed mixture. Being on earth was turning me into a damn diabetic but instead of sugar, it was salt. With each failure, I felt a loss to my body strong enough to make my head spin in weakness, something I couldn’t display to the jackasses with me in the house. They'd turn on me in a second. I guess that’s the price one paid to be in charge.
I stormed off to my office only to find Nemesio. Pushing past her, I fell into my faux leather chair, the poly-blend fabric crackling as I sat. I was much too much of a man to be sitting in such a small chair.
“Tell me Yahweh, how can I service you today?” Nemesio slithered while her hands slid down my chest as I sat back in my chair. “It's been so long. Have you forgotten how I’ve helped you in the past?”
“Yes,” I said, not wanting to remember.
“You appear to be in a precarious position. I see frustration has you weakened. Yahweh, I’d hate to have another in your place. May I ease you?”
“Nemesio, take out your needs on another in the house or destroy a normal’s love, but leave me to my work.”
I examined the map in front of me. The repeated use of holes had to be the problem. All the Frozen had to do was keep watching the same places. Did the Prince not know he was the cause of all this carnage and not me? It wouldn’t matter; I'd be the one to blame. My brain was becoming mush and the streets on the map started to cross each other as my vision doubled. Throwing my head back, I brought my hands to my eyes, hoping to rub away the film that seemed to be growing over them.
Nemesio straddled me. I opened my eyes only to see her piercing blue eyes staring back at me, melting my reserve to tell her to fuck off. She was evil. Her body oozed sex, but her mind…Her mind was a minefield.
“If I didn’t know you better, I’d assume you're trying to take my position.”
“I’ll take whatever position you want,” her tongue licked my ear and continued up to my horns. For the proper angle, she stood up which caused her perfect rack to land on my lips. She sucked the small horns on my head and they grew. Usually I kept them small and well hidden from the normal’s, but Nemesio was breaking my resolve and much like another part of me growth upon arousal falls out of my control.
“You want to know what position I want you in?”
“Yes,” she purred.
She pulled back and looked at me, her hand slid down my face.
“I thought you preferred the bent-over-your-desk-your-dick-in-my-ass position,” she growled with a desire that made me wretch at the thought of any sexual congress involving her hollow body.
“You suck your brother with that mouth?” I snipped.
“That depends. Who’s your mother?”
“Get out!” I ordered, shoving her back.
She turned herself around but still straddled me. This time she bent over and hiked up her skirt, which could only be described as a belt for her thong. As she shoved her perfect ass in my face and I knew there was only so much more I could take.
“Are you sure?” she teased, wagging her ass in front of me. I slammed her down hard against the desk, my hand firmly locked between her shoulder blades. Her back crackled under the pressure. Then I pulled out my cock.
“You want to fuck me in the mood I’m in?” I pushed harder on her back. “You sure about that? Pain is the only feeling you’ll receive.”
“My pain is your pleasure, Yahweh,” she said, her voice ragged as it tried to escape her lungs.
I slammed myself hard into her core, the source of evil in my world. My hand moved to her head, forcing it into the wood of the desk. I didn’t want to hear another word come from those venomous lips. The soft flesh between her legs tensed, grabbing hold of me. It was always open and warm, but today it was as if it wanted me, needed me, inside.
“If you speak one word during this, I'll kill you.”
The last thing I wanted to think about was who the hell I was with. I’d have been lucky to clean myself off before the acid she was made of burned through my soul.
Her ass was like an apple, round and hard, just the way I liked it. Any of the Deumos, Nemesio's kind, were tens on the human scale. Any human would one like Nemesio. Her kind knew how to suck and pull on a cock. They were experts and I was certain there wasn't a whore in the world that could hold a candle to them, yet I couldn’t help but be disgusted. Knowing them was the turn off.
I grabbed her hips and pounded harder, my eyes trained ahead on the door. I focused on the Princess. Trying to envision her underneath me. Fuck that. I wanted this to be painful. I'd already had a shitty morning. The last thing I needed was to add to my pain. If I thought of the Princess, I’d ease up the assault of Nemesio’s body.
The Prince. That was enough to make me pound her. My fingers dug into her skin. Yeah. Fucking him in the ass would make me feel better. That cocksucker deserved it. Sticking me in this stink hole just because his sister liked the taste of my cum. Not. My. Fault.
A tail was starting to emerge from Nemesio, a sign she was actually enjoying this. I didn’t want that. Pounding harder, I arched my back and let out a roar as her tail whipped behind me and the barbed end pierced the skin on the back of my neck. To demon men, it was a sign of conquest, but to me it was a brand of dishonor. The last think I wanted was to give Nemesio sexual gratification.
Now Nemesio was moaning.
“I said be quiet!”
I rammed myself into her harder, the desk almost moved to the wall from the force of my stroke. Looking down, there were deep scratch marks on the desk from where her fingernails had turned into claws. All I wanted was for someone to feel my pain and here she was enjoying the act.
Three hard slams and the desk hit the door as I finished. I pulsed in her, my hands pulling her hips as close to me as I could get. Still stuck deep inside her, she rocked her pelvis causing a shiver to run along my spine. She was right. I did need what she offered. I could actually feel strength sweep over my muscles. The film was removed from my eyes and I could focus again. If it's true that a man’s brain is in his dick, I'd just cleared my mind.
If only I didn’t have to use her to get it.

Book Trailer:

Wow! Okay, I thought I'd be cooling down, but I'm suddenly even more hotter than I was before!! Great snippet from Michel Prince. Go out and get this intensely sexy book! Thanks for joining us Ms. Prince.


Rosanna Leo said...

Your new book sounds so hot, Michel. I'll be sure to check it out. Thanks for sharing it with us! I wish you tons o' sales!

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