Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Story Corner~ Sinful Lovers: Envy (episode 2)

Egg On my Face

There they stood in their identical glory, the only way to tell them apart was by the color of their aprons. What I couldn't believe was that those tiny squares of fabric was all that they wore and I found myself drinking in their well defined torsos with hungry eyes. Their skin was all tan and glistening with sweat from the heat in the kitchen. The spattering of brown hair on their chest spread like a silky triangle that trailed thin over washboard abs only to disappear under those damned cooking obstructions.

Flicking my gaze to study their faces, I inhaled sharply at how sinful and beautiful they were at the same time. Full lips I wanted on my body at that very moment were quirked up in small grins. Square jaws that hadn't been shaved and those sexy eyes that watched me watch them. Their hair was tussled with that “just fucked” look which made them all the more decadent. My body was hot and cold all over. I wished I had stayed in bed so they could have brought their big, stiff ones to make my morning start off right!

Hotness in the green apron interrupted my raunchy thoughts, his voice heavy with concern. “Jo, you okay? You look a little flush.”

I must not have answered fast enough for him because he rushed to my side and placed his hands on my arms, rubbing them. Instantly my skin broke out into tingling goose bumps and I all but swooned. Had it been that long since I felt a man's touch?

“Let me help you sit, baby. I know this must all be shocking to you. Brayden grab Jo some juice.” He directed me to the kitchen dinette and sat me down still rubbing my back in small circles.

The one called Brayden brought me a glass filled with orange juice before sitting across from my own seat and watched me slowly sip at the tangy beverage. I suddenly frowned as the other twin's words sank in. So maybe they knew I didn't know them but if that was the case then what the hell were they doing in my home and how did they know my name? The man I still had no name for stopped his ministrations, much to my chagrin, and took his place in the third chair. His movements allowed my to get a glimpse of his backside and I liked what I saw. A lot.

Shaking my head to stop that particular train of thought, I took anotmy large gulp before I finally got down to business. “So do you want to clarify on what you mean about shocking because you're right. I'm pretty weirded out finding the two of you in my house when I know I went to bed in an empty home.”

There was silence at first as the brothers looked to each other. The way they stared made me wonder if they were doing that strange twin communication thing I'd heard about. Yeah, this was odd and I started wishing my oj had vodka in it.

Brayden finally broke eye contact and turned his pretty gaze on me. “As you know I'm Brayden and this is my twin Brandon. We only know you because you're our assignment.”

“Uh, what? I'm afraid I didn't get the memo.”

Brandon chuckled. “Yeah we know. It's kind of hard to explain really. Maybe after you help us know which you find better then we can tell you.” His eyes twinkled with mischief before he stood to walk back over to the kitchen counter.

Brayden growled after his brother and hurried away leaving me even more confused. Didn't they want to take the action back to the bedroom? Inwardly gasping I was shocked at my behavior and ways of thinking. I didn't know those men from Adam and yet I wanted to let them have their way with my body. Closing my eyes I tried to regain some resemblance of sanity. That was until my olfactory system became accosted by the worse stench imaginable.

Blinking open my eyes I was surprised to find a plate of eggs instead of the pile of shit I was expecting it to be. Brayden placed the food in front of me, the steam rising almost making me gag. What did he put in the thing and how exactly was I supposed to react?

“You see! Mine is bigger. You like it that way.” He puffed out his chest like a proud peacock while shooting his brother a smug look.

They were talking about eggs? What the hell!

He waited with such an expectant smile that I figured despite their awful smell they had to taste fine. Steeling my resolve I dug my fork into the large mound of eggs and taking a deep breath, I shoved them into my mouth.

And felt my taste buds die one by one.


BleuAme said...

Oh! Good flow throughout this piece and by the time we get to the mystery eggs..its a total surprise :o)

Sofia said...

Lol... loved it.

Sofia said...
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