Saturday, July 28, 2012

Story Corner Saturday: Sinful Lovers~Envy (episode 3)

Nothing says “take me now” like puking up the contents of the breakfast given to me by the hunks in my home. Somehow I had managed a few bites of Brayden's omelet with only a few gags in between, but when Brandon gave me his, I pretty much keeled over. I couldn't even stand to put the fork in my mouth and dashed as fast as I could to the bathroom.

I wanted to stay on the floor, curled in fetal position while hoping that I'd be able to eat again but they waited for me outside the door. That and I really needed to apologize for heaving up their carefully prepared dishes that they were so gracious to even make for me. It was the least that I could do. Standing with a groan, I washed my mouth out at the sink and frowned at my haggard appearance. Yup, totally sexy. If sexy was meant to scare people to death!

Straightening myself, I held my head up and strode out of the bathroom to face the twin hotties.

As expected they both waited against the wall in the hall only they had jeans on and white sleeveless tshirts. This made figuring out who was who impossible for me. “Uh, sorry about that. I know you tried really hard on those for me. Maybe my stomach is just a bit queasy from the drinking I did last night.”

Their eyes flashed oddly but upon closer inspection, they didn't seem out of the ordinary. Probably my imagination from the dehydration of hurling up my soul. The one closest to me moved until he stood at my front while his brother pressed at my back. I was trapped in a decadent man sandwich.

From behind two strong hands gripped my shoulders, acting as support for something only I wasn't sure what. Luckily or unluckily, depending on one's opinion, I didn't have to wait long to find out exactly why he held me.

“Try not to react to negatively, Jo.” The one before me started slowly while maintaining eye contact. “We are here to break our cycle and you are the only one that is capable of doing that.”

I blinked and thanked my stars that I already threw up. “Uh, what now?”

He tilted his head as though he couldn't figure out why she was confused. “We are tortured souls, sweet one. Trapped in one of the rings of hell until we are saved. You are the one thousandth woman to be given to us and we hope you will be our last.”

Talk about a bomb being dropped! What the heck had Unie gotten me into and how did she expect me to figure this situation out? I stared dumbfounded and obviously I didn't respond to the news quickly enough because I was spun around to stare into the lavender gaze of the stunning creation behind me.

“There is no time too think about this, Jo. You are the last hope we have as I'm tired of waiting in the bowels of hell. I decided, without telling Brandon, to make sure we break free of the curse.”

I heard Brandon's gasp as my eyes widened and there was a strange sensation that ran through me at Brayden's growling proclamation. This was not going to be good.

Brayden frowned as he continued. “I made a binding spell that if you don't get us out of this, you too will stay in our world of pain and darkness for eternity. The only way out?” He lifted my chin and rubbed his finger along my bottom lip. “Free us.”


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