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Thoughtful Thursday: Tips to Become More Attractive

Tips to Become More Attractive

We all need to know that beauty lies within ourselves. Being attractive starts with you and how you see yourself. If you don’t think you’re attractive, you won’t see or feel that you are. Below are some great tips to help you become more attractive. Get In Shape
It’s nice to have a man sweep you off your feet, but if you’re scrawny or overweight it does not help a lot. This does not mean you have to hit the gym so hard you have time for nothing else, but start a fitness routine to get yourself back in shape. Don’t do it for anyone else but yourself. Your body is a part of you and it deserves for you to treat it the right way. Do a little running, swimming and dieting. Cut out the cigarettes and slow down on the drinking. Let go of drugs. Your body is not what will find you love, but it’s going to help. All the resources you need are there to get in shape just do it!


Everyone needs a good amount of sleep to improve the way they look and help their brain function better. Memory is also affected by sleep. If you sleep and get the rest your body needs you will be funnier, wittier and more outgoing. Getting enough rest keeps you from being sick and getting someone sick is a big turn off! You are much more attractive when you get the proper rest. Hairstyle
Try something new. Go to the salon and flip through the books in the shop and find something that really strikes you and go for it. If you don’t like it, your hair is going to grow back. Get others opinions and you will find something that looks great on you and can be that perfect attractive look you have been waiting for.


Try something new with clothing as well. Go out and treat yourself to some new outfits. Try some different things that may not have ever been your style, you may be surprised with what you see when you look in the mirror. New clothes that look great on you will boost your confidence and give you an attractive new look.


If you want to be more attractive, educate yourself. A woman loves to be around a smart man and vice-versa. We are not talking Einstein here. Jump into some books and do some reading about current events, history, psychology or science. When you read you further your knowledge. You will find that your vocabulary expands as well; speaking words other than “cool” or “kinda” and replacing them with some more intriguing words makes a person much more attractive. We live in a world today where everyone is always worried about how other people perceive them. If you really want to be more attractive and stand out, you should try some of the steps above and work on building more self confidence in yourself. Believe that you truly are attractive and others will see that too!

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Sheri Fredricks said...

I just started working out again. I wasn't diligent while writing, but hated the impending overhang on my chair seat. Going thru the sore muscle phase reminds me that I'm worth it and I'm strong!

Nice post.

Grace Lavender said...

I sleep to much!, But I know exercise always makes me feel happier and healthier

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