Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday: Ways to boost your sex appeal

Ways to Boost Your Sex Appeal Boosting your sex appeal can be much easier than you think. If you want to boost your own sex appeal and turn that someone special on, below are some great tips for doing just that.

Show It Off

For starters, girls and guys are attracted to each other naturally. It’s sort of like animal instincts. A woman enjoys seeing a man sweat, overcome a tough challenge, lifting weights, or being dominant. A guy likes to see a girl who shows off her curves, has pretty hair and a very hot dress. It’s in our chemistry so naturally we should take advantage of it. Show off that great physique or those sexy curves. Put your sexual features on display whether it’s your legs, chest or whatever works!


Personal hygiene has a lot to do with sex appeal. If you walk in to someone’s home for the first time and smell nasty, someone’s going to have a bad impression and probably the wrong one. With looks it is the same idea. If you look rough, you’re not going to get their attention. You need to give in order to get. Shower, shave and groom yourself as you should be doing. If you want to have sex appeal, do something about it.


No one likes the thought of having too much hair. It’s pretty gross and tosses the sex appeal factor out the window. A man doesn’t have to shave completely, but he can trim. Trimming is fine, but smooth is better. Soft skin is something that really turns a man on.


Dressing nice gives a person a world of self confidence. Dress to impress and dress to hide those flaws you don’t like. Highlight the areas of your uniqueness. You should know where that is yourself. If not, go look in the mirror and use that area to the best of your ability when you dress. When you wear special things that you know look great on you, you have that aura of confidence. People can sense it and you can feel it.


Men and women both are very visual creatures. Go to the gym and workout, watch what you eat. This will pay off one day and is also what manes a person look at you and then take that second and third look. It’s that first impact on someone when you catch their eye that shows off sex appeal.


This may not be the obvious, but the conversation you have with someone says a lot about sex appeal. When you talk to someone you want to have a lot to say and you don’t want to run out of ideas. Read about things and talk with people you are closest to. Have a busy and good social life so that you come across as interesting and have things to talk about. You may find it to be a challenge to increase your sex appeal but it’s so worth it! Being sexy and appealing is worth the fight. You may just find that you get exactly what you want with all that sex appeal!

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Savannah Chase said...

Fantastic pointers. We also need to feel sexy..If we feel it it shall show to others.

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