Friday, August 17, 2012

Getting Freaky Friday: Get tied up with Bonnie Bliss!


Millie Newton has been in love with her neighbor and best friend, Brad Cooper for as long as she can remember. She harbored a secret crush for years, hoping for the one chance with him. It was stolen from her when he enlisted in the Marines, and was sent away. The last time he was home on leave she missed him. This time, at the 4th of July block party she knows it is her chance to get what she wants. Only a surprise has come along with Brad, his buddy, Kenny Willet. She has no clue that Brad is a Dominant in the BDSM scene in Chicago, and Kenny is a Sexual Sadist. Millie simply decides its time. When Brad and Kenny decide they want her together, fireworks erupt in a 4th of July spectacular that none of them anticipated.


“Shh, sweetheart, nothing to worry about, we got ya.”

Her heart was pounding so hard, she swore that it was going to burst right from her chest. Kenny’s hand had smoothed up her stomach and come to rest just below her right breast. His lips brushed over her earlobe and his hot breath was like fire against her flesh. Brad leaned in and both his hands gripped her tight and started to move higher, and higher. If anyone looked over at them, they would see Kenny hugging her from behind, and Brad just leaning in like he was whispering to her. It was still scandalous, the neighbors would talk, her brother would see. Oh, God, but she didn’t care in the least. Blocked from view Kenny’s palms cupped both her breasts, her tight buds stabbed into his palms and he growled into her ear and nipped her earlobe. Millie whimpered, a tiny plea slipped free. God she would let them both have her any way they wanted.

“Please, more.” Just as the fingers from Brad’s right hand slipped into the legs of her shorts, the tips brushing over the silk covered cunt, a voice broke through her moment, and she could have screamed.

They were gone. Both had turned away from her and were eating in silence. Well, Kenny was laughing and shaking his head with a mouth full of burger.

“Um, hey Millie.”

It was Rick Tanner. They had all gone to school with him, and as of late he seemed to take a liking to Millie.

Maybe that’s because he had already gone through all the other girls in town.

Daring a look over at Brad, who glanced at her out of the corner of his eye and smirked. One hand dropped under the table, and resumed the torturous trek up to cover her cunt. Millie took a deep breath, just as Kenny’s hand gripped her other thigh. Unable to turn around, she just turned her head till she could see the handsome blonde that smiled at her with his too perfect white teeth, and bright blue eyes.

“Hey, Rick. Happy Fourth of July.”

One pair of fingers reached the hem of her shorts and snaked up through the leg. One digit pressed firmly against her slit through the silk of her panties.

“What do you need, Rick? I have to go help my mom once I eat.”

“I just wanted to see if you wanted to watch the fireworks with me?”

A finger edged into her panties, she squealed, Kenny laughed and took another bite of burger, and she knew that it was his fingers that dared beyond the border of her panties and was now trying to find her pulsing clit.

“Yeah, I think that sounds good.”

Millie had no clue what he just asked her. But she felt the answering pinch on her clit and a deep protesting curse from Brad.

“I mean, I’m busy,’ her eyelids fluttered. “Sorry.”


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