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Getting Freaky Friday: Steamy author Tracy St. John sets the island on fire with Netherworld III

Brandilynn Payson has been through some tough times since dying, and she's ready to take a break from the drama of the paranormal world.  Unfortunately, time has run out on her tense ménage with vampire Tristan Keith and fellow ghost Dan Saling.  It's time to pick her one-and-only, and Brandilynn is distraught that she will have to lose one of the men she loves.
Adding to the heartache, a new threat has come to Fulton Falls.  Norms and paranormals alike are being attacked by an unknown menace and turned into zombies.  Ghosts are disappearing all over the netherworld.  The mystery deepens as a devoted friend betrays her.  Then the man she thought she could always count on turns his back on her.  And when Brandilynn faces off with an ancient evil that leaves no survivors, she becomes the one thing she fears most.
Warning:  Sexually explicit scenes and adult language may be offensive to some readers.   This book contains BDSM elements of questionable consent, bondage, spanking, and Dom/sub play. 
Excerpt from Netherworld III:  Once Bitten Twice Dead
Ghosts Brandilynn Payson and Dan Saling are taking a break from hunting a soul-stealing vampire known as the lamia:
Most of the place was shadowed, but for the gleaming bar on my right where Doms and Dommes lined up for a few drinks and conversation, their subs kneeling next to their seats.  To my left was the play area, with various apparatuses for bondage play under bright spotlights.  Half a dozen of the crosses, benches, and nettings were in use.  I licked my lips, and then I saw the man in charge, Master Miguel, heading our way.  He’d been in command of my punishment about a month ago.  I made myself naked and collared in an instant, kneeling at Dan’s feet with my hands palms-up on my spread thighs, my head bent.  Master Miguel is a Dom’s Dom, and I wasn’t going to do anything to displease him.  Not after last time.
Big black boots and leather pants appeared before me.  I took a deep breath, relishing the scent of the leather and pure masculine musk.  The deep, rasping voice wasn’t loud, but a real Dominant doesn’t have to be.  “Master Dan, isn’t it?  So nice to see you again.”
“You too, Master Miguel.”  Dan sounded pleased to be recognized.
A large but gentle hand briefly touched the top of my head.  “Please tell me she hasn’t been misbehaving again.”
“Not at all.  In fact, we’re here so I can show her how much I value her.  I want to give her what she likes best.”
“By all means.”  Master Miguel’s voice was warm as he praised me.  “I’m glad you’ve mended your ways so that he needs to reward you.”
Waiting silence told me to respond.  “Yes Sir.  Thank you, Sir.”
I heard the two men whisper briefly.  Master Miguel’s chuckle rumbled nicely in my ears.  I was betting subs vied hard to get the stocky man’s attention.  He wasn’t as heartstoppingly gorgeous as my guys, but he was attractive enough with gray-speckled dark hair and a commanding presence.  An unattached Brandilynn would have found him very tempting.
They stopped their quiet conversation, and Dan said, “Over here, baby girl.”
I rose and followed him to the play area.  My heart remembered to beat and sped up quickly when we stopped before a St. Andrews cross.  I’d already had a busy day what with the ill-advised competition and playtime with Tristan.  Still, I quivered with excitement as I stepped up to let Dan tie me facing the cross. 
The spirit world version of the club had plenty of accessories to keep a naughty sub extremely happy, as I found when Dan pressed a ball gag into my mouth.  I was very, very wet as he fastened it securely.  Then he put a squeaky ball in my hand because I couldn’t use my safeword.  Of course, I could always ‘port myself on out if things got out of hand, but with Dan, that wasn’t going to happen anyway. 
I turned my head to watch him as he approached me from a shelf full of toys.  I went molten inside to see him holding a butterfly clitoral stimulator and leather strap.  Oh, this was going to be so good.
Dan grinned at me.  “Your favorite, baby girl.  Pain and pleasure, all at once.”  He caressed my face with the cool smoothness of the strap.  His expression went very serious.  “I love you, Brandilynn.  With all my heart.  That’s why I’m putting myself out there as bait for the lamia, so it won’t find you.”
Oh my gosh.  He was risking himself for me?  He was putting his very existence on the line to keep me safe?  Oh no, I didn’t want that.  I didn’t want to be the reason Dan might be devoured by that black horror.  But I couldn’t protest with the gag in my mouth.  Maybe he’d planned it that way.
I knew in that moment how much I loved Dan Saling.  I loved him more than my own existence, just as he loved me.  Tears ran down my face.  It wasn’t simply a love that uplifted; it was also a love that terrified. 
He kissed my ear and whispered, “Okay, baby girl.  Time to make you feel good.”
Dan belted the clitoral butterfly’s straps around my waist and thighs, pinning it to the already straining nubbin.  He held its remote in one hand and the leather strap in the other. 
The butterfly buzzed to life, thrumming to make my lower parts clench in happiness.  I tensed all over in delight, moaning my appreciation as bliss shivered its way through me. 
The first crack of the strap snapping against my rear was heard before felt.  I jerked all over with a cry.  Heat sizzled from where I’d been struck to blast its way up my spine.  Heavens to mergatroid, I’d swear I felt it to the tip of every hair on my head.  My butt strained back, inviting another one.
It got what it asked for.  Another burning wallop sliced over my rear.  And that vibrator kept humming away, making my insides tremble.  As Dan spanked my vulnerable flesh, pain and pleasure twined through me, twisting my innards into knots.  My groans drowned out the club music that pulsed through the room, along with other subs’ moans of agonized delight.  Sometimes I think my afterlife was taking place in heaven after all.  This was one of those times. 
he humming ceased, Dan correctly deducing I was getting close to culmination.  That left just the belt branding my skin.  At this point, even that was more bliss than pain.  I was so happy to be bound helpless, under the power of my caring and exacting Master.  I strained back, begging for more sensation from his well-landed blows.  Again and again, he answered my pleas.
My backside was baking hot from the attention, the heat spreading to all points south where it felt best.  The butterfly fluttered to life again, adding a powerful thrum straight to my clit.  Oh glory.  My eyes rolled back in my head in reaction.
“Your butt is good and red,” Dan growled, stopping the whipping to run his hands over my throbbing cheeks.  I loosed a warbling cry at the soreness, enjoying the ache as much as the sweetness of the vibrations against my clit. 
“So warm,” he said softly, stepping up behind me.  The butterfly fell still once more, and the hurt in my butt increased as Dan’s groin pressed up against me.  His cock curved up beneath me to catch the moisture leaking from my womanhood.
He shifted, his fist placing the tip of him at my entrance.  The vibrator came on again, and he thrust hard and deep, making me take him in all at once.  Climax burst over me with beautiful savagery.  I screamed as it swept me away.
Dan’s thick cock found the bundle of nerves inside me immediately, taking me even higher.  My insides were like a dam straining to hold in the flood waters.  They broke before the insistent force, sending a cascade of pure sensation pouring through and out of me.   I fell before the tumult, giving myself over to the deluge.
I wasn’t quite done when Dan pulled free of me.  He went to his favorite place, the tighter of my openings.  His cock was slick from my honey, and he encountered no resistance when he pushed into me.
It was then that I discovered Mr. Butterfly had two speed settings and I’d only felt the less powerful.  Dan turned it up, making my clit take the full force of the deceptively small toy.  As it droned insistently against my most sensitive flesh, Dan worked himself in and out of me, sending a dark, delicious thrill to join the brighter, more acutely felt ecstasy. 
I blew apart.  The orgasm was a bright star exploding within me, taking me right out of my consciousness.  When Dan got his, I couldn’t have told you.  It was all Brandilynn for me and longer than I can tell
Tracy St. John
Author of the Clans of Kalquor and Netherworld series


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