Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sexy character introduction for my upcoming release Down the Yellow Brick Road: Mind Games

So as I mentioned before, a while back, Down the Yellow Brick Road: Mind Games has been contracted. I finally got a tentative release date of September 14th!

I've decided to let everyone meet one of the newer characters in this second installment along with a little excerpt.

Meet Oestar!

A shadowed figure stood frozen in the back doorway and Toto knew it watched them. Whatever it was towered him a good six inches but he knew he wouldn't go down without a fight. Not when Dorothy still needed him and no amount of distance between them would stop him from protecting her. He snarled in the thing’s direction waiting for it to make any sudden movement. To his surprise, the sound of chuckling came from the stranger instead.

“No need to feel upset for my wife. She very much enjoys her position.” The voice was deep, hypnotic. One that demanded attention.

  The man attached to that voice finally came out from his hiding spot. The second the soft glow from the lamp lit his features, Toto heard heard Dorothy gasp. This time it wasn't in disgust.

  He couldn't fault her reaction as he too felt a slight pull at their new company. Toto had never felt attracted to men before, but this one was a definite exception. Standing next to the chair where Freeska knelt, he oozed with sexual allure. Tall and lean, his muscled were well defined beneath the black dress shirt, his thighs encased seductively in his slacks.

  His features were classical and refined, speaking volumes of his probably posh upbringing. Despite the stern countenance there was an unmistakable mischievous grin that quirked his lips. Toto felt if this man was anyone else, the floor length, black hair would have been comical, but he carried it with poise as he did the rest of his body.

  There was a lot to envy, Toto knew and truthfully, he did.

  Dorothy's perusal was in pure fascination which raised his hackles because he suddenly knew who the man was before them. An obvious Master, Freeska's lord somehow gained his mate's lust, while Toto was regarded with antipathy. Still flexing his fists in warning, he watched as their host casually closed the distance until he peered down at him.

  A true alpha move if he had ever seen one.

“Welcome to my home. I am glad my little slave was able to get to you in time.” As he spoke to them, he kept his gaze on Toto and to his shock, he saw the uniqueness of his eyes. Where the room's light hit the irises, they swirled like a prism of colors. Polychromatic eyes.


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