Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday: If I'm writing porn...then where is my money shot?

See that picture above? Yeah, that's hot right? A half dressed lady wearing some seriously sexy red pumps. And...she's on a laptop, typing away. Do you wonder what she could possibly be writing?

Maybe she's chatting with a lover or watching a raunchy movie. She could even be writing a book. And if she is, what kind of book would it be just by staring at that picture? Hmmmm.

I am an author. Published in fact and I write erotica. I'm not ashamed to admit that I enjoy my books steaming while being read. Lately however, a new title has been adopted for those who write like I do. No longer am I an erotic romance author. Now, you can call me Maker of Mommy Porn!!

See? So shockin' the panties are droppin'!!
The first time I heard this was from a man, in fact, just about all the one people who have called it this have been men. At least that's been the case for myself. I'm sure women think it too, but what I don't get is the "why"?

What is the deal with classifying a difference in porn? Now don't get me wrong, I'm sure many people don't mind the terminology and just ignore it. I have for a while too, but as my lastest book came out, I've noticed an increase in those calling what I do something as one tracked as porn.

Okay, okay, I know what you're saying: But D X, porn makes a TON of money be proud!

I want to be, really I do. But I can't. I love pornography, always have but when I watch it, my first thought isn't "Wow, this Dad movie is awesome. So naughty." I don't think anyone does. It's gross when you think about it. Seriously, just invision dad watching that porn. Mmmm so yummy....NOT!!!

Something I want to get through is that callingmy work, the stories I slave over for my readers "mommy porn" is pretty much dumbing down what I do. It's saying that it lacks plot and meaning. Just open the page and BAM, sex! And not even good sex. Just grunting, sweaty sex that ends with a lady with sticky hair and the guy making odd faces for all to see.

What I give is sensual literature, erotic hedonism, and a dash of romantic glitter! Where has that been in the porn world? I don't know. I'd like to think what I publish rises above the visual mindlessness that adult films provide.

Still don't believe me? Wonder if maybe, I'm just up in arms for silly reasons? Maybe I am, but really, I do feel passionate about this because it's not just for my writing, it's for many who delve into the romantic (non sweet) side of the pool. A majority of our readers are women, we know this. But classifying them as *Le gasp* Naughty Mommies because they've opened up a book that has two dudes and one lady on the front is just as silly. What if they aren't even moms?! Then what? Oh it's not mommy porn then, it couldn't be. It just becomes porn!!

Yet that can't be because if it's not mommy porn and just regular porn, well then that's just plain wrong because everyone knows only guys look at that and women aren't supposed to even desire exciting and hot sex. Be it on paper (or ereader) or a tv.

I guess my thing is, just call it a book. Call it a story that a woman reads and then wants to do you. There's another difference you see. When guys watch porn, they blow their load, fart, and go to sleep. When a woman reads an erotic novel, she rips her clothes off and beg to be screwed until you both fart and go to sleep. Then she wakes up and makes you breakfast because she loves you which she gained from the romantic aspect of the story.

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