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Character Interview: Coffee Break Gone Wild with Dionysus from Rosanna Leo's Sweet Hell

I'm taking a break from my regular schedule to get coffee. Now, this isn't just a normal day of grabbing my favorite beverage. I have a date.

Okay, not that, but I do have to meet up with a *gulp* god!

My first step into the quaint little cafe and I'm drawn to the scent of roasted beans and pastries. I order my coffee and look around. What does this guy look like exactly?

Nibbling my lip, I am suddenly bombarded with the scent of delicious Concorde grapes and see a stunning specimen of man smiling at me. I think I've found Dionysus.

Sitting at the small table, I pull out my questions and don't waste time getting started. did you like the way the author told your story?

D.X., can I just say this? That Rosanna Leo is a firecracker. I think she did me some justice, although there were moments when I may have come across as a bit, well, lascivious. I mean, all that business about my cock jumping around and women fawning all over me…uh, hang on. Yeah, Rosanna was dead on.

I'm a coffee fanatic, my favorite is dark roast. Which roast do you prefer?

Ooh, baby. Coffee! I have to be honest with you, as long as my sweet Josie is preparing it, the roast doesn’t matter. Josie’s coffee is so tasty. I think she puts crack in it. And that little dollop of whipped cream she puts on top…mmm. And the whipped cream comes in handy in other circumstances, if you know what I mean!
*eyes bug out and I clear my throat*  I'm going to be honest here, you have fantastic hair. What's your secret? Is it the coffee?

Ha! Thank you, firstly. You are a total sweetheart, and a total babe. (winks) Secondly, I don’t do much to my hair. One of the perks of being a Greek god. It just grows this way. Josie tells me a lot of women would kill for my dark waves. I tell her they don’t need to go to such drastic lengths. I’m happy with a kiss….that’s when Josie hits me. (rolls eyes)

As the god of wine, which do you favor? Red or white?

D.X., is there a wine out there that isn’t good? I don’t think so. Shiraz, pinot grigio, a bubbly champagne. They’re all scrumptious, and they all make one very happy. Josie, in particular, gets very, um, excitable with a couple of glasses of chardonnay! I keep it stocked by the case.

Boxers or briefs? Can I see for myself?

You naughty thing! Keep it up (winks). Well, if you read Rosanna’s book, you might recall that I tend to go commando a lot. Don’t get me wrong, underwear is fine, especially silk lingerie on my beautiful Josie. But as for me, I like to be ready for action at a moment’s notice.

I have heard that you are an expert lover so I must know...which is your favorite position and why?

(Belly laugh) I did say you were naughty! Is Josie listening? (looks around slyly) No? Okay, come closer. (leans in) My fave position is any one that lets me take charge. I like to, shall we say, drive home my point. Put it this way, I’ve become very well acquainted with Josie’s ankles, because they spend a lot of time up on my shoulders. (smiles) She has awesome ankles.

What's your favorite cuss word?

Me, cuss? Well, I guess it’s been known to happen. I can’t help it. I’ve been around a long time. You tend to pick up turns of phrase. My favorite cusses involve that busybody goddess Hera. She’s my stepmom and has always had it in for me. I think I may have referred to her “fragrant pussy” once or twice…

Do you think there will ever come a time when wine is not important?

(stares) Don’t make me come over there.

*wickedly grins* What kind of lip balm do you use or are they always so kissable?

He he. I think my Josie would say I’m naturally kissable. But if it counts, I do get to absorb a lot of Josie’s lip balm through our kisses…mmm, she loves cherry and so do I!

Have you ever been drank under the table? I only ask because I'm pretty good when it comes to holding my liquor.

I bet you are (raised eyebrow). Nope, you cannot get me drunk. I’m the god of wine! I’m immune to the stuff! That being said, some of my maenads got me into some very compromising positions in the old days…oh, it’s best we don’t revisit those memories. Josie might disown me.

So, to the story again. What was the most difficult part about seeing your life being placed on paper?

Uh, the sex. Don’t ask me how that Rosanna woman got to know all those lurid details! I certainly didn’t tell her. Although that sex was so good, it was kinda nice sharing it with the world. (grins)

What was the best?

Reliving my journey with Josie. Getting to see her fall in love with me again, and getting to fall in love with her all over. (blushes) Yeah, that was good. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m a softie when it comes to my woman. By Zeus’s great hairy balls, she’s everything to me.

If there was any part of Hades that you could change, which would it be? Why?

Fuck, I’d change it all. That place is sick and so is my Uncle Hades. I know you have a little crush on him, but that man is intense! He needs to lighten up. If I could, I’d take the whole shithole and blow it up. Including that creepy ferryman Charron. That shapeshifting lunatic is messed up.

Now that we know more about your symbol of power, the thrysus, why is it so plain looking. Not saying it's a bad thing and all. Just asking.

Let’s not hate the thyrsus, okay? I know Josie says it looks like a child’s art project, but I’ll have you know it is pretty badass. I can raze cities with that thing. Don’t make me wave my pineconey stick at you!

Does Hades like ladies with aqua colored Mohawks, piercings, and tattoos. Do you know? Again, just asking.

Hades likes ladies. Period. And he’d have no problem with you, sweetheart!

Is there anything you'd wish to add for all of us to know about you that many might not?

Well, you know Josie makes cannoli, right? And they’re so delicious. Let’s just say they’re even more delicious eaten off her body….But that’s another story!
We finished drinking the coffee, I met his lovely Josie, and finally I went back home to type up this lovely interview for all to see!
My thanks to Dionysus for answering my questions and to Rosanna Leo for an awesome book. Seriously, you HAVE to get this book if you haven't yet.



Rosanna Leo said...

Thanks so much for having me, and my Greek god buddy, today!!

Rosanna Leo said...

Hi DX...thanks so much for hosting Dionysus...he likes to be kept busy. ;P

Sheri Fredricks said...

Well done ladies!! What a great interview. *fills up coffee mug* Dionysus is HOT HOT HOT.

Savannah Chase said...

Fantastic interview..I want to know...You sure you ladies are not hiding this hottie somewhere? He is just hotness..

D. X. Luc said...

Thanks for joining us Rosanna and Dionsysus.

Rosanna Leo said...

Hi Sheri!! Thanks so much. And yes, my man loves coffee as much as wine. He's an equal opportunity sensualist. :)

Rosanna Leo said...

Hi Savannah! Keep looking...he's never far. He has a very wide reach...thanks.

Rosanna Leo said...

Thanks for having us, DX. I wrote 2 comments earlier, but they got gobbled up- hope you'll see this one!

Brenda said...

LOL, awesome interview--I got a great sense of your character, which I look forward to getting know better when I read your story.

D. X. Luc said...

I'll check the spam folder and add them if they're there.

Rosanna Leo said...

Hi Brenda! Thanks so much for coming here to support me. Dionysus likes you too...!

Elizabeth Knightbridge said...

Very nice interview...well written and spaced for easy reading. Ms. Luc brings the Greek gods to light in a very unique way...very nice. (now I can see Hades...really liking the


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