Friday, September 14, 2012

Getting Freaky Friday: Getting Sexy with Author Beth Fullway and give away

Blurb for Desire and Fate by Beth Wright

Stranded on another world, Hanna encounters some of its occupants. Fear consumes her as she is taken from her human ways of life. 

Ozonar is one of the most powerful leaders of his race. He has been watching and secretly desiring Hanna from afar, until the day he decided to enter the Human's camp.

What does fate have in store for them, and will desire keep them together or tear them apart?

His hand slipped under her skirt, lightly brushing her womanhood as the males left the cave. His finger trailed up into her warmth as he smelt her sweet scent fill the cave. Her soft moan brought his manhood out instantly. He felt them harden as he moved his finger within her. Every noise she made hardened him more. As she tightened around his finger, he sent kisses down the side of her neck. She squirmed as her juices covered his hand. His manhood glided upward on its own between her tight butt cheeks. He gasped as he felt her move against it. His bottom manhood throbbed with need as his front one continued to glide between her cheeks. A small groan escaped him as he placed another finger in her wet core. She hissed out under her breath as he sucked on her neck.
“You’re killing me.”
He hoarsely responded to her, “Just as you are doing the same to me, beautiful.”
His tongue ran down the back of her neck as she rocked against his pulsating manhood.
He stopped moving his fingers as he whispered in her ear, “Please let me place my manhood in you.”
She gasped before saying, “If you don’t do it now, I will have to hurt you.”
With lightning speed, he placed her on the furs. He positioned his lower manhood to her throbbing core. A small gasp escaped her as the head of it glided into her. Another gasp escaped her as it started to move in and out slowly. There was no way possible for him to be able to go all the way in her, but she needed more of him. She lifted with each inward gentle thrust he gave her. As her eyes looked up to his, she saw his upper manhood dripping precum. She licked her lips as her gaze fell to the small drips gliding down to his lower right hand, which was massaging the large member. She groaned with him as more precum escaped from it. His bottom manhood moved faster, thrusting slightly deeper. She squirmed beneath him as her body begged for more. Lifting her butt off the fur, she brought him all the way to her cervix and shivered as she felt him cum from her forceful action.

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Bonnie Bliss said...

Your books just keep getting more and more creative!

LOVE IT!!!!!


adamsgirl4602 said...

looks awesome!! my t.b.r. list just keeps growing :0) great contest, thank you!

adamsgirl4602 said...

oops, forgot email address:

Angel said...

The book is HOT!!! I never thought I would have the hots for a half man half dragon!!!

Vanessa N. said...

Wow! Great excerpt. Cool cover. Adding this one to my wishlist. Thanks for the giveaway.

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