Friday, October 5, 2012

Getting Freaky Friday: Especially sexy with author Jamallah Bergman


Collin Noonan has the world in his hands, being the youngest top executive at his firm, the envy of all men as well as the lover of many women. Collin along with some of the other executives takes part in a game, a game in which they must date a woman who is basically ‘shy, homely and undesirable’. Collin has won this game every year and this year will be no exception that is until he meets Regina Talbot

Regina Talbot is your average ‘Plain Jane’, she’s never been part of the ‘in crowd’ always keeping to herself and is extremely painfully shy towards men. She never would think that any man would be interested in her, especially that of handsome Collin Noonan.

Watch as Collin and Regina began on a road of self-discovery of themselves as well as the obstacles that will eventually causes problems for their future.


God it felt so good, she thought, while his mouth captured her nipple. She never even considered in her wildest dreams spending her day being finger fucked by this man but it was actually coming true. She clasped her hands around the back of his neck for support while continuing to ride his fingers.

Imagine those fingers as my cock, think of you riding me just as hard and deep as you are right now. God, I love how your pussy is just sopping wet with my fingers inside of you. I can only imagine what you will feel like when I get my cock inside of you.” His fingers matched the rhythm of her hips while his teeth softly bit her breast.

Regina rested her head on top of his while he suckled on her nipple, which made her feel like she was going crazy. Her throat was getting dry from all the moans and gasps she made while riding his fingers. The emotion that stirred up from within along with sensations that was running through her body was something she had never experienced. She relished his touch from the first time he had held her hand in the park. They had gone one step further last night when he kissed her. Only to come to this point, where he was almost making love to her. The pace may seem fast, but she was ready to take the steps needed to trust this man. He wouldn’t be spending so much time with her if he didn’t think she was special.

Oh my God Collin, I’m coming!” She didn’t realize that her orgasm was going to be so intense especially when his fingers thrust deeper. Her body seized up against his while he held her close, looking into her eyes. He grabbed the back of her head crushing her lips with his own while she held his head. The couple smothered each other while her moans filled his mouth and her fingers raked the back of his head. When Collin slowly pulled his fingers out of her, Regina moaned in disappointment which made him chuckle against her chest.

I see my Gina doesn’t like me leaving her.” Looking at his fingers soaked with her juices, she watched him suck on them.



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