Friday, November 30, 2012

Getting Freaky Friday: Hotness after a mistaken call? Why yes please! Sorry...Wrong Numbrer by Jamallah Bargman


All good things have a beginning and with this story, it all begins with a call. Marcie Reynolds thought nothing of grabbing the phone that evening but she never thought that once she answered and heard the amazing voice on the other end that anything would happen, since the fact that the man had the wrong number.

Jonathan Sutton thought he had the right number and after the second time he calls, he couldn't help but be enthralled after listening to the sweet voice on the other end. Soon he strikes up a conversation with the girl who calls herself 'Joan' and quickly sparks fly.

Watch as Marcie and Jonathan make what seems like something as innocent as a phone call into something that neither one of them will never forget.


What in the world was she getting herself into? Marcie wondered as she obeyed him. “Now, I want you to slowly run that dildo down between your breasts, tell me, Joan, how big are your breasts?”

Smiling Marcie said, “42 C.” She heard him moan smiling at his response knowing she probably hit a nerve with him. “Are you a boob man, Jonathan?”

Very much so, darling, I love touching and tasting a woman’s breasts, nibbling on their nipples. I bet your nipples are dark and perky. I would so love to suck on them until I got tired, although I must say, I probably won’t.”

It was the sound his voice made when he said the word ‘suck’ that hit a nerve in her. Marcie could imagine him lying between her legs with his huge hands grabbing hold of her breasts, squeezing them tightly while he nibbled and sucked on them. Looking into those amazing eyes of his while he did just what she was imaging. My God, the thoughts that were running through her head as her nipples grew erect were driving her crazy at that moment.

Softly rub down your stomach with my cock, Joan, feel how hot I am. I so want to be inside of you right now, filling you deep. When you get it along that sweet pussy of yours, baby, let me know.” Marcie heard him say as she was already at her belly button as the dildo rested next to her mound. Marcie could feel herself getting wetter as she prayed for a bit of release. It had been so long since she had actually been with a man and this experience was very new to her.

Rub my cock on that hard nub of yours, baby, can you feel me against you? I know you are very wet right now. I can imagine how wet and tight your pussy probably is, so sweet. Now, baby, I want you to quickly slide that cock inside your pussy. I want to hear you while you do it so I can imagine feeling you moan in my ear while I plunge into you deeply,” Jonathan whispered seductively in her ear. Her eyes were half-closed and her breathing grew more rapid while Marcie anticipated what was going to happen next. Marcie could feel it go slowly inside of her, the girth was almost too much for her to even bear. She hadn’t realized how tight she really was and let out a cry that ended up being a sigh as she kept slowly putting it inside of her. Marcie could hear him moan with contentment as she softly whispered, “Yes, baby” while sliding as much of it as she could inside. This dildo felt so good and she relished the feeling so much that she found herself opening her legs wider to push it in further.

God, baby, you feel so good and tight.” His voice shook as if he was actually sliding himself deep into Marcie, needing every bit of his strength to keep from moving too quickly. “I don’t want to rush this Joan, I want you to enjoy it just as much as I am going to enjoy listening to you say my name when you come. Now, baby, I want you to start off slow, start feeling me pumping into that pussy of yours.”

Marcie honestly didn’t know why she was doing all of this, why she felt she had to obey him no matter how crazy this whole experience was. There was something inside her that wanted all of this. Marcie even felt that she craved his attention at that moment. She closed her eyes at the thought of him lying between her legs, his chest chiseled and ripped with muscles, eyes flashing at her with such passion and heat that her whole body seemed to radiate from it. With every thrust the dildo made, Marcie imagined seeing the muscles in his arms and chest contract. She wanted so badly to run her hands all over him, just to feel him, but Marcie knew that this moment was just in her head and she had to dream he was there while listening to his voice.

Hearing him grunt softly while she continued with a pace she figured he would use if he was there at that moment, Marcie raised herself up a little, something she’d never thought she would do, as she continued pumping that dildo into her. Feeling every vein and the girth sliding deep into her caused her to moan even more, making him growl and gasp in return.

Oh God, Jonathan, you feel so good, baby,” Marcie moaned.

Oh, so do you, baby, I want you to feel me going faster into that sweet pussy of yours.” And with that Marcie’s hand went faster while the dildo was pumping into her with such speed and friction that they both moaned at the same time. It was as if he was there right in front of her, hiking her legs up from underneath her knees as his hips went into her with deep thrusts. Deep within Marcie, the sensation she had long thought gone, slowly returned. She couldn’t contain herself, letting out a deep moan that soon became a cacophony of sounds she had never thought her vocal chords could produce. Her body shook while her legs clamped together like a clam in its shell, and her body and soul did whatever it wanted while Marcie heard him on the other end, moaning and grunting. He sounded amazing while her heart raced so hard in her chest, she thought she was going to have a heart attack from this mind-blowing orgasm.

Joan, Joan baby, is you there, baby?” Marcie heard him say as she tried her best to unlock her knees and thighs. When Marcie was able to let go, she grabbed the phone and said, “I’m here, Jonathan. My God! I’ve never done anything like that before.”



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