Friday, November 2, 2012

Getting Freaky Friday: Sandwiches can be totally sexy too! The Trigon Rituals III: Dominance Fury by Angelia Whiting

Yay! It's been a bit since I've gotten to do a "Getting Freaky Friday" segment. With my new job and blog hops, I've been a bit on the busy side. But now, I'm ready to show you all another great book to sink your teeth into. And this one is a menage! Yummy!


Lieutenant Sydney Laurens rookie star pilot was protecting a childhood secret. She’d been keeping company with two imaginary friends who didn’t seem to want to go away. In fact they’d become quite the pests, popping into her head at inopportune moments, disrupting her life. Worse than that, they were constantly fighting with each other. After years of attempts she’d finally succeeded in banishing them from her life--well sort of, but the feat leaves her less than joyful, less than relieved. Her heart has become entwined with theirs and their absence has done nothing but left her feeling lonely and with an empty yearning to have them back again. She misses them.


You love me?

We love you sweet Sydney, with all the life within us, with the spirit of our souls that transcends eternity.

Arjim's answer rendered Sydney speechless. Still she reached for them, pushing aside the years of denial that they existed, years of sexual frustration over wanting only them and no one else, the anger--anger over their uninvited intrusion into her mind. None of that seemed to matter at all anymore.

And what do you intend to do? Sydney asked, her heart beginning to race, her body aching with need. She knew perfectly well what they intended to do, but wanted to answer them properly.

Mate with you, woman. We intend to mate with you.

She wanted them, yes, she had always wanted them. Her mind, her body, her heart had yearned for them from the very first time they'd stepped into her life so, so many years ago--when she was just two--two years of age. She was eating dessert in her highchair and fell asleep with her face in the bowl…

We were just tods ourselves, Tina, four phases old. Arjim told her, catching her thoughts.

I thought you were going to steal my chocolate pudding. Sydney chuckled at the memory. How could she still recall something that was so far in the past?

The first time we touched your mind is as clear to me as if it happened on this dawning. Calem's mouth grazed her cheek as he whispered. Your pudding as you call it was the last thing our appetites were seeking.

Sydney tipped back her head. Her lips parted and she gasped out in breathless desperation to be made love to. He kissed her neck. The soft yet passionate sensation caused shivers of delightful arousal to flicker along her flesh. Pudding is more important to a child than the unknown hungers of lust.

Not lust She'ami. Arjim pressed his palm between her breasts, over the area of her heart. It is the passion for love that all Tertani men seek.

True love knows no age or boundaries, sweet Sydney. Calem whispered in her ear as he nuzzled against her temple. She could feel his warm breath on her flesh. Our devotion to you has been infinite and undying.

She understood. When they were children their love was naïve and undefined yet the yearning had been there from the beginning. It had continued to be there as time went on, always, and nothing had fully erased it from her mind, erased them from her mind.

Knowing you, loving you, Sydney began, her body trembling as they their hands began roaming her body, caressing her skin, touching her lightly all over.

Sh-h-h, Calem soothed. Speak no more, Tina. This eve we make you ours, this eve we mate.

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