Monday, November 19, 2012

It's a Manic Monday and Sunday wasn't as much of a fun day

You remember that song right? Manic Monday? Well, since starting my new job as a manager for a popular children's restaurant/play place Sundays and Mondays have been absolutely AWFUL. It's all my fault really as it was my bright idea to close on Sundays and open early on Mondays. That gives me about 3 hours of sleep in between a 10 hour shift and an 8 hour shift. After that, I take my middle child to his cello lessons and spend the rest of the night putting everyone to bed until my husband gets home at 10pm.

So usually, by Tuesday, I look like this:

I hate being so tired and with such a busy full time work and home schedule, I no longer have  enough time to get any promoting, writing, or anything else for that matter done. It's frustrating me completely. I am however working on edits when I can just to feel like I'm being somewhat productive. But I will make sure to get more books out. Eventually. That's better than nothing right?

So please bear with me else I may pull out the rest of my hair and look a lot scarier than what this picture shows. 

photo credit: jamelah via photopin cc


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