Friday, December 21, 2012

Getting Freaky Friday: Heating things up with John

John is awesome. I just want to let that out. He has been so generous for helping me out here on the Island.

I got to ask him a few more questions tonight and then he helped put out my fire.

Me: Are you enjoying the Island so far? What has been the most fun?

John: Love it! How could I not with you as my beautiful host, so many ladies and me being the only guy. I can’t really name just one thing as being the most fun but right at the top of the list would have to be all the massages I have given out as well as received. It is so hot here on your Island that I wore my fireman gear just in case I had to put out a fire!

Me: If you could pick any place to travel, where would it be? Why?

John: It would have to be a tropical place because they all just define heaven on Earth. These places are always sunny and 80 degrees with no stress. Aruba is a place I have never been so I would have to say that.

Me:  Boobs or Butt?

John: Both are nice but I have to go with the butt myself

Me: Red, Brunette, or Blonde?

John: I don’t discriminate believe me but something about a red head is super sexy so there you have it my sexy host!

Me:  Do you sleep with or without clothing?

John: It all depends on the situation, if I am all alone back in Boston in the middle of Winter I would have at least a dozen layers on BUT here on the Island where it is always hot the only thing this guy has on while he sleeps are his tattoos. Besides, if one of the ladies wonders into my grass hut and wakes me out of a sound sleep I have to act quick and sleeping like this has been doing the trick! LOL, that rhymes, ha ha ha!

Me:  Can I rub you down with any sunblock or anything? :D

John: Absolutely! The last time you did such a great job with that oil I had to return the favor. I have to be honest, I loved giving you that massage my Caribbean queen! You, like all the ladies here on the Island are awesome, thanks for having me this fine Friday and I look forward to seeing you again soon.


Jamallah Bergman said...

My my my...I swear John is having too much fun on the Island! ;)

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