Thursday, December 6, 2012

Getting Freaky Friday: I get under the sheets with John Quinlan

I got to join John Quinlan in his lodge here on the Island and we shared a lovely brunch as I asked him a few questions. Enjoy!!

D: So tell me? How does it feel to know you're considered a decadent kind of man?

J: I am honored and humbled to be loved by so many wonderful people, especially by beautiful women like you.

D: *giggles* Uh okay. What makes you so sinfully delicious?

J: I'm a sweet, kind and gentle guy inside but a tattooed bad guy on the outside, ha ha ha!

D: Tattoos are fun! I have five myself. Tell me, John? Boxers, briefs, boxer briefs or commando? Can I help you check?

J: I have experienced them all at one time or another but boxer briefs seem to be the best. Next time I choose to go commando I will “check in” with you a physical.

D: *fans self* You are wicked! Now, if chocolate was “accidentally” drizzled on you, would you want to immediately wipe it off or use that to create a sexy photo?

J: I would want you to massage it off me and see where that takes us. 

D: I think I need another Long Island ice tea. It's getting a little hot. Two can play at this game for sure! What's your favorite position?

J: I love them all don’t get me wrong BUT being top is the best…I get to be the boss!

D: *gulps* Well, yes then. Um...Anything else you'd like to offer up to my guests on The Island?

J: I would love you and all your lovely guests to have me back every week on a regular basis for more adult fun in the sun. I promise things will heat up very soon!

D: Oh yes!! That's a certain given and I know my guests will love that as well, John. Thank you so very much again for joining me. Or should I say, letting me join you. And not to forget to mention, taking such a tasty photo of you for my *ahem* personal collection!

Thank you all for joining us as well.

I really want to be room service right now.


S. J. Maylee said...

Can I help you check? I loves you DX :D and I'm now an official John Quinlan fan. Thanks guys.

Jamallah Bergman said...

Schnikes! Man that was....*fans muhself* that was one HAWT interview there....loved it guy! :D

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