Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Book Boyfriend: Nerds rock your world

Valentine's Day is coming and I've got a boyfriend in mind that is smart, sexy, and a true hero. There are those men, in the books we love to read that really get us hot and horny. The kind of guys that we wish to spend our time with as they could never disappoint. Well, this is going to be that post where not only will I be offering a sexy boyfriend in book form, but other authors too!


My Book Boyfriend Giveaway Hop Hosted is by Reading Between the Wines Book Club & As the Pages Turn Giveaway.  The hop will run from 12:01 AM February 1st through to 11:59 PM February 5th, 2012.

What better way to celebrate the month of LOVE then with your favorite book boyfriend? Whether you have a valentine or not, the swoon worthy heroes we find in romances can’t be matched anyway! So why not put on those naughty underwear and curl up with one of these steamy reads this year instead? Make you Valentine’s Day perfect by joining the My Book Boyfriend Giveaway Hop where fellow bloggers offer you the chance to win some of their favorite book boyfriends!

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Who is the boyfriend that I have for you?

I love nerds. They're so smart and can be quite funny in that quirky way. I enjoy them so much I married one! And trust me when I say, he's the best boyfriend a gal can have. An even better husband. Because of this, I going to give away a copy of my short story A Zombie Hunter's Holiday. A cute, fast and fun read where our hero is a nerd with a sexy way of turning on the woman he love. I mean seriously, he kicks zombie ass and fixes your computer while keeping you coming! What's NOT to love?

How To Win

Name a movie where you found the nerd sexy. Who is your nerdy guilty pleasure. Comment below by February 5th and subscribe to the blog! Winners will be announced by the morning of February 6th.

Length: Short Story
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Rating: Spicy


With the approaching holidays, people get a present of dangerous proportions. The zombies are loose and creating a pandemic.
Through the chaos of it all, neither Raina nor Carl could have guessed it would take an apocalypse to finally bring them together.


“What are you doing here? I tried calling and just figured you were giving me the 'fuck you, Raina' treatment.”

“I need you, Raina.”

“Um, yeah. Come in and I'll get us something to drink.”

“No, no drink. I need you.”

He stroked her cheek, the rough pad of his finger sending chills through her body and at that moment she knew. Her eyes widened with knowledge of what he meant and she stepped back as he came inside, filling her senses with his presence. He was no longer Carl, her nerdy, gamer friend, he was a man and he was going to prove it to her. Swallowing to wet her throat, she took in his attire, which consisted of his typical camos, yet he looked even bigger than life in them and equally as devastating. Then again, it could have been the hormones talking. Either way, she decided she needed him this night too. He continued stalking toward her until she bumped into her desk that sat against the wall. She was trapped. And she hated to admit it, but she was excited to become his defenseless prisoner. They had never kissed, not until that moment and when his lips crashed down upon hers, she automatically melted into him. Weak? Maybe. Aroused? Hell yeah! They were firm, domineering, and seemed to make love to her before his hands and body got into the mix. Where had Carl learned to kiss like that?

With a self assuredness, she didn't know he possessed, he easily discarded her tank and pulled down her pants, while she clumsily fumbled with his zipper, just wanting to feel him. She knew her sudden spike in desire would come back to bite her, but decided she'd dwell on it later. Besides, if she was going to marry Brian, she might as well finally find out how Carl was in bed. It had been a fantasy of hers for some time. He removed his shirt, revealing his chiseled body to her view and kicking off pants the rest of the way, she sat up on the table and wrapped herself around him his narrow waist. They were both too far gone, and in one thrust, he slid home. Oh it felt good. He filled her more than any other man she had been with and he moved like a wild animal, lost just as she was. He pounded into her and she held onto him for dear life. It was a ride that she'd never forget. The table banged against the wall with the force he exerted while she screamed out, certain her neighbors heard. Raina didn't care, she couldn't. All she knew was that she was close to coming and it was because of Carl. No other partner had been able to and when it finally happened, her head fell back, nails dug deep into his shoulders and she cried out, riding the waves of pleasure as a boat would the thrashing sea.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Just a great reminder!! Join me and other great authors!


My Book Boyfriend Giveaway Hop Hosted is by Reading Between the Wines Book Club & As the Pages Turn Giveaway.  The hop will run from 12:01 AM February 1st through to 11:59 PM February 5th, 2012.

What better way to celebrate the month of LOVE then with your favorite book boyfriend? Whether you have a valentine or not, the swoon worthy heroes we find in romances can’t be matched anyway! So why not put on those naughty underwear and curl up with one of these steamy reads this year instead? Make you Valentine’s Day perfect by joining the My Book Boyfriend Giveaway Hop where fellow bloggers offer you the chance to win some of their favorite book boyfriends! 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Gettin' Freaky Friday: Me, Myself, and I

Okay, before I get into this Friday's freaky deaky fun, I wanted to post that my second book A Zombie Hunter's Holiday received a great review from BDSM Book Reviews and got a spanking great 3.5 out of 5 paddles. I'm sure, in the future, there will be more to Raina and Carl's story. Just have to wait and see. If you want to check out the review, I will post the link but know that it contains some spoilers. So if you want to read it first, then see the review, it's still on sale at New Concepts Publishing for only $2.50.

Okay, now that that is done, I decided to do a final look into self stimulation. When I was taking one of my many human sexuality courses, I found the idea of enjoying oneself to be fascinating. And there are so many ways to get it done. The problem is, sometimes, getting to completion is done the same old, same old. I want to give a few tips on how to make that "me time" moment a bit more exciting. If time allows of course.

Step One: Sexual Tension

This is not only designated to a two person party. You alone can give yourself a steamy start to the day by teasing during the shower. Not to completion, oh no. Just enough to get your blood boiling.

Step Two: Keep it secret

Have you ever worn a pair of sexy thongs, feeling them rubbing and pinching your sensitive parts, but know that no one else knows you're wearing them? Makes you feel naughty right? Keeping your own personal secret adds to the allure of what you hope will be a fun night later on. Try it, you'll like it!

Step Three: Make it one for fun!

By the time you're alone, make the night all about you. Have dinner (your favorite) by candle light. End it with a decadent dessert. Chocolate is known for increasing the feel good hormones in the brain so have at it! I might have some tonight!

Then, dress up in a cute nightie. Maybe after a nice, hot, bubble bath. Break out some music to set the mood and just relax. The more relaxed the better the orgasm. And remember the number one rule when that climax hits: Breathe.

Follow these steps, modifying them for your own needs and you should not only have a great time with yourself, but you could later use them when with your partner. And the stress of the day will have disappeared. I bet you'll even get a great night's sleep!

So there you have it, my last post in regards to self pleasure. I wonder what next week will bring to the topic bus. And remember, you can look at the sexy pictures for added inspiration. Have a great and sexy weekend!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday: I'm not a voyeur, I just like to watch!

Shhhh, don't tell anyone, but my favorite part of any book is when the male character masturbates. I love the idea of watching, being privy, to such an intimate act between a man and his five finger companion. I'm not sure when this happened or why for that reason. All I know, is that because of my naughty obsession with spanking of the monkey, beating the bed flute, and all the other terms for jerking off, I have to add it in my own writings. And add often do I!

This kind of ties into my last Friday post with sex toys, but more so discusses when you don't have anything to use. Just use the hand because well, it's free. And free is good for gettin' off. Now, I've imagined female masturbation, I think it's great. I sure other women can agree, but the male equivalent is positively amazing to all of my senses. I mean, men come with their own pogo stick, and they can play to their heart's content. Me? I want to be the fly on the wall, a very pervy fly that is. With hundreds of little binoculars to go with my many eyes and watch as a hot guy strokes it. Even now, I'm picturing this dark fantasy, the way he'd twitch his hips in tempo with his fist movements. Yummy yum.

Hey now, don't give me that look! You're thinking about it now too. I mean, a cock is a pretty powerful thing, when used correctly. So of course, when a guy is using it right, he needs to thank it for being so awesome. I wish I could watch it in slow motion. See that meaty hand linger at a swollen, red tip, dripping with anticipation. Mmmm. And when they finally blow! Hachi Machi!

Sorry, got a bit carried away there. No shame in it. Happens to the best of us right? But seriously, I want you to really think of the hottest masturbation scene you've read in any erotica and then ask yourself, why was it so yummy? Was it because the author wrote it so well, you could see it vividly in your raunchy mind? Maybe. Or was it that because you could envision it, you felt like a hidden viewer in the room, or shower, or office of said studly man while he groaned and came hard at the thought of a beautiful woman? Was that woman you? Could it be? Now's who's the voyeur? Go on, get your gear to watch and enjoy yourself. And don't worry.....

I won't tell! ;-)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: But I lied, because it's more than six and it's sexy!!

Yeah I know. I was supposed to pick six sentences from my story, but dang it, I just loved the whole paragraph so much that I decided to cheat and show all ten lines instead. Oops! I'm such a bad girl, maybe I need a spanking ;-)

Anyway, until I get one, here is another snippet from Diary of A Repairman and it's sexy words. Yeah, you know, I may love my hero Hephaestus, but damn, the god of war really knows how to start heating things up too. Mmmm bad boys.

"Maybe it was the electric sexuality that was his voice or my need to suddenly get revenge on my sister and neighbor, but I believe him. I felt rage, so much anger that I wanted blood. I also experienced a higher awareness of my beginning arousal as his glided his hands over my curves. Already he was hard, precum sliding down my ass crack. In fact, I felt him prodding my rear entry with his fingers and when I tried to move away, he held me firm. My heart increased speed, and while I felt panic rising in my throat, I also savored the idea of what he had in mind. Tentatively, I looked over my shoulder at him, and I swear I felt the bit of little teeth nip my back. I quickly glanced down at his dragon tattoo, but it sat in the same place. Though perhaps the middle head was twisted differently than before. Nah, probably not. "

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gettin' Freaky Friday on Saturday (again): A little meat can go a long way (contains naughty pictures)

Yeah, Friday keeps getting away from me. But I promise, I have a great blog post for this late, snowy (for me anyway) Saturday. Something that I really enjoy discussing with anyone who is interested is the beauty and fun of sex toys. In particular, dildos, dongs, and vibrators (DDV). But how is a girl to know which is the best for what job. Well, I have spoken to many women and couples, as well as "experimented for research purposes" and feel I have a pretty good idea. Especially when the selections are so vast! So lets start!


This toy is not a dong, but does come in a phallic shape. It is good for couples or alone time. Does not vibrate at all. Regardless, these can be a lot of fun if you get the right kind.

I've pretty much used glass ones and find they are the best. In fact, the greatest thing about them is that you can warm them up or cool them down for a very fun evening. Some are spiraled inside for a groovy effect, others has the ridge edge on the outside for a texture that would surely knock your socks off. A favorite of many is the curved ones as they are designed to peg the g spot (despite recent research that scientists still couldn't find it. Morons.)

The best part about dildos are the varieties that they come in. The silliest one I've seen is the cucumber, a dildo shaped like the age old joke that women without money or time to get to their toys, will use said vegetable to get their daily dose of vitamin O.  Here's a favorite of mine that I found. I might even buy it ;-)


Dongs or realistics as they're usually called are sex toys that can be attached to straps, sex machines, and table tops. They often come with a suction base but can also be hollow inside for vibrating bullets or attaching to things. They can be very exciting and fulfilling *wink wink, nudge nudge*

Dongs come in all shapes and sizes. Widths, with hair, without. They're realistics for a reason but can also be a bit of a pain to clean. Unlike the dildos, which are sometime smooth or comes with some bumps and ridges, dongs are wrinkled with balls to boot. Also, depending on if your dong is latex or silicone, will make the difference in the type of lubricant you can use on your toy. The best part of dongs is that if you don't put the vibrating bullet in, or you find a waterproof one the realistic and join you in the tub or shower. Yippee!


Anyone who has used a vibrator know that they are the BEST. I love them, and so do most women. I am a vibrating bullet girl myself, but internal ones are great too. A fav, that's been mentioned on tv shows such as Sex and The City, would be the rabbit. I own this, not afraid to say it, and I recommend it to those that do not have such a lovely item in their calvary.

Vibrators come for more than vaginal and clitoral stimulation. They can be on toys for men and even anal stimulators. All of these are sure to give you the shakes and shivers and leave you breathless. I have seen some that are plug in, so you don't have to worry about batteries being wasted. I've seen those attached to generators. A classic is the wireless vibrator that can be placed in a woman's panties and ccontrolled by another party from a certain radius. How much fun would that be. I recently read they have them that can work overseas for those with partners in the military. Imagine walking in the grocery store or gabbing with the girls and suddenly falling over in sheer bliss! I know if I witnessed that, I'd be like, "I'll have what SHE'S having!" And then literally run to the nearest adult novelty shop to grab my orgasm in a remote.

Go out there and find the toy for you. Get all three or more if you want. I wouldn't blame you. Adding these items to any toy box is a sure way of making sure your nights, or even days are never without a bit of thrill!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday: Popping your erotica cherry? Let me help.

This is a real conversation I had with a complete stranger once. Yes, looking at sexy pictures is the very reason it came back to me. I will call the other person Franny because I don't remember her name.

Franny: Wow, that looks like a steamy book there!
Me: It is, it is. I enjoy this author very much.
Franny: I could NEVER read that kind of book. Oh me, oh my! Why, is that TWO men with that woman? Oh dear.
Me: Uh, yeah.

By this point, the woman was handling the book. Staring in awe as she ran her fingers over the cover several times and licked her lips. Now, most people would just think, "This chick is crazy!" but I knew what was happening to her. She was in the state of pure, aroused bliss. And it was all from seeing a cover with two, hot, buff men, embracing a scantily, clad female. What will they do to her? Why won't they do that to me? All those questions flashed on her face and as I gingerly removed my book from her, I swear I heard a whimper of protest. She quickly composed herself, of course and here's why:

1. We were at Starbucks
2. She was probably in her mid-to-late 50s and that kind of reaction to naughty books is a "no no"
3. She didn't know me or I her and I just watched her have a mini mind-gasm in front of me

Now, I don't mind that she had this happen. I'm certain, if she's like me and many others I know, she went home to change her panties. Happens to the best of us. But what she didn't understand, was that she experienced the popping of her erotica cherry. I remember my first time I picked up an erotic book. I read saw the cover and felt my breath catch in my chest, my mouth went dry and odd little tingle warmed my body. And by the time I read the book, I felt like I had a whole new awakening of what sex, fantasy, and kinkiness truly were. Honestly, I'm a pretty wicked woman, but I always felt that my thoughts were not shared with others. Reading my first erotica showed me there were kindered spirits out there. And they understood the needs to feed my incessant hungers for the dark and twisted.

I did see this woman later, maybe a few months or so, and she was sitting in a booth, reading a book that displayed a woman bound by her wrists, her head down by the leather clad crotch of some sexy stud and he was pulling her hair. Her cheeks were flushed while she flipped the pages with fervor and when she happened to glance up at me, we nodded, a smile on our lips, the bonding of two souls who knew....

That when we saw pictures like this on a book, online, or on the blog of an erotic romance author, we imagined that we were the woman they were looking at. Ready with their lean, chiseled bodies to please our willing ones to everyone's hearts content. Once you break free that decadent virginity that had kept you sheltered, kept you from even trying to go near that aisle of books with the handcuffs on the cover, you'll find yourself making beelines every chance you get. Sex toy talk will be a staple in the conversations with girlfiends and even partners and a new love for the sinful will no longer seem so taboo. In fact, you'll ask yourself, why didn't I do this sooner?

And don't worry, if you see me around, with a book in my hand, my eyes fixed to the pages or device, come over. Don't be shy. I like it when I help others take that leap down into my little hole. I crave bringing others to my dark side and watching them experience new heights of sexual awareness. What can I say, popping a cherry is a favorite of mine. Will it be one of yours as well?

Friday, January 13, 2012

Gettin' Freaky Friday: A darkness in us all

As any author would know, having multiple stories roaming around our heads is commonplace. For me, before I became more organized, I was working on several books. Even gotten a page into one. Titled The Huntsman's Daughter. It is the darkest thing I've written. Just that one page, and honestly, I can't wait to get it completed. It'll have to wait, however, until I'm finished with Diary of A Repairman. That being said, we all know, there's a bit of darkness in us all. Sinful, gritty, raunchy darkness. Even if we try to pretend that we don't have it. There is that mask of naughty kept for those nights (or days) when we put it on and paint the town sexy black! Below, I have a short snippet of the page forementioned. Just a little look inside.

“Mmm, little red, I have plans for you. And please, keep squirming, it makes me hard.”

Sydni tried to protest, but the man had placed a ring gag into her mouth, keeping it in the perfect 'O' for what he wanted. The room would have been dark, if not for the red light, which cast it in a sexy glow. Her senses were in heightened awareness, and behind her, the humming of a generator vibrated along with her awaiting pussy, which too was spread with a circular device, held with strings. She was open and ready for him and what he may have in store for her. Syndi didn't want to wriggle, didn't want to fight, yet the idea of him hard and doing what he desired made her do so. He had her in a sinful position, bent over a stool, her wrists tethered to her ankles, which were spread wide. There was no chance for escape and she knew, if she could, she wouldn't want her freedom. From the way his hand stroked down her spine and cupped her ass, told her he knew her feelings as well. He pulled his palm away, and she shook her bottom in desperation, then suddenly felt a cold, thick gel being slathered around her anus. A trail slid down until his coated finger sank into her exposed cunt. A moan rolled out.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday: Where did that sweet young lady go? (contains naughty pics)

The other day I was on the phone with my mother and we were discussing this whole bill that is being brought up to rid our television airways of sex and violence. You know, to protect the children. I have small children, three in fact, and they've not seen such things on tv. Why? Because I know that if it says rated tv-pg13 or MA then I make an informed choice to keep my younglings away from the show. Simple. So, what did my mother say to me when I mentioned this logical explanation?

"Why, D? Who are you? Where did my sweet young lady go? Of course you wouldn't mind. You write smut."

Well, excuse me! I honestly didn't realize writing romance, that is also erotic in nature, was the dreaded 'S' word. And this is hardly an uncommon statement in regard to writers that use words that pertain to male and female naughty bits. In fact, I've been thought of as somewhat of a dirty minded woman and probably have no trouble coming up with the words I use in my books. Truthfully, when out with girlfriends and talking, I'm the most vulgar and twisted chick around. But when it came to writing it, well that was different.

Think about it, when you're with your homegirls, saying words like 'dick' and what you'd like to do with them stays between you all. But when you write those sexy, hot fantasies in a book, that means hundreds or even thousands (I'd like that number lol) get to become your close lady pals. The idea of that can be daunting to say the least. When I wrote my first book, Down the Yellow Brick Road: Finding Home, I remember when I finally came to a masturbation scene with my hero and I was stumped. I giggled when the different terms for penis entered my mind and couldn't bring myself to write them.

It took my friend, a bottle of red wine (yum), and a week, to finally get it out without too much blushing and laughter. Don't know the words I speak of? Think I'm pulling crap out my butt? Well, I'm not. How I do it now, is I pretend I'm speaking with my friends, without thinking about my mother or her moral buds are checking out my work.

The crazy thing now, is that I absolutely LOVE writing these words. I get a bit of shiver down my spine when that sentence comes along and I get to use pussy or juicy, lickable cunt. If I can write that my hero's thick, meaty cock pulsated with anticipation. Mmm, I'm getting excited. Anyway, so where did the sweet young lady that I used to be go? Well, she's still sweet, just sweet in a, put your mouth down there and enjoy your dessert kind of sweet!

Below, just because I wanted to, there are some pictures of yummy cocks. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gettin' Freaky Friday on Saturday

I know, I know. I forgot to add my post for Gettin' Freaky Friday. I didn't really forget, I was merely lost in the world of writing. Sadly, I don't have a freaky excerpt to share really at the moment. Especially since I'm revamping all my WIPs. So, for this day late freaky post, I'm going to give some pointers in how to sexy it up in the bedroom. I did major in human sexuality for a reason you know. I love helping folks get it on, and do it right.

Toys and Lube. The best things ever! I'm going to break down toys and lube based on what you wish to experience, feel, and level.


Lube: A basic lubricant such as KY or other OTC water based gels are best. If you fear having an allergic reaction or you're TTC, do not use store bought lubes. Instead, use olive oil. It is the first lube ever and the best IMO.

Toys: Personal massagers. You can get these at drug stores in the "massage" area. Trojan makes a nice vibrating ring that goes around the man's penis. You want to get a toy for external stimulation which is the most important in achieving orgasm. You want something small enough that it can be used during sexual intercourse and powerful enough for you to handle.

Bondage for the Beginner: Use feathers, heated flavored lotions (Motion Lotion is a good one). Silk scarves for blindfolding and tying hands and feet.

Note: Practice on yourself. You will know what you need. Never put direct pulsations on clitoris, but the side of the hood. Your other most sensitive spot to stimulate is the vulva that is your outer labia.


Lube: Thicker lube, such as astroglide. This is for if you know you're going in for some heavy petting. This is also good if you're very dry often as it will last longer than traditional lubricant.

Toys: This is where couple vibrators come in. These are usually rings that go around the penis and have vibrating components on the front for clitoral stimulation. Some also come with textured bumps around the area that rubs against the vulva. Pleasure balls are weighted balls you insert into the vagina and the shifting weight not only strengthens the wall muscles, but creates a sensual pull that can lead to orgasm while walking. These are great to use when with your partner or on your own. Also for alone use, I HIGHLY recommend the rabbit.

Bondage for the daring: Handcuffs, fuzzy or not are a good start. Blindfolds, soft crops and paddles for playful spankings. Costumes for role playing.

So there you have it. A small list of big tips to help with making the bedroom, kitchen, shower, garage, or even front lawn a bit more spicy. Get out there or in there, whichever, and have fun for me!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday: Flat pizza is not tasty, even when writing a book.

What's this look like? A plate? Well yes, kind of. It's a flat pizza pan actually. Mmmm pizza. But this is how it all starts. Just a flat pan of nothing appetizing. Recently, I've been a bit of a Debbie Downer when it came to my writing and couldn't, for the life of me, figure out why. Ask anyone. I was ready to quit. Give up. Close the curtains! But I didn't. Instead, I sent a sob story/email to my publisher's editor saying how much time I was wasting. I can only imagine the chuckle she may have gotten from my lame attempt at sounding pathetic through the computer, but she did respond without said laughter. In fact, she was honest with me and helped push me to re-evaluate my skills.

I'm not exactly new to being a writer, but I am new to be a published author and it's a hell of a lot different compared to storytelling for fun. Don't get me wrong, I love this. Love that I'm taking something I did for my free time and can make a career out of it. But that doesn't mean I don't need a bit of a butt kick every now and again. One thing about me, at least when I was younger and writing in my creative writing courses and biology classes (yes, I was first thinking of being in forensic biology as my major), the biggest complaint I received was that my papers were always too "long winded". The next, was that my writing was far too flowery and not the least bit scientific. I tried to write that way, but it bored me to tears, and luckily found my calling in psychology with a concentration in human sexuality. I love me some sex talk.

So last night, I spoke with two author buddies of mine and that song, "That's What Friends Are For" really helped me out last night with my pursuit to bettering myself. For one, they convinced me that I was NOT the suckiest writer known to man, but I was fighting too hard to be perfect for an audience that actually didn't even read my stuff. Silly, I know, but I've always been that girl who tried to please everyone, even people who didn't give a crap about me. One friend told me, it was time I stopped with the empty pizza pan and start layering my pie of decadence. So, with a bit of organization and focus (two things I suck at), I put all my WIPs (Works in Progress) into one file and picked the most recent. From there, I started from my pan and added the first layer, the dough onto it. Just doing so, made my anxiety shoot up a few notches. In my mind, I could hear those voices of disappointment, telling me to cut it down. Stop being so long and flowery. I shut them up but something quick and forged on.

I took and changed the first pages of my story Diary of A Repairman, fleshing it out, adding to the world around my hero and in no time, I was flying. My other friend explained that it was my way of letting go of that tree and running down the hill, the wind pushing at my back and accelerating me to success. It was invigorating, jubilant, and scary as all hell! But that's what taking a leap is supposed to be. And instead of fighting it, as I had been doing, I embraced it and created a pretty yummy looking pizza beginning page, if I may say so myself!

Today, I'm going to continue my path to pseudo-perfection, and hopefully, my renewal of faith in myself will find its way to the fans, friends, and audience of those that have loved my work before this new style! Below I'm going to give you a before and after sneak peek at the changes to this first scene. So without further ado, enjoy my pizza I've so lovingly created for you all.

October 1999

I'm finally free. After several millennium, I am finally a free man. No longer married to the vainest, most aggravating woman ever to grace Olympus. Not that she didn't have a reason for having such a personality, she was Aphrodite, Goddess of Love. But I just couldn't stand her and the whining that she came with. My bank account couldn't handle her either. I would kiss my father for finally seeing things my way and severing our mockery of a union.

The moment it happened, Hermes spread the new faster than a whore running from Artemis's temple! Little snitch. But it was a shocker. I, Hephaestus, was single. Ladies, nymphs, and goddesses beware. What made matters worse, Ares approached me not hours after the lightening bolt struck to congratulate me.

“Finally dropped the ball and chain, huh?” His good looks bothered me, but his knowledge of my ex-wife pissed me off the most.

“Yes, brother. And have you dried her tears with your cock yet?”

I know it sounds wrong, but I really enjoyed watching the smirk disappear from his face. He didn't even take the time to say goodbye before fading away. Most likely back to her arms. But I didn't need to worry about that anymore, I was free. Now, came my next problem: how did I move forward?

October 1999
I'm finally free. After several millennium, I am finally a free man. There is something about being released from the shackles of matrimony, that can make any male jump for joy. And as a god, I was no different. Here I, Hephaestus, was no longer married to the vainest, most aggravating woman to ever grace Olympus. Yes, I would miss the way her golden skin shimmered under the sun's rays. How her blond hair fell in flowing waves, to caress her stunning curves. But I would rather stare into the ugly face of a harpy for all eternity than continue the farce of life that had beeen bestowed upon me. In truth, it never made sense to me how a woman of her status and glamor could be such a contradiction in personality. She was Aphrodite, goddess of love! Regardless, I limply, rushed out my father's massive temples, and made it to the courtyard where the Muses sat at a long table and did the morning news. I was certain my divorce was the top story.

As always, the weather was perfect, not too cold or hot, just right with only a gentle breeze whispering through the perfectly landscaped community. A group of tree nymphs hummed in unison, their harmony making flowers bud and adding to the lush beauty that was my home. Part of me wished I could hold a tune, then I could join them. Instead, I leaned against one of their trees, breathing in the sweet air and smiling for no particular reason other than the fact that I was truly, utterly, free! Unfortunately for me and my dumb luck, happiness was short lived and the rain on my parade came in the form of a sneering, scarred up, albeit handsome, face. One I knew all too well, actually. Ares, god of war, brother, and jackass.

“Hello there, little brother. Beautiful day, yes?”

He stood, decked out in his usual. Black jeans, worn and ripped in the knees, a golden breast plate and a black leather rider's jacket. Did I say jackass? I meant douche. He flicked the ashes from his cigar, the thing stinking up the area to the point that the lovely nymphs coughed, then finally dissolved back into the trees. The one who resided in the Juniper I rested against kicked at me to move before returning. It was nice to see that my single status did nothing to change the natural distaste immortal women felt for me. With a heavy sigh, hard to do with smoke clogging my throat, I faced my smirking brother, deciding to be the better man and keep the conversation cordial. 

“Lovely day indeed.” Truth. 

“Good to see you, Ares.” Lie.

“Finally dropped the ball and chain, huh?”

His lips twitched, while his blood red eyes twinkled like his big secret involving my ex wife was something I didn't know. Did I call him a douche? Let me clarify. He's a stupid, jackass douche. I suddenly stopped caring about taking the higher road. I matched his grin with my own, crossed my arms, and spoke in a low rumble.

“Yes, brother and am I ever glad. I'm certain, though, she is probably distraught. But I can count on you, right? Surely, you've dried her tears with your cock?”

Around me, there was a collective gasp from the trees. Even the heads of several young dryads peeked to see if they were about to witness a brotherly smack down. Not in the far distance, the Muses setting up their desk to get ready to report what may be the brawl of Olympus history. Even I tensed, seeing the smile fade from Ares's face, his fists clenching. Suddenly a violent crash of thunder lit the entire area, causing all, but the two of us, to scramble for cover. Father.

“You're lucky pops is protecting you this time. But I would watch it, little brother.”

In a pillar of fire, he flashed away, not even saying goodbye to me. Oh boo hoo. Not! Most likely, he was racing to be back in Aphrodite's arms. But I didn't need to worry about that anymore. The sun came out from the clouds once more and everyone went back to their activities. The nymphs returned to their singing and I listened. The music was soft and allowed me to relax and think. Here I was, no longer tied down, thanks to Zeus. I was happy, really, but I was also concerned. I had a new problem. How did I move forward?

See? I liked that far better than what I had before. Making pizza, I mean stories with plenty of yummy layers is a lot more exciting than leaving myself and my readers with an one dimensional, shiny pan of nothing. Thanks to my other friends, authors and not alike for kicking me back to reality. I couldn't have gone on to improving myself without any of you. My characters and muse appreciate it! Now I am off to go make more crunchy, cheesy, goodness and then type! Haha! I crack myself up.

Monday, January 2, 2012

I'm on the 2011 Preditors and Editors poll!

I have to say, these past few weeks, I've been concerned that my writing was going nowhere, but I guess I need to have a little faith and listen to my readers, friends, and fans. I'm on the 2011 Preditors and Editors poll in their erotica novels section. I would love for you all to go out and vote for me! I'll post the link below. It's for my debut novel, Down the Yellow Brick Road: Finding Home.

Vote for Down the Yellow Brick Road: Finding Home

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